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Overtime – Episode #408 (Originally aired 10/28/16)

2016-10-29 | 🔗

Overtime Episode #408 (Originally aired 10/28/16) - Bill and his roundtable guests Van Jones, Chelsea Handler, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Michael Moore and Rick Lazio answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each year from each year. We have time we're on the after show Van. How do you maintain friendships with Arden Trump supporters like Jeffrey, Lord and Cayley MAC and Amy, hard drugs. Not I don't do drugs, you go there like a real, actually never used to get. I've never had a drinking. I thought so feel anyway. So you don't know what you're missing and I never July. I get you
up rightly eighty around Jeffrey. Lord is Gabby pretty enough and jobs to leave here about an hour ago. I just see, then, when you see an end to gather occasional uneasily, just a nice guy people offsets like reshape Ellie. I appreciate that until you why everybody spoken by none of this is pure stoppages. Everybody's focused on Tuesday, the daily election I'm focused on Wednesday, the day after the election. When trot voters are not leaving America. The Clinton borders are not leaving Amerika blacklist
matters not leaving in the cops. Aren't we all gonna be here together. We need to start working there. Firstly, how would you compare sexism in Hollywood to sexism in politics? I guess you know sexism is pretty. I mean a ramp and everywhere I think, watching Hilary and to have her having, or do this like to think about what somebody goes through for any campaign and then to think that she's done this so many times like, and the idea that that's that's labelled like to all the young girls are growing up in this country that she's vilified so much because she's gotta ambition like using. Why are we saying that? That's bad, that agenda service she's, not evil, she's, not perfect! You know they do something like sketchy things. That's ok with it like I'm! Ok with a little bit of that, I don't think she's. She. I think that the sexism players such a major role in the losing the music you have the most qualified woman.
Cars, and not what you would gender the most qualified women in the history of the world versus the least qualified human being to do anything at all. You are aware I got if this were a black man, it's like if the Hilary were you know if Hilary had file bankruptcy for times of huge few for huge casinos. If she had been caught on tape, saying these things, if you dont have a than shit, she wouldn't be a nominee he's also hold the whole deal about honestly about Hilary he qualified person? What has she done out of one hundred thousand people have been murdered in Syria
I'm saying we do not put a single zone was certainly the network. You know we're just she was sure and policy officially, all that in the area of state she cannot rule the world really we're waiting China to one hundred countries, forty four years doing working out How many airlines respiratory bill, zero, less designs as a transit country, nominated resignation, and I give you the data. We have NATO was built to nineteen forty, exactly how the other asshole wants to get rid of it. I do not understand. I just can't While I went to her
something, but I did not wish everyone is honestly I'll, give you two one Hamas, Israel they could have been in the massive you had dead children across the Middle EAST. She got in there and stop it and twelve about that is very varied of and by the way also, Libya was about stopping dead children, and that was a humane that we got in there for a human hungarian reason and the voting you forget that and then the other thing is: let's not forget what should be created for them, but not the second consecutive blame humanitarian reasons. Or how can blame for Syria you? Why enjoy blame one person do she's a top foreign policy no beneficial end the administration which you're saying she could get on the phone to the nefarious people. We can't even identify who are fighting and government and
these people who we don't, even though they are don't. Do it no uncertainty. She it's just seen. They could have had a safe passage for refugees, could have of growing worse when I was there a fan of emotion, Risa, don't forget about. What's your calendar as you solve screwed up, she was even position by that point, but I will give you I'll give you one what Trump voice as they show business and the debates is like if someone there for thirty years. Yes as first, ladies, you should have personally rewritten the tax code. I'm not gonna! Let you get away with this, and I got you listen seriously. Iran she'd! She has no alliances. She went and got Russia. She went and got China and most of the world to squeeze around in a way they gotta get that got us out of a fast track under George W Bush with them have nuclear. What
that is very tough to do what have you done by the way? I say not one. I was the author of the public Council performed biggest two thousand reform in sixty years, every Chernobyl one number two. I was the author of a bill that allowed disabled people to go back to work and keep their healthcare and why chums may go to law? Have a wreck so rapid that undesirable? What are you gonna? Get answers? Rent, ok, thank you. Everyone, next episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night. At ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO, DOT, com,
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