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Overtime – Episode #384 (Originally aired 04/15/16)

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Overtime – Episode #384 (Originally aired 04/15/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Arianna Huffington, Susan Sarandon, Amy Goodman, Mary Katherine Ham and Rick Tyler answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time. Here we are answering questions that people have sent in Amy. Has the mainstream media covered this election fairly? Absolutely not Let's have a season with out pose? Ok, instead of the media pouring millions of dollars into these polls that turn out to be wrong? I mean there's a pole every week or every two weeks. What is it as its primary our caucus and then yes find out? Who voted? Who didn't vote and, of course, the vast majority of people don't vote, but poor that energy and those millions of dollars poor those investigations into what these candidates really represent, what their records are, instead of they spend all their times doing the false polls that they themselves admit. How did we get it so wrong, and then they spend their time from pull
while saying how did we get it so rob? But instead we need to know what these people represent. I think we know how I could do their act for the non plainly agree with Amy I mean just look at the way they ve covered Donald Trump. They ve, given him kind of unlimited come they're allowed him to name even on them this Sunday morning Shows- and you know you had Bob Woodward supposedly these journalistic icon in the vision for ninety minutes are not asking once about he's being Bertha about he's wanting to ban that religion about his inciting violence, nothing! What
had no pulls. What would down from talk about? I mean look at doing. You pulled himself. Look at one day march fifteenth. I think they call that Super Tuesday. Three five primaries you had. Oh hi, o K, sick one is first you had Florida, Marco Rubio pulled out. You had North Carolina Illinois and misery. Ok, work so you're one floor, narco lost and pulled out cases go awry, ok, so every candidate, all the networks covered the election that night the primaries that night and you heard from crews. You heard from case. If you heard from Rubio you heard from Hilary and then they waited. Laden waited for, transit centres can hold a new conference. They showed the empty podium fine and there they play this whole thing. We all very way way way way way way way. One man large drop. Where is a united where words Bernie Sanders Arena where Waste Bernie Sanders that night I did, he go to sleep I mean Oriana might have been happy then, but what
do. He was speaking to thousands of people and goods. They never play even two minutes of his speech. Men every mentioned where's Bernie tonight, berserk, we all agree, Susan on the Twentyth anniversary of Tom and Louise, what are your thoughts? Looking back on, the iconic stanza holds up that we were recently but the really twenty five years, while that my last year reserve home now, oh that's it still. While I mean I think that the interesting thing revelries while Thou was interesting with significant. It wasn't as first movie, but it was the first movie where we got to see so much I never saw him before the oh yeah. He did some tv in any way. Every woman, this audience know exactly when seniority and some of them, and I think that was what was interesting
We had no idea of people were going to be so offended. It was in the you know. It was like, but Cassidy in Sundance kid, except with women, can it got and cars or trucks, and it just maybe I'll, did the reviews. People, because we work condoning suicide, it just men, people so upset, and I think what it was was a woman had the option of violence and then, with I dont know what it was exactly, but that's how we got it on the cover of time magazine, because there is such you forget that there was a backlash against it, but it was huge and wait and see that coming did and now they are united. One had ups Likewise, I didn't know we back into this territory held by white heterosexual meant
age, it was a big hours. This word is an already Oriana sleeping pills, work, actually sleeping pills and major disaster. Fifty eight billion dollars and spend around the world Unsleeping AIDS and am like look like them as the like Ambien and it. What is amazing is that people think if they can't sleep, this is their only alternative. Of all the natural down at the unnatural, our cognitive you're, not smoking. The right kind were here tv. You should go to the other side. I meanwhile why're you smoking and thereby been keeping
don't baggily, we gotta play the violent London and our country are the only two countries allowing sleeping pill advertise right. Do you have any kind of prescription? You have all these beautiful pictures of happy people were sleeping pills. And then ninety two warming signals of what can happen to you. I mean here's my thing about drugs. All drugs wear off overtime, except for patent liquor. Potluck are always work. They may they may have some diminishing returns for up to tell you tell you like
Everything I mean that in a bad way. This is a very good looking man, you that's what I did when I see Satan idea when I got out. That's gonna get not as a bad thing, but I do know that bananas drags that. I will actually make it possible for you to wait up in the middle of the night, I have absolutely no memory getting a cop, well drive and kill people. That's ok!
written statement just now? It is absolutely, but you don't worry it's kind of money that terrorist. What I was just say about drugs, most of them, the more you do them the west. They work and the worst example of that is sleeping pills. Yes, in a work the first time and then six months later, you'll need to take twice as much and then your Elvis, I mean the amount. The amount of sleeping pills that Elvis Presley was taking time would kill an elephant if an elephant took up the very first time that the EU is Michael Jackson proposal right, able like me up and taking a nap crazy it, it is always a state, is truly a slippery slope. Once you start with leaping voters, you will always need more, and then we ve now that this connection between sleeping pills in nice,
sleeping Borrell in practically every disease. If you take them over six months with a lot of us, do not having just marks another equal pay day this week, are we getting any closer to closing the wage gap between men and women? Now you never will it's always gonna be a political issue because they want to be a political issue. Once and where you can also asked the White House to pay their people. The same serves to pay their wants to stop it It's not a real issue. Some of my mother was a real issue. Wasn't real issue under my mother, she winced when I was growing up. She tar south she'd have any skills you to tell us how the tank you type and she single mother, and she worked away. She is best, get an MBA remarkable story well, but
It is the law with the equal play, is the law, so we are allies boughs and who have a law on the lawn and ten years now. Are you sure why do what would you like level and for the same job on here? Is that the seventy seven censuses, whenever we need some right under seven, eight cents on the dollar, even Obama's economic advisers, when pushed have had to say on equal pay day a couple years ago? Yeah, that's tat is actually not the one that really works and when the White House is pushed on well, according to this tat, you guys are not paying woman the same amount nigger. What we're close! I mean it's not a good measure for whether this is a problem and there are plenty of other things. There are planned things about the pay structures that are a problem and then but women prioritize different things and is just more complicated than they. Seventy seven cents argument. On foreign women. Sugar Eagle Bear but don't make it but has been a political issue. Is that why tat creates fired you, therefore, where Ngos? May you too much
biology, tat. He needed a sacrifice. Your lamp dwelling on land no you like say Ellie. I say we. I mean that
problems is happening. I sell again look at these matters. This is not what they look like it is. This same at the time was distracted rather its fine, but not per se are needed like a black. There were like this, like these guys wage Oriana work. Can you tell us about your partnership with Ober to combat drowsy driving, when what is so interesting is that after the designated driver campaign in the eighties, drunk driving, deaths and crashes have been halved by drowsy driving dance are going up, and last year we had a thousand deaths and one point: two million crashes and so far- and we do but to highlight the problem. We have obliged on change dot, org that people can take that then,
friends DR while drowsy they want themselves DR without drowsy, and there have been doing right along sway, the Aubert drivers. Really, yes, people, you can actually request made on their own. To give in San Francisco traverse the founder were, and I did it again then got this London from Houston and who explained or about the dangers of drowsy driving, and we gave him Bag of a lot of remedies, because you love the boy Is that a lot of people who day goober, sometimes Dasa drive and the whole idea is to raise? when is about divide, there are now right. Sharing technologies there. I'd do where it says she wasn't drive and how now explained That sort of way out I am here over. I believe that she looks the same machine did when Mama ways and she doesn't slave. Did she make a deal with?
really I mean she doesn't work. You sound like this tobacco sighing. That's going on and ninety five days you now when you would say tobacco is bad for you and they would be this tobacco signs and came under it by those is ninety five old woman who's been smoking. All our libraries is no no lies the exception to their russian Magnifica nicely and his baggage of essence late, but I asked for the rest of humanity doesn't well you have to I'm on your page because a booby you know me. I hear a lot about health reader. Everything I can. If you don't sleep right, it throws up everything else by they were not to be gross, but if you don't sleep right, you don't popery and if you know
Fulbright? Everything turned, and what about my right? I'm not saying you don't, I would never have any toddler is their hope. For me, absolutely fast That will grow up Roman soon ten years, but you need a tribe Unita support system Doyle Rally round here, and what do you think about the fact that everybody on the panel felt the need to have their phones? Right? I mean for one night. In addition, this show and people we can have that. No, I have just wouldn't bring a fallen. Why do you need it on television
just Satan is never without his phone. I beg you everybody. May I tell me representative, we haven't had united watching for more information, not ninety, each bio dot, com.
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