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Overtime – Episode #380 (Originally aired 03/11/16)

2016-03-12 | 🔗

Overtime – Episode #380 (Originally aired 03/11/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Jane Mayer, Bill Kristol, Monica Mehta, Sam Stein, and Maria Konnikova answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each year, partly from the HBO making real time here, we are first question bill crystal. Would you vote for Hilary of trumpets, denominate, tough, good? I would prefer not to vote for either so I'd like to find a real republican about four, but that doesn't happen if it is Trump and Hilary would you stay home or vote for? I know you will vote for drop right at that time, China Recruiter Republic into rags, I'm saying, but areas come on it's past the convention's its Trump and Hilary. What do you do? You're gonna have to face this. I know you. I would have values that are facing on November six or eight that whatever elixir you don't get to decide to get the booth
Why is Hilary Hilary is really that badge is really that evil is pretty bad she's pretty the artist? I really cannot see. Why not evils you'd like him, you must surely you don't want. Hillary Clinton. Is president in a very real concern. We know it sounds like you can't really picture gallery with a table fullest stakes behind or can Jane. Is there any legal action that big can can be taken against the coat brothers? Well, one legal action is confirming a Supreme Court justice who might overturn
citizens, United gonNA reanimating issue a large. Well, I mean they're, not gonna. Let Obama pick one really which go against the big one thing when they will arrive and meet the person right right, which is, of course were berries, do cheat its cheating, but you know that guy, it's gonna get people upset the dissenting we bringing on both sides. I think for the first time. Ok has the adult Obama doctrine been a success. High school foreign policy. I don't even know what the Obama doctrine is, except maybe don't do stupid shit member. He said that don't do stupid. Shit II die. That's the one by the way. That is what I'm going to miss most about him. No new stupid foreign wars didn't
the bade every time they leading from the two thousand people that might have interested right, and that was all his ball biggest theory was a paradise, but Lily Liddy has not been. Libya has not been a successful foreign venture right. That's kind of look the way they pretend that the Middle EAST is a perfectly manageable plays, reminding the very difficult place items that was all about baseball, can't say with the desert. Success Syria, Iraq, its honourable. But what could anyone else have done? You could have intervened early and helps you intervene with troops on the ground in Syria we really could have helped the resistance to aside and had there were plenty but their resistance Democrats. They lose their residents. You know that they try to find a moderate army. They went up with five guys, that's not a joke. Five guys, and you know your war in Iraq when so well, We have invited the unwanted by having this man is that we have wanted by the two thousand, but we can have that debates about it. Ok,
We had an Obama sense. I wanted we're right there right, but what he didn't work out. What was it was it? The bush fail to sixty fail to do to carry out to be able to negotiate a status. The forces which pushed haven't you didn't have to negotiate either. Two thousand eight. I was mistaken person, but I mean it seems like the answer. Is we have to stay in these places forever? to make them work in others has some degree, as we did in Korea, as we did in Germany, in which there is a fascinating cloud right now by De Lennox, difficult work where he talks about the don't you stupid shit line and I think a bomb was sort of incredulous that people thought it was some controversial not to do stupid shit. That should be a because it's an excuse for doing nothing or less stupid shit and Rwanda is. That was not a good policy on accurate. I like warning you're, ok with everything that this stupid shit is knowledge. Gene in this debate
Well, it is the right thing to do right by open minded individuals they never entertaining. You can intervene and do smart shit what he sang as you have to know when to intervene and went to do to properly. That's what is Action is anything in Libya, the only time I was in the upper Obama. Why does he can? I supported the dimension of Libya, but they didn't want the others, the persons we will get slaughtered. My father's a chance of a decent, Oakum Libya, December's is right, has not yet. There is no follow up by asked by the Europeans, and now it's a terrible by so, if you're serious about helping people doing things around the world. You gotta be willing to stay the course, but you know what one of the things about says in this article is the hardest decisions to make are sometimes not to go to war. When you have so much visual of people, when you do other than even Mormon missionaries will go to Syria.
Now. No one would, though, there obviously rebellious areas in Europe now Mary how can the average American safeguard themselves from being the victim of fraud? I hear fraud is all time record levels both because of the internet. It is an absolutely is, and I think the number one thing we can do is apply that if it's too good to be true, it s doctrine to ourselves and we never want to apply it to ourselves, because when it's happening to us, it's just wonderful right, it's only too good for other people, so I mean that the scams- young people for four I've got that you know the message from somebody you know, and it
as I am over here and overseas, and I need you to send me five hundred dollars, you sent it of course known now, but the first time I got it. I was almost did because it never happened before Ray and somebody look when called this person back and ask them any question about who they really do. They know you yet trot. I mean the journalistic dictum trust that verify, because our first, our first impulse is always to trust, especially for motions are high rate. So like during the elections- and we want, is really rather than a one year- us don't and when your emotional you're not you're, not logical, right, not reasonable, and you start acting.
I've been thinking and taking up moment to reflect, might actually save you from sending five hundred dollar and what role for you're not supposed to send the money you love to me, you can sign our ever went when trouble. You talk about how they love their country. Look I made it seems a little over the top or something I mean. We all love our country, but it seems a little awry does the were also when you read the raw stakes online it'll. Take you out. I mean I ever this, pull that only eleven percent of Republican, say Obama loves the country. The right way, briefly, is that there is a right that is so good at convincing people. The way I mean one of his statements. How can you argue with them their also wonderful? You know a little creepy, though, that he said that he would
dead, his daughter, if maybe to launch this lively, agrigent jangling. That is an amazing book in itself. How tromp is successful with women voters, because it's not like he's not, and you know, sexist alert and people objective this sorry women like confidence, they did. I don't think that sex is to say right, women like confidence. Think men like confidence to, I think everyone likes conflict framework both through better I'd like you to overbooking, women, that their resisting drop war than republican man said it, but it's it's not an equivalent with women and men are different. Come on man they liked it and I like beauty and they like ass and they like new. You know I mean Ashley Madison when we found out this was a cheating site for married couples. Thirty seven million men, twelve thousand
If that doesn't work out you ever, they are now saying they like new too. They didn't want it. Another Clinton. It's you know, and they didn't want another bush. They want. They want I want strange and there are getting, your tribe arise. Should Hillary Clinton released the transcripts of our speeches to Goldman Sachs? Obviously, really? What could she be saying there when it doesn't? Even if it's nothing then, release. What could it be ensure there were some like nice language, but probably nothing damning, that she said to some bankers that you probably wouldn't say in the trail, I'm I wouldn't bet if I'd to bed. I would bet that there is really nothing damaging there, but the very protective that campaign they don't like to be bullied into doing something. I think we should get it up under the third followers: Rigour Michaud she, if she's a nun
has to pick a visible word as the vice president. Is this normal energize the base and take the Wall Street issue off the table? They also mentioned shared brown. Is it possible to come to bore a great guy? but it's just more boring the same than excites exactly nobody and and oil or re already excites exactly know, but many from excites people, those bond rallies.
Burning. Yes, we know these things now zahm. Why has polling been so unreliable and one of the tools menu used to report on the elections? I think I know, but there's a there's. A technical answer here. Pulling in a primary is really difficult. Sometimes the methodology and of doing you know, phones, verses, online polling, there's different reasons that its unreliable in some states there aren't really good pollsters. It means a very boring answer, but you also have to keep in mind that pulling is not necessarily must be predictive. It's it's a snapshot in time. It's your turn, a pickup trends along the way. But isn't it also because it's hard to reach millennials, I mean they did not get Bernie Bernie Support in Michigan at all, I mean come hold him down by over thirty points and he won that race and I think, that's because
why you gotta get out. I'm all your measures ought Anders number one and eighty three percent do the math your head. That's that's like triple is marginal Hilary one by H, points among voters, thirty and over right, so that is there They both were selling, so they didn't catch lately. They don't have a way to The impostors are trying to incorporate more cellphones into their surveys. The online surveys, which were once terribly unreliable, had become more reliable. Now that more people are doing stuff online, but it's a changing, so they still do it by landline. The public S, demeanor answering landlines the guy or punish the black. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Not only representative, we every Friday night watch him any more information, not on each bio dot, com.
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