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Overtime – Episode #391 (Originally aired 06/10/16)

2016-06-11 | 🔗

Overtime – Episode #391 (Originally aired 06/10/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Barbara Boxer, Tom Morello, Ana Marie Cox, Katie Packer and Andrew Ross Sorkin answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him. Ok! Here we are on Youtube Tom. How do you keep ticket prices dear shows, affordable? By insisting I mean the fit that so many if, while also by being popular because enough people come out, so you not people do come out, but I'm in the railways. The first three shows of history that we played so far with the TWAIN are taken. We gave all that way. It's insisting on right under point of view in the way that you want to do your business, which is different from other action, but it's not cheap to put on Iraq's it's, not it's not here to absorb some of their causing. You make that part of the thing that you're doing and is good points and bad points between music and comedy, but all my music.
For answer so jealous that I just show up as long as the MIKE work. Yea editor of zero sound jacket that I like I've been sitting here, is when you, when you do, do a show for again only dollar ticket riots. Her allowing you I mean you can't do anything without lots of equipment and electricity in Paypal, but a man that's for it's a curse in a way that no outward and cumbersome hello worth it is. It smart. Have Hillary Clinton to engage with Donald Trump on Twitter, good question. I say: yes, that's where the audiences wave reason why Obama goes on well every show, but this as we know, lots of like lots of dumb ass show its biggest. You know you gotta go where the audience is there not watching meet the press? How long do you think they were holding that delete? Your account? Tweet yes, now is like felt like that had to feel is then demanded, Turk dust off the top shelf. Now how many days before that did Hilary just
What that right, burning Bernie! Would you like to read the next question for Andrew? Do you think Hillary Clinton will be tough when we talk of one Wall Street, my new career was thrilled with horror. You're, a good moment problem was rude. Topping is its relative into it. Now tough, compared to what Bernie we do not have compared little lives with one or two sheet. She's gonna be pushed to some degree brown pecuniary push nearly do you agree that I think, probably a lot people in this room. One or two be: do you think it Those speeches she made to Wall Street Bernie was always railing about released. The transcripts of those big speeches mattered in the cheese
it's something I don't either. Why don't you release you know, but I will say this: the relationship that she has to corporate Amerika Writ large scale, but just Wall Street you dont, want people make comments about the foundation, and you know what Bill Clinton was doing, what she's doing in the speeches and the money and all that's, not good. That's not good, and ultimately, that colors, the really the colors everything it just dogs, a wall. Three candidates is a centrist Democrat, their Wall Street Canada. Yes, that's the gig. I think a thing about those speeches is partly why shouldn't release him is because there's probably so, anodyne and boring, so they are paying her a lot of money to say nothing and that's actually, it's kind of a scam. You know that shows how much in her,
and perhaps our deep the relationship is there a way. I think she's laying a lot of really nice thing about people that are reviled biological. Anyone reading she is there, not a wall springing up as urgently as it does. Anyone think she's not and she's not going got back from this, and I anticipate she will release things. That's why shout island me now that it's over again to beat the dead horse about what I was saying of the individual are less well, but capitalism is not the enemy, just unchecked capitalist right, I mean happy- has brought more wealth and higher standards of living to more people. You're working in Indonesian, sweatshop I have a different opinion of that. You, you couldn't be charged and twenty hours, those tickets- if you, if you had not been successful as you have
no, we don't we don't. We don't, even in a narco syndicate utopia, when we do are being abandoned, that one too, this is we're, emanate. They sell known Chomsky books at Barnes and Noble Army like that's, that's that's where we are, as I'm trying to I'm working hard to change their mind, but Hillary Clinton is not wait. Wait pretend I know what is what does that mean? They sell boy, I mean. I think that the argument that is being made a successful rock and roll musician has benefited from capitalism. Therefore, I should not criticise
No, no! I'm down Asian criticise it's just that you have that again, like democracy, the worst system, except for all the others, and then it does bring my analogies. Always it's a raging river, but it's you gotta, have the river flow in the way it naturally flows, not like the Communist Chinese, are trying to make the river run backwards. You know, but you just put dams and locks on the river so that it doesn't kill people, rivers and as a rivers and actual phenomenon? Capitalism is morally bereft system known that harms much land. All these people live in regions that are the more natural and there was things to pay for working people been paying people for other things. That right it's their withstand trade and selfishness. There is nothing more natural older. In America we aren't I've taken more people out of poverty around the world than any other civil society. Both have ready to that's right, that's true campaign
not even a relative enlargement unless you're making Nike shoes in an indonesian swatch approaches which is a crucial part of what capitalism it like. You cannot have better. You cannot have rodeo, DR without that's what's up, you can write ok, but we are not sure that it became obvious when people out there tat are doing way better right and also, though it assumes that we grotesque economic inequality on the planet. That's right. Soup is predicated on grotesque economic inequality way. That's where the job that they work in probably is the better job. They went to bed where job, because work, and, and and and also in the last thirty years we ve lifted something like two billion people. However, at Harvard II and the number of people in the like extreme poverty level is the lowest ever.
Ok, so that's why I don't romanticize either system you need both. Every modern economy is a mix of capitalism. Soldiers we ve been damn quasi socialist four hundred years, set a bad and burning boy the people more than anybody help make a lot of bad word. Katy. Do you think there's any change? Rummy we'll still be drafted to run as the republican nominee? No, no absolute among you know, begging I'd. I think the reality is that Mitt Romney understands how difficult it is to win a general election and he's not gonna. Just go out there to be a spoiler he'd only go if he thought he could win. I don't think he
you can win, but he wants. This is gonna, be one we would want to go about. Listening to you, baby burning he's gonna live Donald Trump on this last. There is no doubt about it. Ok, we're! Thank you very much. Very entertaining episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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