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Overtime – Episode #415 (Originally aired 2/17/17)

2017-02-18 | 🔗

Overtime Episode #415 (Originally aired 2/17/17) - Bill and his roundtable guests Milo Yiannopoulos, Jack Kingston, Malcolm Nance, and Larry Wilmore answer fan questions from the latest show.

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Welcome to each year from each year we are trying to kill you right. Let's start where the mile, why did your single out of trends, gender students for ridicule during a recent speech you made on her campus? Did you do that? Well, yes, festival. Wasn't a student, he had already left the university and I make no apologies for protecting women and children in a confused about their sexual. I dont get used, but who this is because pronouns are so important. If you call Caitlin generally or a bad person uppers, you did so. This is a man. I miss gendered rice person right, so this is a man born man on thinks that he might be ago. Ok and a problem with that.
But I have a problem with it, but I think that women and children and girls should be protected from having people men who were confused about their sexual entities in their bathrooms, that let us that's not unreason of that person was an activist who took their own university to court to forced his way into the change to the female locker rooms had already left college. By the time I gave that speech and that was totally misrepresent misreported by the press, just like them, miserable everything, Jack ready. You stand on weirdos paler says I just random people we justify for them you are doing a great deal with this topic. I don't really know anything upstairs. I was making today because the same argues that we use against gay people treating them like aliens who just want to fuck anything the move that we should avoid them, and I think that the negative- let me finish my thought, police
then, there's a difference that a distinction, because you used that using the same type of arguments, it's like when people try to compare game black yet they're, not the same thing we shared invisibility. You know people didn't seasons, deciding gay people he didn't hit out from society. There were a lot of the the same issues that you have to deal with when your mom. Lies beyond, and now it will discriminatory. That's a good remark and so the attack you can always find an extreme person that becomes the object of your attack to sign that to everybody. So if you say well, that person is weird they wanted to commit sexual assault and everybody thinks all transgender people want to do is commit sexual assault without disproportionately invoking this call it aren't, there was vote
disproportion involved in sex crime. Yes, let us, I don't think that's not it's not a controversial statistic and indirectly is frankly, you know u yours you're saying you are suggesting that people are victims of such discrimination. Will I'm saying to you? This is this? Is a psychiatric disorders this sort of an age not use. It has certainly accurate. I said what our lot like, not like identity disorder or like Sociopath Theo, something you know. I do know these people around little girls in Berlin, and I am sure that I'm saying I said this is what I said the same argument. We used against gay people. You should do your homework because then another broken out. That's perfectly homeless was called a disorder. It was a psychological disorders. Is are you worry, disorder, maybe Maybe but most homosexuals are not now. I think that this case most days have a long road actually emanated. Most gaze have a long road to coming to terms with their sexuality and now because of them, handicaps highway society string, of course,
and tat. We were not course. It's no change circulated society, so I live with gay, don't patronize eager you thinkin! Ninety! Ninety people get not being very obtuse. If I do so, maybe another question, and I love you if I can use a shop all I know is this request and I'm not a journalist. I may just be an old spot, but we are talking about confusion where we talking about you want, because you Very confused: you were talking about people being confused about their sexuality that now in the world I want. You know, I mean I've been the ports, I eat Naples and you look like you. Ve, been there a few times because you see we revert to do anything I want you. Are you willing to go out with me, Let's say they always have to fight with everybody what does get over time, but why such awful people in your shoes are less so stupid now come on. You know,
inviting higher IQ gas to the US, what these are very well, you can go fuck yourself by increasing the phrase. New argument is that these people are stupid. You didn't hear a word. This man say early in this segment because he can talk circles around new rights. Eddic, this guy. She little ass, promote you can't let you do let's leave. Jos is not very literate, go fuck yourself again
but that really does exist. It goes. You can barely spell it Larry as a great further years, where we all about the fourth amendment here might therefore brother, because I think it is a view horribly was about strange, bad handsome. It would be strange if we look at it can make these rights and what do they know, but you think it's beautiful council shut up from one fuckin, so I mean like this is the beginning of your career. People are only just starting date. You So many, I'm just saying you have the potential to morph Armenia. You remind me like a bit of a young gay alive. Christopher pigeons yeah, that's it. We're gonna lose that can issue by telling.
Turning to give us a suit this guy, this guy has done this thing's allowed you to fucking live data about the very well Malcolm and I had debated many times. We have become France before us. We're gonna go out. Bear together right, regrettable kids with our magic or will pay for it, and, unlike my will, I have just one quick question: is: are you the real truth, I see the outright because I thought the Nazis were in their. How did they take you want more. I, this is one of the enduring mysteries of american media. We administer women being anti semitic, white supremacist, hateful, bigoted, racist, homophobic movement with gay, plural, never shall abide by equipment is ahead of us, something. You have said, but I got there, not all your fans some anymore
you're fucking hate me? They hate me and say this is a view that the old guy, like you when all this is what the media doesn't reported your daily. Just all my hates me. They declared holy war against me, the worst people in the very far left and the very very far right all hate me. They all I think we're leaving on a lot of your well. You see as an example of how you can bring people together, congressman jackets and not one requested this good evidence of voter fraud abusing that lead. You to believe Donald Drums, claims, Donald and that guy we showed Stephen Miller said I will write the President represent two to three million people. Legally, I mean this is one of those facts that has been disproved. There have not been anywhere near these kind of amount to people who voted illegally. You don't you
really on that train or you. There are some concerns one day at a registered the lighted that Monetary union is going to get about Tarzan, voter fraud. People on the rolls were dead are not showing up to vote. That's one of them are not this, unfortunately get me some ok there, twenty million people who are in properly registered and more concerned about. Is it really loading fraud say five percent, or three of them were trump floaters, trying to prove their is voting. Only voters voted fraud was getting american people to believe the farce of global. Save Betty Hilary in Trump were of equal pay.
Nobleness right. I worry that Galicia. I agree that this war is going well arranged. Commandest gaze, while taking money from Saudi Arabia I'll take Trump any fuckin way. You'll take russian spies over societies. Ok thanks! I probably why are you american nomes now took off?
No it's your whole deals with this youth. I got two out of three I gotta too out. I got two out of three go. Fuck yourself about one more come on: what are you? What are we just going to happen? Is that you're not sorted out? What do we do not agree, because something I need to get a fuck, you fuck you shut up. Should Canadians agree to perform at the White House correspondence? Didn't it it's a big conjure, perhaps so fucking lately, Are you kidding me? I mean now rating requested.
What do you say no bill? I mean this is to go over the whole free speech. What an opportunity you have down toward the president, their Donald Jew, a rare to stand right next to him and re comedy you're gonna give there was the comedy about about that made him run for browsing no than theirs rich irony that I don't care who the comedian is. If you asked to do that, do not turn it down to great upturning. Ok mark on what do you think the relationship is between wiki leaks and the Trump Administration were forced off, for everyone really thinks Wiki leagues is this. You know three spirited, you no transparency organization. You can just put that bad. They.
A laundry meant for russian intelligence. They were the conduit for males and they re open about it now. What's really funny about. This is what I wrote this in my book for them. More of emails that we're had stolen all the voice. Males everything for ten months was stolen from the dna and then all these other things I ve done operations of a similar size. It would take three hundred people working Twa want out. Before our ships. Three eight three eight hour watch shifts to analyze all that data, and then they would do these precision data dumps trunk would talk about Pennsylvania within ninety six hours. Every a male about Pennsylvania that had ever been sent that the answer he was released. This wasn't missile hundred pound guy in his bedroom NOS three hundred drunk ass. Well,
guys in the red room actually working in an operation centre, human intelligence officers, political warfare officers, a massive effort had to take on that day and see make their complete. There's a little more secure. What you see is a private entity like the orange so that our say with smart and then again you know what I mean should let me explain their revenge. I wondered how do we do we want to dedicate the resources to you? We will get into your system, the Russians just decided. They were working for you, tear down the wall, the big enemy, Russia, Now there, your friend hardy over
country, that's all very much. I told him episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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