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Overtime – Episode #402 (Originally aired 08/05/16)

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Overtime Episode #402 (Originally aired 08/05/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Julian Assange, Jeff Ross, Rob Reiner, Rick Santorum and Tara Setmayer answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making real time we're your back. Rick's dorm. Can you? How can you reassure of Angelica voters that Donald Trump would change positions again on issues like abortion? Has Gunnar flipped left on that one like. I would say that I am campaigning sound from primary and he was all over the map and here's what I believe. I believe that he has a Republican. I believe that he is surrounded himself with Republicans in this campaign. I believe he's he's appointed people, Ally Christie, like parents who are raising our work, is only a recent republic. No, I do admit that, as is happening with heroin terrible out or even further, the democratic will. The way it islands from their own bat will back
This up. Personnel is policy its who use around yourself wisher its who's gonna end tromp has been pretty clear, many surrounding himself, his pigs on the court, and we use what he's only in that way. The pain. I too has a bunch of Democrats from Liable Collins Amr rose. That has not been very many fathers, personal cities, the rounding himself well, some of those are personal friends and in all look even in the area, but even you can and tested this. That a campaign is a microcosm of how you would govern- and this has been a disaster- is a disaster of clowns.
Every week. They don't know what to do about respect with all due respect. This clown show beat sixteen other folks, let alone a goodly me who had a lot in many cases, a lot more money and a lot better staff in a lot better organization that impartially design. This was sixteen. There are another grave and want to get her out of every three vanity. Kanner isn't worth eight, and I think this is the new normal and that I think the solar radiation of politics, I think you're making liberalization of politics and the use of social media is transforming politics and we gotta get we better get arguments we have lost. Phutra always turn friends or online abridge gang. I loving Javert is no questioning as momentum. I think civilization had a great wrong
Something writer disease upcoming Bio Pick, L B, J characterize a more or less favourably than other recent poor trails. What's the last one, was that the all the way- and I guess that's why I think what I tried to whose human eyes em I mean he's what Harry is yes, Woody Harrelson, whose absolutely brilliant in it I mean off the charge brilliant it. You know, he's a very showed us a showed us that the thing you said he showed us dancing manner on this phone, but needs of L B James, a very complicated character, hurry, complicated person. He was almost shakespearian in in. In a way I mean he was odd with himself he was very tremendously in secure and at the same time, tremendously effective is as a legislator. So you know many people have said if it not been for the Vietnam WAR that he would have gone down as a great president when you think about the accomplishments he had with
medical care and they ve civil rights act in the Voting Rights ACT and medication and headstart I mean he didn't everyone is for those programmes. None. I understand, but I say it like it's a universally accepted. I think we'll do like manna care. They do even the Republican, and we have a little warranty, sometimes laboured held a couple trillion dollars later has been an ultimate failure and the whole thing around geography. Lesson use me. The war on poverty has been a disaster you kidding. Have you been to any urban cities? Lately, look: look. But look at me look really looking at various related of like a lot referred America today verses fifty years ago, and you tell me that state of Urban America today is better than it was no. No that's right. He's not astor. Emetic care was a big part of the war,
poverty. Alarm. Poverty and medicines are gonna name and they're, going related secular, but before the war on poverty and Medicare, something like twenty eight percent of seniors lived in poverty. Now it's under ten, that's called a success. Except that its glowing never going world providing help European like twenty forty idea about in healthcare is one thing that way right, provided is is right and what about the model of the civil rights in the voting rights? very public and by the way you gave the sudden branch to everyone and turned the south into responsible people on the left, by the way you want two years after sensible Democrats or for fixing it. As I recall, President Obama wanted a grand bargain and shown in John Vainer who stopped it on entitlement, the rednecks it now
our nature now absolutely team for the work. He was a John Vainer and Morocco Bomber wanted to have a grand bargain a few years ago on this, a bomb is the one who put internal reform on the table for a little bit of tax raising of the tablets. Cities propose. He proposed nothing put it on the table said do it, but he proposed nothing. Then why did in the light of rain or want the deal? Look we need to have entitlement reform. We need to have a bipartisan deal on that, but the president has to lead, and he didn't you know you never give the guy credit for any la getting credit when he leaves it didn't led. Please I ask, is Jeff: who would be your dream roast,
guy thing was going to stand as if your boy Republicans, what help me understand how one can go for trumpet one couldn't what's the what's the one issue, what do you grab onto that? Pushes Udall overdue internal after belong at the one made an office or himsel? These issues are common. I understand a little different right, so you feel beholden to deploy our utterly law. What it is, but I mean Rick has been in the arena right. You know that setting senator deserves yeah, that's a little different than someone like you or me, or terror, who just talks now that for Now- and I didn't have taught by working capital for many years and in many.
That kind of like those lives? No, I work for an office holder, but it affects people's lives and office holders on doing without her staff. So it's not like. I haven't done anything, but there's a lot different to hold the no absolutely because there is a certain there's, a lot of conflict. I have friends and Capitol Hill other congressmen who are there there tormented over this decision because they feel a certain obligation to go to the party into their constituents who want to vote for this guy. But at some point you have to stand up like Adam Kissinger adjusted and say you now, I'm an american first, and this is unacceptable and Donald Trump doesn't really represent what we do. We would never put up with this. We are criticising. People are making excuses for Donald Trump that they would never allow a democratic get away with, and I think that, if it were a Libya or one
No well, Brazil be able to pull off the real olympics without any major health or security event. Security events- maybe health. I don't think so. I got to say what I mean. I remember reading about Brazil. Only a few years ago, like they were the new right, big boy country, on the block, and now I read that they poured the sewage right into the water without reading it, you don't you know the of the fifty cities, the most violent cities in the world. Brazil has twenty one of them. There
sixty four thousand murders a year. Now, mostly they pay the Olympic Committee to get to get the Olympics because they were they never should have been real, never photographs selected. It was ridiculous. I mean it was only a year after this election that that Brazil went into a major recession, its corrupt, their president is impeached, for goodness sake, and people were riding in the streets because of eminent domain Olympics. Come in they take people's houses and they think they brought make all these promises, but the people there are really separate, usually be. Why regarded the countries that cancer is dated When you got the Olympics, you got your shit together right now. You know like this is our moment the world's gonna be looking at us, but now there sit in the water.
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