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Overtime - Episode #420: Leakers, Pence, Privacy, Obamacare

2017-04-01 | 🔗

Bill and his guests - Roger Stone, Neera Tanden, Michael Hayden, Rick Santorum and Jose Antonio Vargas - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 3/31/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO real time. Ok, we're back in the albino assess it has joined us. You gotta take that Roger pretty fuckin awesome, nicknamed the albino, says yeah you should you should take it. You should use it as a handle tweeted seen in our use of it. Do it on your back Roger would do defend Edward Snowden leaking of classified information. The same way you defend Julian Assange and goes over what you think about it. No, I probably wouldn't. I think the situation is somewhat different, but I also continue to reject the idea that Assange is an asset of the Russians. I think he's an opponent of the deep state, all my liberal friends loved him when he was leaking on George W Bush. What do you think rather dry ice, pretty consistent in my view about Assange? I just like men, I just like him now
they may or may not be a winning agent of the Russian Federation, but he is an agent of the Russian Federation. He seems to have changed since the beginning to be a little bit different, but it only seems to be America, oh, that that he's fine shit on like we're the only in the world that has yet to be valued I mean there, a lot of other societies out there that really do have secrets that yeah very harmful and he continues to pose only american secrets out the door. And what do you think they defending trap? I mean they wiki weeks is actually going out of its way to defend the Trump administration if you check their twitter feed their spending a lot of time, but why? Why did we learn today that the CIA has malware that kid?
make transmissions from the Russians. Why would we need such a thing? Oh, I review lots of reasons. Why on earth are you hurt Roger you guys had a bad job in the Iraq war and finally dark leap? Did then go to this natural capability that you would expect and espionage agent? You too have immediately jump over here. Instead, they used it to destabilize the american democracy. So what do you think you should happen with known? He should continue to live in Moscow.
Ok, ok, we will leave it there. What do you think that my pants can continue to help trumps swayed of angelic goals in his favour? Look, I think the biggest thing that their Donald Trump has done to help with with religious voters. Evangelicals is the the appointment of new gorgeousness spring, for I mean that that was the reason that many folks lined up behind Donald Trump, why he did as well as any Republican with evangelical community, because I knew a Supreme Court seat was open. They wanted someone who is going to be like Antony Scully Trump promised. He would do that and he delivered. I dont think. Actually, migrants has to do a lot to do to rally evangelicals, where I think the very happy with what was the biggest issue on their plight and, if Trump word by some crazy quirk wind, not being president, because I'm impeachment or something
I hear liberal some say what my parents would be worse and this infuriates made my path would not be worse. We know who might pensive he's down the line. You know he would be somewhat similar to a rigorous and change your mind, waiting like North Korea or something you have to worry about crazy war. Exactly like. If you are President Rick, I wouldn't go to bed every night nervous. I mean I know you say that you ever say that, like those seriously I mean I went dangerously and stable raises concern about
which was my, namely its age, I mean there's policy and this person malady and personality part. That worries me way more. I hear I hear that mean that when you think about what happened with the Pentagon or who he's the kind of forces at the end of it, if they are, they are people who should worry all of us about stability in the global order. But you know I just I. I think that when pensive new walk in the park either no he's not I'm glad we agree that he is preferable to dot. Anyone is trouble. Donald Trump is the worst person than America. Even here. Ok right did anyone here that that it came out that during the inauguration, George Bush was old whispered after
from speech. That was some weird shit painting much room my JANET way. They have been consistent on that to the line I do. I like the men are like em up like a mean. Donald Trump is not your typical Republican. That was certainly not a typical republican inauguration address it reputed. A lot of the Bush doctrine was sure he was offended. It had three different appeals for racial unity, which everybody seems to ignore, but it was right there you make Tell you. How can you some day I dont have my copy on me, but not yet true, said region hinder their was sitting ten feet away there there, because you're very close to the present rose. I mean a presidency that has run by bright court use amulets. Let's amulets, think about this. We have a presidency that is being run by birth.
Part, use our indignation, Thomas human time, no hosted a white nationalism supremacist who run bright bark news. We have but what he laws? That alternative left me inquired out. Another link lower the right time. All of them were they not brain bar used the term to say used the term cake. Do you think that's right? That's glaring! I'm on my way back. Let's wait it out later building of arithmetic those important line to speak in the presidency. I pledge allegiance to the american people. That's not common! In the american tradition in allied taken notice to the
detention in the United States to the process of the ideas, and that is, that is a clear distinction. It's different will see. We're goes. How would you great trump as commander in chief in light of the recent uptake and civilian deaths in Iraq, Syria, I will not be a harsh judge, because I was always complaining with regard to the bomb and ministries and being late light under resourced and overregulated. He's pushed he's push decision making down into the forward area, and I don't know I really don't know it just cause and effect between the decision making pattern and right. That's what we ve got is a lot of indirect far in a tough fight in a heavily populated area. Right I mean we're. Trying to dislodge
right from one city and its taken months and months and months so for the people who say they Westboro Baptist Church is the equivalent bill are more concerned about after we win and we take Mosul and we'd take Rocca, because if we kill our way out of this would have been done a long time ago. Exactly what is the panel think of the House vote on Tuesday to roll back the EP theses: internet privacy, protections right well the crowd grown there. We don't have a lot of its privacy projections anyway, but this was another giant blow job to corporations. Yes, Here again, I think we should be we can we regulating the net. Then we should be handing control of the net of the United Nations bodies have found what this works. This was this was saying, corporations could take your browsing, has and so were against that. But what are they?
but now the really want it now with this is what they do it on: Google and Facebook. What you're voluntary you? U, Andrew those on your own! Well, this is the work and you in what other search engines. What surgeons is out there? You don't don't do it. If not even so you say to voluntary, but there is one that does it do it's really not volunteer. Is it said the bottom line of this is like they're all libertarian until it helps corporations and then their child labour carryin at all that the treasury?
three or the theory is going to stop the government to help the population. This was a partisan vote. Republicans were all on one side of a democratic one. On your browser history I mean who knows with figures in the big you guys, you guys me flows mine. You only knew by new and now we all we'll have a race quickly. Ok, Nero!
Obama cure explode. If Congress does an amended, that's a great gross. You know that I mean actually was illustrated. This whole discussion. We learned in this debacle of the republic and effort to worry they affordable characters. The congressional budget Office did a determination and actually said the the false out the false stuff out there is that about care will die while its and deaths by all of that is frankly be ass. There are challenges they can be fixed and you know what, if trunk wants to deal with Democrats to actually make progress, working aid less are gonna know it may now belike, let's try and get lives. Now, I'm trying to get rid of cow had covered with their brother look. There are not even hiding the fact that they are actually sabotage and then he's notwithstanding it every minute. That's ok because their against it and it's not their philosophy. But what can democrats do to combat that so that they can't kill it? Well, we did to feed them last weekend,
defeated themselves, the public with until the act itself. So here's the thing. I think the truth is that there are places there are challenges, but the law is stable. That is what the congressional budget opposite shake. Your head Rick, but that is what counts this, not only via their years. There is a perfect example of a state with great insurance markets, where the problems have been less sure of supported at work here. If it, if you're a let it run, you let it function, it works. Well. States like Kansas are trying to do medicate expansions. Now, because I recognise the law is here to stay. That's a. We should have people who are not drink to sabotage coverage for people who are their constituents that actually try to make this law work and if they do, they offer to produce little alternative viewpoint. The board this is this is a bill that puts over seven hundred billion dollars, they ve Democrats at all, with the help of the Obama economically seven hundred billion dollars, they take us from you
It is a huge amount of money that we are learning from people who will not miss it That's where the money comes. It's really deserves a year now get is a date is reduced rate rhetoric. It has redistribution of wealth. I dont know why Democrats just don't on this. I know you hate that, but I don't think people do. It is redistribution. Well. It is an atlantic lobbying going to try to make sure that any huge redistribution of wealth and right and it's a system where the government is controlling what access you have to insurance. Everybody, not just the people who didn't have insurance before the real thing you gave set forth a plan that very few businesses, but were able to comply with the exemption, and so now everybody almost everybody has to have plans that the government says are best, for you have to have coverages the gun.
You know we have had a debate about essential. How can I give you a chance to talk about this, and the reality is that, yes, we dramatically expanded the number of people, in short, all over half of which through was through government programmes. Medicate medicate was The biggest have ordered the challenge of people got cover even Kansas, but now even Kansas voted for the medicatrix, whether cases go spend or not. Whether with our lives and state its well, you rights, because they want people, because it's free money, exact, ok, they're worried money very inside a heroine, people's health lieutenant did you tell them? That is another good horizontal stated that if you take this money, we're going to get them you're gonna get free money from the federal government officials, but take care of for genuine added value is not made about this and Republicans could impasse their own bill because it had seventeen percent improve all citizens rights.
Doesn't know that, don't you couldn't ass this bill because they didn't fundamentally change what was in place right now. Time work the bottom line, what had to happen? If they were going to change this, they need to follow the path of previous republican congresses who made big internal reform, followed. I was involved in their bills. Ninety ninety six welfare bill and what we did is we eliminated the federal entitlement we gave all the money to the states and sets states. You determine the policy this best for you, you design your own medicate program, you design your own private sector markets and you go out there and innovate, and every state will have the chance to do that will find states to do it really well
we'll find states that do it really poorly and guess what states learn from each other. We there's a lot more experimentation. There's a lot more innovation, there's a lot more freedom there, that's what works in Amerika, great control top down does not work Donald Trump areas so that people who get bladder cancer in the state that experiments badly they just die who get it in the state? That's good! Merciless about health care is always about health insurance. There's everybody in America prior to Obamacare was legally required. If you went to a hospital, the hospital must treat you yes in the bottom line is But when they were an you disagree with me and they fact Jack do were war now, which is when you gave people insurance under Medicaid. Actually, emergency room visits went up, they didn't go down,
people still use the hospital as the amount as primary care for not having insurance by people like you, have insurance and are okay with it. What happened short, but I don't want the federal government dictating to me what my insurance is, what markets to work, so people have freed exactly freedom, their lives every year, help. What if I told you at the same time I haven't had a united watch him any more information, not on each be oh dot. Com
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