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Overtime – Episode #412 (Originally aired 1/27/17)

2017-01-28 | 🔗

Overtime Episode #412 (Originally aired 1/27/17) - Bill and his roundtable guests Richard Haass, John Avlon, Eva Longoria, Grover Norquist and Tim Ryan answer fan questions from the latest show.


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Welcome to each year package from each be making real time we're we're back here ever having known Donald Trump before reentered politics? Do you think there is another side of whom we don't see? What was like before the I dont know him well, but I will say I will say or try to grab your birth, no reasonable, graduated at times and was not, but I was a year he was on the apprentice when I was on housewives and- and I did a charity event for a documentary I did about farm workers in New York, and so my pr company managers invited new Yorkers and he couldn't car. I guess they invited him. You couldn't company sent me a note and he said so sorry I can't be there and he sent me a check. They won't. You don't eat, made a donation to Latinos truck
check from his personal account, or I can do is rapidly on the foundation. Yeah have is com where he doesn't have any desire. Money and urgency does right while he got what we eat it down. I was like other, and I was a member of that- was an eighth and then I say I'm not when he announced his presence area as like. Oh well was that some Ryan decency much hope for an improved food system under President Trump. Well, we didn't get one under President Obama. As one of my questions when I interviewed amass them about the purity of the food system of things, you never gets asked, and I see why you didn't really answer the question. Well, not to my satisfaction, a mean when you look at the appointment for the Pierre, you look for the UN to only getting agriculture.
Total big AG written in reducing regulations for like healthy food. We had a Monsanto guy guarding store, I'm at Ivory Agri Democrats. I think this is a good issue for Democrats to talk about how we change the food system. How we get locally local food into our schools were poisoning our kids right now with our with what we feed we have? We have huge huge rates of diabetes is driving up. The Medicare program is driving up the cost of the Medicaid program, and if we want to get it right, we got to start getting healthy food into our school, so our kids won't have diabetes, it'll, bring the cost of the healthcare program down and free up more money for education, free college debt, free college, clean pipes across the United States. In all these things, we got to get to help her
on liberal, reasonable level of Jesus Christ Richard? I do think it is appropriate for representative tausig averages. Bonanno should meet with President Assad on a recent trip to Syria. Should we meet with dictators or just
I would not have met with our Bashar. Al Assad at this time is committed all sorts of our war crimes. More than half of this country is displaced. Five hundred thousand people have died. The eight our goal should be old way that he gets out of power. We stuck with them for, for the time being, the real question, I actually think for a prisoner Obama. The sad and most critical part of his legacy will be all the stuff he didn't do. We went from a president who arguably did too much in Iraq to a president who did way too little in Syria disease, both among other things. When Syrians used chemical weapons, we could attack their efforts. We could have done more to help the army's attack. Their efforts with nice is taken under the country.
At that point earlier on. We actually had lots of options to work with the opposition or if you thought that we had a vision who was the opposition with sunni groups, we could have worked with, but if you think that, if you think that, then why would you say that son there was no moderate? That's the problem in the Middle EAST. Fine, fine, the moderates! If there are no more, they dont eggs, equally there only five, when you find a less right you, but you ve got to choose your poisons, you find less radical or, if you think that, but then you don't say, Assad must go but think then you end up with like fifty guys you did that was laid in the process early IRAN. We have bigger options and if we had acted decisively actually think we could have changed the dynamics. What it shows is that what you don't do in foreign policy can be every bit as consequential is what you do to Uncle John. Do you think it was appropriate for Buzzfeed to publish the dossier on trumps ties to rush right? That's a good question: would you, as editor in chief of the daily beast, have done that I wouldn't have we had? We had looks at that and and and made it
front decision. But I know it's not. I understand why they did it. I think it ultimately, though, is used by Trump as a cudgel to criticise all the media right that becomes a thin edge, the wedge for them to say all news is fake news and an Busby does a lot of good reporting and when the eldest son, they started attacking CNN and Buzz Feed and the daily beast, which was one of the first places blacklisted, which we thinks a badge of honor. Their whole goal is to convince everybody that fake news and then to elevate propaganda outlets that are doing their bidding. That muddying of the line between truth and lies with journalism is one. It was dangerous things. That's going to go on the next week's tests, like the recent women's March, will continue throughout drums presidency, and will they make a difference? I hope so because, if not it's that they will contain out they continually. Why? How it's not a moment, then it's me
and and what what I hope is the way the tea party did it and they were much smaller than the people that that came out on Saturday I mean the tea party. Was this big Wrongdoers occupy Wall Street. The glad was here. That is a good question, because I feel like occupy. Wall Street was short lived because there was no focus there wasn't. What was the agenda? What a? What are we? What do we do? Who was in charge of it and a kind of just fizzled out and that's what I think cannot happen with this movement, especially with the women's with with women's March, is what are we want because there is such a cross section of intersect. There was an intersection of people that came out to the march. It was, it was black white, young, old republican demographic people, were it started from this inspires inspiring movement of
I don't want my rights rolled back. I dont want to limit women's rights. I want an expansion of women's rights, equal pay. The story is that I'm not happy, I'm I'm in a mirage gunning. If you think old, media matters anymore. Two hundred and forty newspapers endorsed Hillary Clinton and she lost one grandma in Hawaii rights. Let starter bars and it's the biggest access lay american hash and tells you bud social, merely the people who marched didn't about it. How many difference now going on outside or not, but but what we do know is that there is an election coming up point November, Lebanon, that's insane. I hope from that Saturday on, let's hope, but we can we can use it if the message and that twenty
Tina lack is Republicans are still getting elected under the Trump residency then were far from three quarters: how to send a change that are up or democratic right. I'm a crash adjust disadvantage structurally Galicia, but there's a there's, not a governor seats that are up and if we win governors races. This is where Democrats kind of forget the vote in off your elections, be organizing off your. I think if we wanted to intervene if this electronic true right, but that, if, if you look, if you look at the numbers, I mean in Ohio, Michigan Wisconsin, anything Scott Walker keeps getting elected because people don't we open when the presidential was constant, usually aunt, but Scott Walker winds. If you those governor races, you start adjusting the map for the House of representatives. You can pick up two or three seats in Ohio, two or three seats in Michigan. Maybe a couple in Wisconsin all of a sudden. You start trying to unlock some of this guy's. Let's have it
backwards, all of this focus on from which you do and others do. That's the big changes we are now, but the foger censure is its acts with easy, not to focus on what we have in the last eight years. The Republicans did the long march through the institutions, the thirty three republican governors there, twenty five states that Have a republican governor and both houses, twenty five or you can have a majority of the country living in the user, not discouraged states out west. These are big states, and then we go she. How did try when in North Carolina in Florida and Ohio and was constant in Michigan. Well, we ve had a republican governor and both houses of the legislature there for six to eight years in these states. These states have become republican Army are strengthening their republican routes and Trump came,
and one where it wasn't trying not their trumpeting I've driving our roots, as so much is fixing and rigging the game so that democratic camp, that's what they do, except that people want to be more Donald Trump prove people, don't even like Republicans, guess he's not a republican like look at the end of each lay away. Why you're losing elections you're never going to get to win them, and then you really need to figure out. Why you ve been losing that's. It seems that a date legislative rules as we ve got to do a better job of those leads on all the way they look at the economy in all higher. They left with tense House grown at half of the national average. We got a ton of problems, you look at Indiana same thing. Would pence did indeed
their economies? Not well? Look it would brown back, didn't Kansas he's destroyed the entire state Gaza Electorate salmon, which content I mean tromp, was bashing spot Walker during the primary cause, was grandsons economy sucks. So these republican governors are doing a very good job that it's a hell of an opportunity for us to go in our right week. One we lived through at thank you tell me where facilities we haven't had inherited watching for more information not going to each be oh dot. Com
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