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Overtime – Episode #385 (Originally aired 04/22/16)

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Overtime – Episode #385 (Originally aired 04/22/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Lawrence Wright, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Cooke, Lesley Stahl and Van Jones answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him all right here we are in these. Are the questions people have sent in Leslie? What inspired you to write your no book becoming grandma? Let me take a wild guest. Became a bramble. Our audience will catch up with that. I will tell you how it happened because they ve. The publisher first asked me to write as an inside story of sixty minutes, and I knew that if I did thou know until it out on my ear. So then this was the second one Second, I do, but really what's gonna do grow, it was getting wasn't. Gonna tell you wanna talk to you about being a grandmother. The book. Can I talk about the book for one? Second, of course, it's not just about
grandmother. It's about misleading, it's not just about the question of being a grandmother. It's about the science, the biochemistry it's about the history, its about of drenching. It's about the tension with your daughter in law. What the hell,
brave grandmother you haven't got another was invented in the lake. Seventeen depend for their none exists, others grandmothers, human grandmothers are one of the few known as humans are one of the few animals on the planet that have grandmothers to nurture and take care of babies. Animals die when they are no longer able to reproduce. Generally speaking, road soap humans that we live in living long enough to take care of our children's children is the very reason that humans even exist. It's called the grandmother fear when I was a job even at a great grandmother.
It's unusual for really worry, but today, when I was your age, I was not my great grandmother. She was old, but people about Mary longer younger so that there will be grandmothers going back to the cave. Man times took care of the babies. And we ve gotten away from that and I'm writing. My grandmother had forty a member in the movie, the verge. My wisdom of forty zero virgin tyranny, Virginia was like a hot grandmother and they have a child at sixteen, and the next child has a child's you're right. Children having children is not being reduced to say Van Jones, you see hoped for by partisanship and the efforts to reform our criminal justice system.
Actually I do and you you just forgot what your grandmother provide a lot of care and in urging for the grand jury, the more names in the black him exactly. Romania is, I think, a grant grimly great grandmother ever right back grandma. Technically they are called big Mama's, we'll call we will have. This is not just in the middle of it. That is in the movies. I had a big money
I had a big that anyone out there today were also played by Marmara editing site. I didn't you mention: Nuth Gingrich's, Newton, isolated tv show together call crossfire for another half an hour and then afterwards it turned down a reboot of growth, reboot bread, but actually turned out. The only thing we agreed on was the idea that the criminal justice system has become, from the point of view of conservatives, a big failed government bureaucracy, they grows and growth. Gobbled up more money, the worst job it gets, so we can actually work together on one thing cut next up, that's the only thing you read on and on everything else, we d handicapped on the moon. We that's it whenever it what it now what new ones the handicapped on the moon.
I may know what I'm talking about I'm not. Maybe we build a nice little moon base for a bunch of pillows. The love going back into a mafia character apparent? No, he says because there's no gravity, and so it wouldn't have other Gingrich's valley. The integrated haven't I've read. All they do is exaggerated. Obama is in Britain today, your home country does the UK. U S. Special relationships still exist. Yes, I would always will
How could it not, then, the mother country, yes, but about the grandmother country very popular, was very popular Sweden's morning Obama he should be seventy nine percent something, but but he has annoyed some people, I think, quite quite fatty, their annoyed by waiting into the debate over the European Union first, yet I omitted didn't. Why did he went further than commenting? I think- and firstly, it's odd given american independence to get too involved in whether a country should stay with a larger political union. It does affect us does it does have some, but I also think that he he should have threatened the country today said well, we when we went to interested in a trade deal with you guys. If, if you leave the EU,
come on, I'm in Britain in America the trade between the two countries is extraordinary and any given point. So I don't think you man. What is what is your feeling about the European Union's stay and now I would leave it for me. It's a mattress sovereignty more than anything else, but don't they have the best of both worlds. Does the none on the currency I mean they are quasi independent from it. Wasn't like that too many supposed to most countries who have to throw their whole lot in to meet to meet. Since the question of basic sovereignty, EMU elect people, they shouldn't give away the power you ve loans, them that's. What's happened with Europe, the parliament was elected by the people, and the parliament gave it to people who on selected and they can make laws with in England. I don't think American except that with another country, the widespread bade is gonna, be settled by ices. By the way, I think, I'm actually very boring or attacks in the not going. Maybe I don't think Britain will leave. I think nothing do you think a bomb has become a completely different person. He was so careful for eight. Seventy eight years and all of a sudden you say,
things about Saudi Arabia's in your right is: is it's like an ice? Go your last week's might say: what's it going to lose? Yes, he is so outspoken. We got swagger Ok, how should the government combat the epidemic of prescription drug abuse? Well, that's relevant biggest. We heard the said knows about our friend friends that apparently he was
I love her, but that's the news today that apparently he? U no problem and by the way this is. This is a common story in show business. I think a lot of people Jerry Louis Chevy, Chace comedians, who did Pratt fools, hurt themselves musicians or hurt themselves and that's when you have to start taking. They give you oxy content. They give you oxy coding these these basic. It's basically heroin. I mean poor people wind up doing heroin because they can afford the prescription drugs anymore, but have apparently that that is not its not been confirmed.
Then! I am I'm somebody quite close to him and quite close to the family and where am up my rest in purple, so that by taking him out of eggs that has not been confirmed. What I will say is that I am glad that we have finally able have a conversation. I, when I watch the Republican Party hugging Heroin, addicted folks, opiate addicted books. It makes me very happy, but ass, making very mad because the same report, and Democrats when the problem was crack, show no mercy joke and have no understanding and lock up a whole bunch of people. So I do. I do think that now meditating everybody, hopefully goblet with a more compassionate, responds Thomas Mental. Did you find that to make it in comedy these days? You must be active, unsocial media and they give you look at my twitter feed.
You'll find that I dont like like a one one tweet about like what my poor looks like a weaken it Resting get a squatty, potty peace you don't do a lot to do Why, then, here and there but yeah I should be better at it too, but I, but when I do it, I enjoy it as I and I fought it at the beginning, but it is what it's like. It's like, epigrams, you know like in the old days. You know the old, victorian writers, I'm old writers, Francis Bacon, now ever that ever was there was there was
an art to being very concise. You know I don't know or aims time those kind of or being a moron like that Orange guy running for president and part of the public airing color ended, but what are the bomb we have? Is that the reason I think the Trump has been so successful is because, as the new media moment, you know Sdr. So true by at the are underwrite radio. He derives day of k, honesty, television dominate, so true Obama created the internet dominated this guy, understand social media reality. Television, where he's dominating and everybody else is playing by the old right. That's an and I thought- and I think we thought he was going to leave the entertainment world and come over the wall into politics. He's pull politics over.
The world of entertainment, are now living in his reality. Tv show like an orange right. Your play camp David is about the nineteen seventy negotiations between Egypt and Israel. I remember that you remember that you, kids, don't You see any reason. Do you see any reason to hope that further progress for peace? Well, it's a tough one. As far as always I mean, if you look at Camp David Carter, billions that you had a failing president and wars. Harder, was valid. Yeah I mean yogi, stagflation and enslave, although the gas lines, farmers with various actors in the Reichstag rise. Okay, we have any was the started out, were very high, pull numbers and they restless ski sloped down and then and worse a dive. We think of him as being such a noble. There was an assassin. He'd been imprisoned, twice manage to kill one of their government ministers. He was a nazi sympathiser, monogamy begging,
was a terrorist threat, Marlowe Great blow up thinking we ever yet almost six, so you had an assassin, a terrorist in a failing president and they made peace row. Dont tell me that you need the right people. You just need people with. Courage. Now Jimmy Carter get shit on so much. What a ballsy guy and the only president you didn't fire or shot ever in office in Eu Law, hostages, home then they all live. They also via Firstly, the Iranians democratic world they landed the second Reagan while they waited because has deliberately- but I didn't think by DR being common now, making an exemption priority, rather virus daddy, does miss. But anyway I loved it retorted the Medina helicopter. Yes, it did. You know when, when Obama went to get Bin Laden, he said how much send an extra helicopter those good idea. Really
it s all right. Thank you not only represents a real every Friday night watch him any more information log onto each be oh dot. Com.
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