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Overtime – Episode #401 (Originally aired 07/29/16)

2016-07-31 | 🔗

Overtime Episode #401 (Originally aired 07/29/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Bernie Sanders, Barney Frank, Alex Wagner, Matt Welch and Dr. Cornel West answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each party from the HBO making real time the film warranty was it all. Was it at all heartening to hear you too, to you to hear Donald Trump Acknowledge violence against the algae BT community? No be good. She did it in a very limited. Way, texting I against a foreign ideology. Forty five years, I've been involved in this.
The number of foreign ideologues of attack does is bikes what was terrible event, but they were very specific, homegrown bigots they. They have free rein, and he also, we said. No, we gotta go back. The supreme good he has announced at his model for the Supreme Court is entered in Scully, who was the most important homophobic, whole high office in America, and you appoint an entrance compared to the United States Supreme Court. You have done more to unravel the gauge. We have made them feel so. No. That was like a lot of other things in that and that platform cover they. He opposes every
that would protect us against most of our pregnant and he's going to protect us against foreign invasion. Ok, Coronel, as bombers term in office comes to a close. Have you refer the impact of his legacy at all, because I know you have a lot of problems with them rather barometer, also not where enough. For you know, that's not a man of purity too. I think that a consistency with all confusing to your d has do not being human. All of us, a human beings, integrity has a dual human beings questing for somebody The sheer cupidity love of money, love of status, not one, was questioned, but more than may vary, but rather than when I put it this way. I always look at the world through the poor chap black child poverty. Today, forty seven percent of all black children and richest nations history, the world under six, live in utter poverty to meet us a crime against human.
It has gone up. They have got on the Morocco bomber. What is on offer not only as a Moroccan because, but have you heard him give one speech in eight years on child poverty? Where was it I've heard of drug to Congress? About it? and come up with another public. My Bobo Exact secret when it drug through with and the problem, is going to be terrible, Publican Congress. We can pursue a boy, you can use a lonely hand. I hope we can come up hasn't when shaping the climate of opinion. We change. May change. Can our poor kid by making speeches that there were public Konrad vote against. We have, though, about people who will vote.
The right way, much much power to politicians, politicians to politicians to the voters nominated as big mistake of static the borders have to have their minds change politician. I will try to do what none and stood up a gay rights at the national level you I would allow or laid out what I didn't. I didn't want to lose your bag rhetoric that does not alter. The fact is that many of us are trying to furnish ended. We try and again I'm national level. I am quite frequently incomplete you and I were putative Bernie Sanders report to parliament. Not burning. Both sides go and I'm getting one side you, if you want you ve got both sides will get inside outside failure. We couldn't you have produced line no wrong but easy, always fully. My good, my dear, but Rona success assessed one more question and get to
The drinking wiser gonna get Martin Weir. Now I have one question: yes, memorial Day will deal Steiner, appointed reboot judges. I understand you won't be for her now. You're gonna bring up it's three weeks before the of action. It is very clear that it will be either it would create. No Donald Trump Jill storage efforts. Debate would ever have network. If that's the clear choice, will you vote for there would be an anti trump vote. Yes, but every one who, like me, but my opponent, I wondered kids right.
Dying of AIDS, personal circumstances. They pointed out that only ten states in this country are swing states so that third parties is not hard thing for me to fathom living in the state of New York. Donald Trump is not going to. We things good windy or takes a lot of things that I want to. I think, given the Bio mischief which campaign I want to see a large majority against him They told me that there are plenty age when it will be good. I want him to good governance, and the amazing thing about this election is that we don't know. Nobody really knows. I mean trumpet win in in a walk or Hilary could win. Forty nine states, I just don't know- and that's
so scary about it? Thank you very much, but tell me when he said that we are having had an idea. I want to make a more information, not ninety HBO, dot com
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