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Overtime – Episode #407 (Originally aired 10/14/16)

2016-10-15 | 🔗

Overtime Episode #407 (Originally aired 10/14/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Ann Coulter, Bernie Sanders, Bob Kerrey, Andrew Sullivan and Rebecca Traister answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO Realtime Rob carried, you think either candidate has a good enough policy on trade that you know, that's a that is one of the naughtiest ones trying to get into the tea bp weeds, where's, your regime olympic, unequivocal out a much better idea. What we need to do to labor is it for it before she was against well, but dont hundred care by trade five years ago is pro choice. Five is a foot or who knows what he's form, but he doesn't understand what tv pay for it against it. I actually, I think I would vote for.
I think it's lesson ppp to me as more about bringing nations into a set of rules. Then it is about training. Is one of those issues were already but an article and go on board and that already another wanna go, I'm against what no matter what you do a trade. The problem is, we do not have a good safety net that works for working people, their pensions opened up, their pensions are going down a bit, dig kind, never pay, but I've health interests in Europe. People have high deductible healthcare plans, and, and so they do look at trade- and they say it's kind of its gun, lower my wages havoc in immigration to say the same thing
you say the same thing about technology, so not wrong. I don't think they are wrong, but but I dont think if you set price controls and do all the things you think you need to do and reaction all you gotta do is derived on quality driver prices. I think you need a different. We needed a safety net that took care of sixty five year olds in nineteen in nineteen sixty five. We need something different today. We need for younger workers who basic getting screw. Should we have confidence in the ability of poles to predict the outcome of this election? Yes, I'm still nervous, and I will be now. We should have neuron confident Rex, when breaks it did not win the pull. All the pulling mechanisms are changing people, people declined to answer pulls there's over pulling. People are sick of being ass, also you're talking about a shifting electorate and electric the electorate that is shifting so swiftly. There's massive voter registration drives people dropping in and out of of in
dressed and participation engagement with the election. I dont think I don't think we should trust Paul. I mean it could be a landslide victory. There could be a lot of people out there who, just or not letting their release be known. We ve never had round up all those people and take them out of the country on the ballot before and right people live Yes, we ve the other, had a woman on the ballot. For ever and we don't know what we've been don't know. We don't know what to do. In LOS Angeles, LOS Angeles, we talked about the Tom Bradley Election Tom Bradley. You know if people don't know a lot of people told the Pope there's. Oh, yes, I want to vote for a black there. This is the early ninetys and then, when they got in the booth, they decided they did, and you worry about that without a minute. The poles were good for him.
But Jesus Christ. She's she's also mean an aerial candidate, eminent she's, gotta, stop saying at the debates go to Hillary Clinton. Dagenham, don't say say it to a space he's right there, so you're full of shit. You asshole, I gotta, go distress. I agree with you. Please stop saying your conduct comp you ever you, the peril of Hillary Clinton, turn into Donald Trump and saying each it asshole is so high. The amount of pressure women do
get to express their anger. That way, I feel like a different. Did you see how controlled she was to be? It was heartbreaking and you know what one of the ways Andrew said earlier: we ve had a hard time remembering that she's a woman because she's so firmly you know I'd antiphon as part of the establishment. We forget that she's this outside or one of the impact one of the effects of the past week, has been watching this woman. This, whatever you think of her overqualified over cheaper woman in contention for a job against there's, no, nothing sexually predatory loud, and
ensuring that women have to compete with him as if this is a normal situation in which he is he's examining? How about what was more for you right after the debate to hear the media people go, I think Donald Trump himself, a lotta goods rights be rapist. Racist did himself a lot, a girl of yours, Rebecca you. She lost on all the issues. She she doesn't have a good answer on these issues, which is incapable of she can give you are you laundry list Have you a laundry list, but can she communicated to people? Could you tell us what she wants to do? Is president? No she can't watch is yours and remove the actual assessor. Nor can we not effectively because she catches to deepen the we rightly see knows too much about the policy shows how this is what I was saying about women I'm leaving you gonna get her as he's gonna, be good at the job. She's, not a good run location that
I completely agree. I don't see why he's gonna yodel I'd like to hear the worst in my eyes are absolutely not all poles you can count on, but but right now hurry curtains, gotTA, Liege, he's gotta leave as a consequence of the right age as a consequence of people discovering who Donald Trump is they dont like a wee is she's got a nineteen point. You're right now with fifty one percent of the population were we're gonna voter women and it's not breaks it were identified Our voters are going after our voters. We're not recover your job and I would, by the way on that score, really we're not going very good job and I ve been doing a very good job and in Ohio, a very good job in Florida, we're winning Pennsylvania. The poles are accurate and Pennsylvania Wisconsin in Michigan I mean yes, you gotta go out and vote. Maybe your vote doesn't in California in mind doesn't button matter New York, but people sitting out this election, making a big mistake, but right now for all the right reasons: she's, gotta, Bigley And- and I also want to
well said the Bradley, a fact which is republican women telling pollsters that they're going to open Donald Trump or telling husbands or friends there about four Donald Trump and then going into a voting booth. About. A good sum is another possibility at some level this people or people of pissed off. This is a change election. She represents the antithesis of change, so she is. She is incredibly weak on the core fundamentals of the giant. What what? What do you like her to change that she's not chain? she is, she is just simply I'm soaking bum being analytic here, I'm just saying for most people she represents rightly or wrongly. The established she's. All right. I will change and we take a helping hand. Like the third man, map of personal poverty rates are going on. Unemployment is going down the worst economic crisis since the great depression. What do you want to change
in trying to do something about income inequality? There are things that we need to do this disease Andrew. This is my point at the end of the show less, regardless of what we did was saying. The whole election for Donald Trump hangs, This idea that America is the wolves or at the door. If you listen, Donald Trump, it's all gone shut. But if you look at the statistics, actually things are pretty good violent. Crime is down, unemployment is at what they consider full employment. The stock market is as high as its ever been. This idea that America is by his twenty metres ridiculous. We both the Democrats should do is is is counter punch, and when he says America's going to say it is not that's all in your head. You
fucking page, so I don't know why we should. I don't know why we need to change the colleagues only to keep going in the direction we're going to learn a lot about it without above a few months time. I got its future to look. You can do the teachers who slogans about opera that that you get the do. Look at that look at that the platform the Bernie Sanders held up. We can say: oh there's, no change here, except that that platform includes man mandated paid family leave. It includes subsidized child care and includes a raise the minimum wage. It includes immigration reform. It includes things that have not been includes. The wanting to abolish the Heightened Helms Amendment includes eating,
is progressive possibilities that have not. We were like the third rail five minutes ago, the other guy right. Now she soon goaded Hillary Clinton Dogtown. I all in there no either, and I agree that these are also reposing in progress in politics is not use my it's it's I'm say harder than passive. I'm saying simply that people are looking looking forward, not pass the reason we talked about tonight there very insecure and scared about where the global economy is affecting them. The way that culture is shifting and they aren't. They want to find somebody who can communicate with the one who like went and West Virginia and, of course it got all taken out of context and said basically, look coal is not a thing of the future, as it should be. We found something better than digging up a tax. Black rock and burning deal then, I'm so saying so sick. It bleeds people bleeding about their fuckin stupid job, get a deal.
Bring job than the worst job in the world who want to help you find a different job. Hillary Clinton, is the one with the detailed nerdy plan to take you from don't bug job retrain. You too, under the new economy to they care about. You know you to preserve the job. It'll, give me black one disease. When I'm forty can black long delayed any longer, eunuch and you're going to reach They're mine, you don't get black one now, not only long. If you wanted guy what happened down in the milliner retrained- something if I may, I should do now, if I've been, am I gonna mining job? My father had a my job. I grant you come. They say to me on that. Train. You and you're gonna do what make twelve bucks an hour working some services. I mean no You'Re- retrain you maybe for working with solar unlikely unlikely. I know somebody else not look, I'm poor rate, but retraining, people on board
go to the new, I'm just saying why to minors get upset because they're gonna get up, in a way are not going to help you gotta raised up and sold. That idea. Great, I mean he's a much better salesmen, but when he was running, that's what he ran out and he did it great she's, just not a good. Helms Burton? Well, I landed on science and say he bill I'm trying to simply say about. I think that this question was about. Why do we think it might be closer and one of those is she's incapable of connecting with mobile people harm That is eighty behind a job with president the uniting all things. I hate to tell you that I had a lot of it. You didn't have that connects. You know he has a real connection with this support. Is I don't feel massive enthusiasm her because she hasn't The lies pebble how his body than that's. What's very worries is because a lot of people don't feel than we know. Well, what without sleep in the leg Elections in the bag trumps a clown. He could never. When I hear this all the time and liberal California in there in our bubble, tromp could never win. It could never happen.
We ve never happen in your town, in Amerika, I go to America almost every weekend, I don't not the fly overstates to me. I land in them I too I've gotten. Rather can I talk to people I'm telling you from could still win. Yet, don't ever forget that, thank you. Everybody knew ass. If we really want to make a more information, not behind each bio dot com,
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