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Overtime – Episode #406 (Originally aired 10/07/16)

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Overtime Episode #406 (Originally aired 10/07/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Al Franken, Armando Perez a.k.a. Pitbull, James Carville, Mark Cuban and Johann Hari answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time. What did you make a girl Clinton's comments that Obamacare was a crazy thing? Oh yeah, that was a little crazy. Is the campaign going to be able to keep him from going robe? He didn't it was said it was created at the people qualified for the subsidies in and in between which here we had talked about, have in a way that they can get into two thousand years to his pay, the Bower care of brazilian times. He did not say that, but their very right, but I mean, let's be honest as long as the profit motive is still in the equation: it's never really going to work, a means. Gonna work. People are going to have more coverage and measured, but as long as you, you cannot stop it on one end. The equation that is, people can charge as much as they can these the happy pen. You know
this, this kindness by profit Catalans, despite, isn't even work in Vermont, they tried it in Vermont. They couldn't make it working better than before nor cattle payer remarked, but what we have, what about? What would present Obama is done with the democratic path it not may not be working as well as you want, is working better than a system that and for starting shared right. A proper bomber care was one of the most important and most difficult start. Ups of all torn up where you have to understand it still start up. Read any big company like the arabic start like have issues and you ve got to improve it and they well. It's not just that. It comes back to what we talked about the tax code. Paul problem is the big bomb accompanied by the system they give to both sides. The first thing happen on the first day. The abominable indications is, they agreed, they were never going to negotiate on prescription drug prices because they were in debt to the company of Emily. Today is its of everything you say is true. It is true that more people, insurance
a lot more when all take less takes good note of collective good right
political, the Bastille worker, to talk about it judgment, goodness, isn't the lollipop our given advocating, say something nice about? Alright, let's get this as MR positive. Ok, let's get him yell up some good amount of earth pit, but why did you get involved in the Charter School movement bombing? The simple fact that Israel, simple alot of people in their worth talking about right now we were talking about a lot of things and is far change and not when it comes to politics and politicians are called of politics that things are not a bullshit, they say a lot. They do a lot of a whole lot of nothing. So when it comes to the kids, if you able to tap into a young, my teach you how to believe in itself focus were cod inspiring motivated, then guess what their able to grow and make educated decisions. So therefore, my mother always told me the biggest diseases in the world, the two big world, ignorance and greed, which
see, was suffering from the right now would trump running as we speak. I want to be able to show these kids hey as you get older. At least you know the decision you make it stick by it, because you know what you mean. We were well informed me push back a little once said there about politics. It is particularly what they do is nothing. I think that's a very dangerous message, because that makes people just turn off and other all alike. There all foolish it actually here in California, we have a democratic governor and we have a democratic legislators. We ve been able to do great things when politicians actually want to work together and you have the right ones. They do things and that's a reason why
We had Medicare before before that, yes to think too full of shit to be honest which a bill but but you know, I don't make me- maybe forty different interaction and ultimately, of collating and Ebay at into the do. What I M going to take no ended devils into details, and I know it is somewhat fuckin cousin to be honest which, but with this, but I think what I'm trying to tell you look when policies they come out. They took a whole gotta, give you know a great game and mine you, which, by climate change you talk about what they difficult afforded, which, on what kind of thing is what did this in a drought, but no one can doubt like. Let me just tell you that's all before before Lyndon Johnson came along, and you know this better than I do and past Medicare senior poverty, people who lived in poverty because they didn't in pension and stuff with something around forty percent introduced it to something like nine. Ok, that's what you will
that's something irony speak about, because I don't know the details on that's what I'm telling you even think it I want then don't say they're all full of shit and they don't. I wouldn't let those political about this shit majority over my foolish. You will then don't road for those of you who have you? Don't you have to learn to vote for this kind of action? That is, if they all bullshit than the Nigerian Trop, are equal and met the dying. Man gets out every day, not unlike and Amanda. What Billy say in how you can we say, did many afore
I'm with you like your together. Stands there majority, unfortunately, and I just that, but not of tickets, become a propaganda as we see it right now. I watch Hilary and I watched Donald Trump and looks like that. Fuckin w w, if you like, but by holding in jail and facilitate its not things, and so it goes on charter schools. That's you know, that's what you're saying about shortest goes on freight is the bullshit, the all your denounce it. You know you look at the places in the world that have schools are doing really. Well, they do the opposite. The charter school privatisation model think about Finland. What they do is they ve got by schools in the world. They fucking, That is really well that's what we should be facilitated by the way and if you were to look into a model, our teachers are very well incentivize, but this is more than anything. This is about flipping education and in making an exciting for the kids showed that the countries that are now
Now the charter's public school system places that succeeded have done that without the party I represent are not everything you need to learn is exciting collect unless what we split the with with with sport, that's what we fit the curriculum. If we talk about data data analytics and in our Gibraltar geometry, whatever may be, doo doo doo doo doo fantasy football they'll do if its X Y see the more do, is sixty online x amount of time on the clock and they need this money points like we. The way to make it excited. We split the correct s: wife called slams at ports. I greatly you're going to do that within the public system, not this initiative- and I know this is a system with ninety two percent of the kick in my school on three lunch. My friend show these are the ones that come from the neighborhood that I come from, which is little Havana, my friend, because there are, they make an unfair, never individual childish. I come from a neighbor who sit and talk about it, be about putting
nice to see the pitfalls. Not if you want, but not with the commission. I want to see a biennial hump your leg, but I do not have imposed warmonger. Wasn't this year.
Governor Florida Rick's got many EU jazz. Ok, how did he make as Money Medicare, cheating so a stage with mostly retired, mostly, but like the largest agenda for Jerry, elect a guy who cheated old people, a state that is in danger of global warming, elected a global warming denier and part of Obama. Care is a Medicaid expansion, that's part of it. Republican governors blocked it now when they voted for the governor last time. If they voted Charlie Kristen, he would have been down with the medicate expansion and something like eight hundred thousand people in that state.
Would have gotten healthcare. Eight hundred thousand people don't abbot because they elected this asshole and that merely the devil is really in the italian right and it affects pernicious. Allow openly. Somebody needs health care now all those people they cannot gave. One thing on my Ngos, on which you understand, I'm a person they came from. Nothing is something I really don't stand a lot of things, I'm learning as I go and I'm kind of person and admit when I'm wrong on the kind of person, and it makes one I know certain things and I get thrown in the world of politics. You know I get thrown in this world because they feel like they. They want to pull in our culture and unwanted. Obviously they did they go for that vote. Just a lot of things and I'm learning as I go
I flew advised any more, but one thing I am is very, very passion, so relevant phenomena. So you just wanted a member state in the region which is very poor state. One reports take it. We had a government that did not expand medicate, we had hundreds of thousands of people are needed, ensures that didn't have we elected a new government in here he changed, people why it is not the same right to say what you say and regular gave you learn to deal with. So we suggested that no, oh they're all crooks and they're all liars and they're all this, but actually, when you and when you elect the right people like a certain lady Running you know their focus, really they may have their foibles. We all do. We have to recruit from the human race. None of us are perfect. Some of these
e mail server. Oh my god, but basically this is a person who her whole life is focused on. How can I make people's lives we better I who were there, are those who saw the dangers of the degeneration of the debate this week when it came to the reaction to the vice presidential debate, TIM Kane made a really important point, which is that Donald Trump things aid. They should be more nuclear weapons in the world and be it should be easier to use them, and the reaction of almost got didn't tin cans. I'm like a whining nature. We right wasn't. He annoying tables annoying. Dying in a nuclear explosion will be significantly more likely. They ever gonna write an agreement when he told us areas. Discussion is while of danish right and the Idiot media is like MIKE Pence, one, the debate, because his demeanor was better.
It was better buddy. The light is ass. All arrival dogs are one thing and I will call you wouldn't know death, but I think I think our ways, commandment ethical, about. Thou shalt not lie. Banking data was why that was east command. The battle to mark out these, but I think that they can cage, lie down tat in bright integral. Maybe it was said: did he get great? He gets bigger,
Why is there was? There was something as these biggest band was sound. I understand, but I guess you don't get others did you kids, I smoke too. Much only makes sense if we want to make a move, venetian novel and each bio dot com.
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