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Overtime - Episode #416: Tax Cuts, Technology, Trump's Cabinet

2017-02-25 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Rep. Darrell Issa, Fran Lebowitz, Sen. Angus King, Seth MacFarlane, and Asra Nomani – answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 2/24/17)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making real time congressmen, you polished, accurate low. This off man be kept telling me was water congressmen. How does the GEO Peace plan to cut taxes, while in Greece defence spending where it I'm? We ve heard that one before Reagan? You know I mean voodoo Economics, George Bush, the first called it. The serious answer is that, although the would be about thirty billion dollars of additional spending with Michael legs, help general matters Adele's now additional over last year's and anything and everything I need more well another. No! That's! When, like more than every other country in the world combined. That's an exaggeration,
no, it's not always right. I mean the country closest to us. Is China at two hundred and fifty billion a year, and we spend about seven hundred. We we want that's on even count will or will spend about four percent of GDP a little less than that the NATO allies respect promising to spend two percent of GDP is no question we invest more, but the answer to your question is mostly what we're going to try and do is leverage the fact that secretary matters is somebody who really does want to do the reforms to ring out some of the cost, and that includes some of the expensive tories that are being put in instead of some basic equipment that can be bought more effectively. Gloody have thirty eight teen, the Super one about the courage and the tax cutting part consent in I saw during the campaign.
Tromp was talking tough about the hedge fund managers. These guy just push crush numbers around in a computer screen. We're gonna make it. I've heard that lately that well well, here, none of that night after he won the election was a twenty one for dinner and he was leaving in some hedge when guys very that we're gonna get your taxes down. So that looks like a kind of a com to me. You know says something about campaign it on. You ve got two sides of the issue here right now: they're talking about a border adjustment tax, it won't work. I oppose it and a lot of my republican colleagues oppose it and that's a revenue increase disposed to pay for a big part of the increase. But in fact it is not a sensible. It is gonna start trade war. If we do it and so and it'll act as these acts on consumer it'll consumption tax it. Why dont, which people pay income tax, one rich people being rich? Like you, I mean super rich,
but british, if only we were rich enough not to pay bill, I'm not a sober piece of a rich. In fact, these too can have a ritual Stewart Out area, Ridge, Ottawa, dropouts, fun. Anyone but do understand. I was put too poor to get into this administration. The cabinet. Hardly to view the rich guy in Congress have remember that not enough to get in the cabinet really! Ok, but I know what you're saying, but rich people do pay what's in here, terrible water ran. Would you ever gets we're getting a smartphone or joining the social media age? No you're, you're, famously not hooked up to now has a new rather have a small progress.
I give you a list of replacement, hey he's. Setting right here will compare led keeping ashen says what was it like to be roast master for Donald Trump? Oh yeah, yeah yeah, you know, if I might might only my obliquely, honest, might my recollection of the tongue of the time, and this is why the current stated so bizarre is that he was perfectly pleasant and in a little boring everybody says that that in person the earth is the difference and a little boring like there was just a little just there to do a job, and that was it. My inner, my personal info, With them, when I wasn't onstage making masturbation jokes to his face was when I was pretty boring with art that without
the very limited- and I say this is this- is a business guy like like a thousand others. You know- and I think that's parted think I remember reading something at an ice like that's part of white. They administration needs to try to translate to people that you experience completely different person and demagogy that he's pickup, but but it's very important, how you present yourself managed right, aren't particularly the rest or it so important, and this is why I say like when you say I I I I think we need to get him there. I I dont know that he has that and because we would just Whoever, however, whoever you are, whether you're, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders eloquent. Whoever you are. You are on a stage four months at a time being deified and lionize by thousands upon thousands of people that will affect any one of US brand. In China and I'll go so far ass, the eye there were moments in debate where I started to see Bernie plain to the crowd below that just a bit, and to that end,
had access is a burning, their native, stronger stuffy than do not have any data when more room. When roman generals returned from the war, they had a big parade. People were cheering and throwing rose petals. There was always a slave standing behind the general whispering in his ear. All men are mortal and yet famous fleeting, yet he was, it is late arab want that. Do you have somebody not as long as you don't you understand. Remember those parades, not everyone waves with all their fingers. The ads you get that message note when I retired, but politics people waved the news all their fingers of the big so that, in the absence of his ability to curtail that instinct than himself it's it's up to Congress, it's up the Congress has only and the courts. I get you and therefore asian right liberals on the same way, but this man is
a malignant narcissist. I mean he's been diagnosed that way it cannot ride. You can't see it from afar. You can't say malignant narcissism, someone who the only metric with him is. If he says good things about me, I, like him, that's Vladimir Putin, wait, for, I must say nice things in their fans. He just cannot in it does originally put them down, be Keith Allison. He praised this week because Geese Ellison said he would win during the campaign. This is the only metric he has. If you say you like me, you're good. If you criticise me, I must let the rat about. Lad, cannot come out. Well, no one right behind us and we are we all its bush after nine eleven. We all desperately wanted them to be good because we needed him to be good and wheat and we need this guy to be good and the problem is when it gets up there and he says they reported that there wasn't a standing ovation and and per- and there was
that doesn't fuckin freak you out. Yes, how does it not worry you? How does it? How does that? Not all my only concern me. I worry every day that is great, as our country is as great as our people are our leaders, let them down regularly. I worry about that because the fact is, our country deserves better leadership than we had for a very long time. It deserves a congress that works together, but he is different. It deserves
putting them in a continuum with people who I never like its bill. You, George Bush, you know what I would hate to be pregnant with what the cure. The curious for our current situation is as fast as possible. Look at every good nomination in the opinion of the Senate and unanimously concerned, get him through get through hundreds or thousands of confirmation of people that are acceptable, don't stall. Anyone, that's good. I guess the faster we fill The government, the faster the government, is run by people that are mutually acceptable, and I was a lot of things. I would like to see how your hydrant, sexual and gender favour Zodiac general. Now Secretary Kelly is an apple.
Thirdly, at All- and I hope that the New York National Security do actually surety. My eye was privately owned. We're gonna have any good, for anybody. Tell us down with earth is also well respected, so who have always get ruined unfair he's on he's a carry over, but it's been a long time These are all equally well supported by. The fact is that the sooner we get known have a secretary of the army, the Secretary the army, nomination, pulled out. You can't confirm those you dont have, but those that are lined up, let's get him through as quickly as possible, because America is better.
When some of our more terrible. What's the hurry, you don't care most of them. I've heard of our general, I mean all of them. Are horrible. Just does nobody else the the fact is, if you take all of them that you know we're going to be confirmed that a reasonably good that have been properly vetted and you just look at church, humor and say: look we're gonna! You see all these guys, let's get there and then by the way, but to take all the time in the world know whether whether someone's high or low, to slow down the ones. We objected. That's exactly what happened. We approved a lane chow in about ten minutes right and in an matters, and we we do have sixty vote. Rule change to allow matters to go through a took one day source. The nominee is good, it can move the foreigner. Can you believe this is happening on the Democrats? No, no! No! What I'm blame it is
our starling and the way invented the stalling? Why? Why do you have a Supreme court nomination here? you shouldn't have set it right now. The fact is, though, that if we take it in your right about a couple of nominations, although I can't figure out why juncture were suddenly decided line chow should we voted no on, but that was not a wise move, but if you look at it, you take thirty hours for each person, it will be the twenty fifth reelection, Donald Trump before you get one cabin and all the staff in there's no, it's not good. We have an obligation. We, we all, have an obligation to get people in. So the gun wrong. I will say we should say no to someone. You got a new one of the problems is merit garland,
yeah, I saw what happened a functional unconscious or a lot of you yeah, it'll, just start feeling oh that error specific department, but it is your party that was always pulling the constitution. Carried around in my pocket, but new, don't read it. Because it says that the cars it and bio waste liberal it's on the Iphone paper, one in fairness, though Richard Nixon saw not one but two of his appointment turned down till he picked out right left is, it is not new, let us then it was the leftist but lacking Eliza Leftist. He wasn't a black man. No, but if you look at the court unless waiting to traverse the phrase in fairness, Richard Nixon
through the Senate, the Senate has been dysfunctional on appointments. Confirmations not to add, is invading that's a new scaling Supreme Authority. First time save my one can think God we're not a last resort, though, is that if we set in the echo chamber of just resistance resistance resistance, twenty eighteen will be lost by liberal movement and twenty twenty will also. It will happen but similar to those who have worked hard for what's hard for a lot of us are our brains rather, like you guys, come on you're very articulate very well spoken, very dignified, and you will be reporting to a guy who's,
so not that we will really we don't work. Why reality nothing all! I do not know what I mean to say is this. What is put in that for me, and I mean if we just make a caricature of the right and the trouble we don't know, if that's the way, there's headaches Amerika, who doesn't believe that well with one eye on Burma good when Obama stupid, we call them on, but if we wish to call on it, but this will I, we all remember, trance out all over town early drunk workers, sixty million people voted for him and they had a reason and we can't raise a there absolutely they had some legitimate. Some of them are our being them. Words know. Some of them are dumb ass.
Just racists and so far, and finally, some of them are so turned off by the stuff. You were talking about before that the Democrats have been doing a lot of them feel left out. They re disrespect rights, particularly rural right and so Democrats. I've learned, even if they are all fat and white, do what trump does pretend you care about them and that all dumb or fat. I think no, no, I'm just saying that if we just caricature them as that, then we will never really understand its but us, but the thing is that we do they caricature themselves as the problem. It gets right when Sean space It gets out there and just because the bidding many helped by this out is constant. What else are we supposed to say, or I will always be overreact election? How else? How else is a say in the version supposed to react when you're coming out and saying that Green is blue in
I mean it's not like. I happened to my louder than you know if you're, just like, F, F, F off, like not the resale, what works and what was urged. Israel is a cargo gave a scale, but what is also a guy like, like I'd? Look there there there there there are two varieties: people to meet this guy's a bill o Reilly. I really do think believe what he says and these guys like Milo, who just wants to fucking, get arise out of people right. I think those in that. I disagree with a guy rise, not rising on. This looks: listen, I'm bodies with this guy we're had the guy's right, where the guys you know, if it's you should be allowed to speak out and set but yeah, but when it comes from the fucking Whitehouse that that's a problem
Yes, certainly, they worry me representative, we're having Friday night watchman, remove more information, not behind each bio dot, com,
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