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Overtime – Episode #413 (Originally aired 2/3/17)

2017-02-03 | 🔗

Overtime Episode #413 (Originally aired 2/3/17) - Bill and his roundtable guests Sam Harris, Michael Eric Dyson, Jason Kander, Tomi Lahren, and Rick Wilson answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time. Here we are now your word. That question was a nice. It is nice to me what do you think of Republicans like Mccain and Linsey, Graham whoever blue President trumps executive order banning muslim refugees at a reasonable question, I am all for anybody standing in their truth. I do think that Mccain and grammar both incredibly threatened by Donald Trump, and I think that their relevancy is threatened to their lashing out. But you know what we're ok and republican Party. We have a lot of voices, that's good road! Where do you think, there's Dan L, Djibouti, wrote, I know we're from stands. I think that he's been in
pro algae bt and end those issues and rising workers their boyfriend? I do not think that was rituals and do think it likely that trumps base or majority the Republican Party will turn against him. Great question will look at if he doesn't manage to deliver all these thousands of new coal mining jobs and in turn the economy. This a magical, nineteen, fifty fairyland, more, maybe eighteen, fifty four, some of his family- if he doesn't managed to accomplish a big economic lived for the folks that that that really were strongly for him, which are are lower.
Middle class working whites, he's gonna have a lot of trouble. Holding onto this works. It doesn't show actual results. You can't just tweet in bullshit you're way out of it right. He has done a lot of job owning with corporations. You know he would say I've already save jobs raving got to the White House. I say jobs because you know I've. I also read that corporations are scared of cot. Call me crazy. Call me crazy, but there's a big difference between actual job creation and policies that they make the economy get get lit up and a bullshit tornado, and basically that's that's when all these ceo meetings turn out to be of the accounts and that in this is about them. Are he goes in and says I built a great business. Did you build a great business? Yes, we're great businessmen together, it's so nice to be here in the oval office with me again. It's like sand, unscrupulous it s Chauncey, Gardiner yeah I like television in and it is that there is no there. There are poor. You listen
requisite republic. Andy is well, there's lots. Republican join honours it, but I'm actually conservative to that's the difference between the tropics when I love the self righteous, has the trunk people ass trot, but we re all harmful when you see us all going nuts you'll love it We need a little bit comfort myself without beautiful map on November eight, the five year I dont want. Luckily that's not what our electors are very Stein days it does it bother you? Does it bother you? How like the Republican Party like did a one? Eighty, unlike everything like overnight, like like you, know, executive, it is when Ababa did him with a worse thing in the world. Another government does that bother. You like that sort of like a media, unabashed democracy, I dont know most presents Europe when they first commanders, usually executive, liven up
Farmers are not as much and not after saying it's the worst thing in the world. It was the worst thing in the world up until I think very twenty. I think people one of the things that from really ran on one of the things people really mad about with what it is this thing where every six months, people in both parties just start saying the opposite of what they said six months ago. We need to look at what is happening with this court right now. So yeah me. I think that that's a problem for both that is especially a problem right, I mean like he says conflicting stuff. In a single day I mean it's a single second assembly freedom. Do it innocent right, which is entirely. I remember when Republicans were outraged when Barack Obama was picking winners and losers in the economy, and now we ve got a president who essentially blackmail competence and innovations signed with a tweet mean about you. If you don't do what I want is its it. It's a very different kind of picking winners and losers, but President Game show host is gonna.
Let them talk about unlike Zan. Do you think that radical extremists in other religions or white supremacist pose a threat to national security to shore yeah yeah, as this would never have said, that there were other problems or other bad people. I wrote a whole book on what's wrong with Christianity and see that it's interesting that so much more popular among the little girls like he s bad. It's me.
I think that we should get them that thing that three items is just as bad as well. There is, there is masochism which is which is attractive to some people, apparently, but there's just a private there's the understandable robin that we see this through the lens of beleaguered minority. We think of what most people think of Muslims. I think of non white people who are in our society a tiny minority and therefore they are deserving, and rightly so, their deserving of kind of the double protection of the white majority? Thinking await a minimal, I Vienna, a bigoted asshole here, an end to that that sort of self scrutiny is is appropriate, but it's just you're not following the plot here. Islam is not a race right on. Islam is a set of ideas. Yes, which, which is religious and we haven't. I know that I have to be able to criticise bout idea, but you know how to do it. Besides, that was debated
really Giuliani on on meat, the press- and he goes- we were talking about this right before- did the announcement of whether or not the policeman who shot Michael Brown would be held accountable and Giuliani said to me. We shouldn't talk about that. That's such a small percentage police people killing black people is such a small percentage in the greatest percentage is black on black grant, and then I pointed you know you point out: we're ok, true, ninety three percent of black people who were killed or killed by black people, but eighty four percent- why people were killed argue about why people? But by that logic, if we would say that if we look at the number of people in America killed by terrorist acts in the last ten here's doesnt total a hundred, so in that case it wouldn't be Mohammed. It would be Billy Bob whose a problem to white people in terms of their vulnerability- that's at heart, from the magic rise began to talk about it- has worked this, but there's some real big differences there. My Billy now there's not seeking nuclear weapons.
We are now a faint taylor, swaths of the Middle EAST. There aren't Billy Bob Terrorist Army, but I'm waiting to hear our time to stand there, but I'm sick. In my opinion, this will entail, but but but deposit couples is made by a person like a Giuliani. Who would argue then that we can have both My point also muddle knowing they also that our efforts have temporary ban, also citizens by by selfishness Hobbes, that of Saudi Arabia, to the tune of whatever it takes, but not on this, and I am saying to the masses of people of color who were victimize by its supremacy, I'm just saying that that's an immediate concern for them as well, I'm not denying hydrogen legitimacy broader concerned. I'm saying this is why people are all. Tuned in on that and that's often dismissed as Alomar, but but you should double down on that and realise that there are all these non white people in muslim majority. Can countries who are victimized by theocracy rights are rarely it's the Muslims who are suffering from terrorism and exactly direct amazing everything else? That was that they were even talk about variable in Quebec. I mean
a terrorist act against muslim brothers and sisters, and they are no longer than they are the most people who are victims of that terror are Muslims themselves. We understand right and by the way, until Donald Trump became president, you know Islamophobia, which is real. We never know denied that true I mean there are people who just don't other people from because they are different. The other, I would argue about add word that we shouldn't use a proper Ganda term that events this kind of, but there is also their component over. That is also re, overrun and actual happens, but you don't until Donald Trump came along, there was the one in Texas, the mosque that was attacked in taxes and in Quebec. It was mostly non violent. You know it was gathered, probably like tolerable think people say to people at the supermarket, dirty looks or facebook, but now it took him literally a week to turn that violent and it's gonna get worse. I mean he's just going to make it worse. I would bet you any amount of money that boy not going.
Turn out well for us, as far as what is actually drawing to do, which is keep us safer, you would agree with. President speaks its present speaking. It doesn't matter that it's a president that you know a lot of people by fifty four percent of the country voted for somebody else. We present that doesn't change the fact that the president is speaking, and so when the president does things like cholera, muslim ban and treat people like there, the enemy right and whole big swat the people it yet having horrible. This is for you, a seminal, nearly one, an election as a Democrat in a red state. What do you hope Democrats do differently in the next elections, so my experience has always been that.
Politics is not that much different from dislike being a good person like say what you believe and be honest with people. I know it's hard. I love. How are you not alerts and our boys now? Here's what I mean people hear the truth so seldom in politics that its very disarm so, when you actual gentlemen Donald Trump, not that he ever tells the truth, but you you got to say they authors for man unfiltered and he doesn't look. He doesn't sound like a politician and he is in his I genuinely I mean that's not a good thing is that we are in a way by genuine, but he is really who he is and in so firm bag from green for me still, my president to absolutely absurd. We only get one president, so
for me what President Ban in her? You say that you are about were waylay. Thank you very much money. I told me last sentence. We haven't had a united Watch and any more information on each be oh dot com
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