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Overtime – Episode #383 (Originally aired 04/08/16)

2016-04-09 | 🔗

Overtime – Episode #383 (Originally aired 04/08/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Thomas Perez, Kathy Griffen, Max Brooks, Andy Dean and Heather McGhee answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each year from each year we ll time. Ok, here we are new Doob reminded baby. Andy should Donald Trump run as a third party candidate. If he doesn't get the republican nomination of current good question, you actually can give to start getting on the ballot starting March enslaving access. So he can't do that and in writing Canada. There are seventy eight states, it don't even allow for that. So, if you don't mind denomination, it's no there's! No, that's! Ok, an enemy doesn't when the nomination. What do you think's going to happen? Where were his supporters I mean his igor ugly. I mean this is their z, we're gonna be angry. Oh yeah, in eighteen, twenty four mister Jackson was up desiring about the election. Was stolen. Look, it's happened historically, we don't. You know it's not a good thing, but I don't think I wanna be rioting. I mean that's good. I think you'd have keep saying where we hope. There's no rioting,
right, rallies, we always say in the media reports as, but we always say you know where I live. No, I don't know why they re using. I found tat night there's also there's a video of a black police, greater sunk, you design right who went to ease that just wanted to see what was going on. I went to a Trump rally, the people who were making trouble with the out outside agitators right as the southern you're trying to provoke, and then that could very well be true. Ok, but the sucker Punch guide remind you. Gotta come down on that was abducted, bunch Oda, like violence. Ok, grit Are the revelations of the Panama papers by the way I dont use Panama papers? Are you ain't, IVO, Nervous Europe? I told you, I don't want you story.
So I do not hear in them now like Liddy. No, no Americans of our like good to hear any changes in american policy boy, Bernie, mail, that when you see the taper had five years ago fan I mean I don't know of educate change. Their people mean Panama, there's like twelve other countries. That do that. I mean rich people. Always gonna. Finally, rightly revelations is highly revelation. That billionaires are hiding irony in tiny countries as they do that are as Iceland step down there I M Usa. Doesn't he had the argentinean guys being what I and this those heads of state being within two that I think it gives our politicians a little bit more backbone to do things like you know, stop the inversions. It just happened, there's a big victory for the Obama administration
this week that you're not gonna have just yet another company. They all I'm suddenly not american anymore, but you know I'm completely american company for every reason. Other than tax purposes wrote me. We ve got dozens of companies in this country that spend more on lobbying than they do on taxes and see how it is when the one giant corporations pay no taxes, a hundred billion dollars, a hundred billion dollars, they think are being hidden away just from America run. Imagine that job training we could do with a hundred billion dollars and right away, but this eminently argument is always well we're gonna, let the corporations bring the money back and will taxes at one time right now. It's always like a sweetheart re by four percent. This was done, Bush did it and then- and the promise was woven that, when it comes back, accords are going to create jobs with it. They did nothing of this.
How they bore hookers and how different rate one friggin. John Andy is trumps plan to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Oh yes, that came out. This wikis is advisable. Now, how would you describe that when you can do it better so the idea would be laughing. Verily varies so the way tat you can do it with the trading. Happily warrior. Republicans are happy, were optimistic people absolutely. That is truly believe the best so chums getting chums can have Mexico pay for this. All that, during my nesting bay here, where I sent off to Guantanamo Bay Price disappear. Guy would have things like these. We do not soon
you think of that law. Student- and I remember that yeah yeah yeah me knocked about that. I mean come on. That was pretty dumb gives like whether or not he was in a rang. The tags yeah, I mean eyes, and you think you I said I as a joke. I offered him five million dollars if he could prove his father what I rang the day. I hurried words it anyone it's a court with his birth are generally get right, we're gonna, say orangutans and I want my money he's got. It would many little things very important that that first about precedent, which will set by your friend Larry Flint, that's Supreme Court case. It is important.
Jerry follow making today about has been? Rather, our roads are rightly attribute it to make these joked he's gotten recognition, facilitators, meaning scientologists like I'm really so anyway. What about? What about the plan that the plan to know he's gonna he's gonna, stop the remittances back to medals attacks, the remittances, or I mean they're, all sorts of things are money move from one country to another that you could do. You could do a foreign trade deal with Mexico where there's a percentage of goods coming into the walls paper, but don't you think that if we, if we screw with their economy, it'll make more people come on? because there are condoms is bad. I mean, I know what I know why. Why only pretending. Why are we still pretending that girl Trump wants to be president? Our ideas, publicity stunt that window.
I'm telling you three in the morning when the Abbe anywheres he's gonna go to Andy very real means. Does the Andes debated George just fancy? I gotta get me out of doing everything you get out of offending everybody quantities too painful for him not really serious about and by the way I was the one guy who always said he was your worries about these various form. But I always said this is not a publicity on this. Guy has an ego as big as all outdoors like you would it when he walked in the Roman they play held with achieve a lot at exactly the same are very, very, very lucky to be borne by two countries that actually like us and our friends we're going to have a little later about about really need Mexico and Canada we're very wrong road
I would like us, and we like them, was the fact that up Andy remember eighty twenty four to twenty waiting. Twenty more the only time an election was stolen. Eighty, the origin. Nineteen. Sixty rut well male candidates, Joe Kennedy put always about also with didn't what about the atm seventies the area around I'll? Do it right now? I'm writing a guy named Agamemnon repressive in order, and not because I memorized, because I know the history books Last question: will the Pope meeting with burning yet Bernie Sanders gonna meet with hope I noticed none of the other candidates got an invitation from Frank, ok, we'll, but with a Pope meeting with Bernie Sanders influence the outcome of our election
in any way, no kind of cool I mean you know, I think it's kind of cool the pulled recognise the fellow soldiers, the hate you know, and I think alike, and they think alike Thank you, everybody. Thank you. I got to go episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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