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Overtime - Episode #421: Intel, Private Prisons, North Korea

2017-04-08 | 🔗

Bill and his guests - Jelani Cobb, Chelsea Handler, Ted Lieu, Evan McMullin, and Ana Navarro - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 4/7/17)

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Welcome to each year pipe from each year, making real time k were on you too. What should the intelligence community have told the people before the election? Well, you should answer that you're in it. Well, I think that, It would have been nice, of course, to have a little bit of information earlier ahead of the election about what the Russians were doing I'll tell you that a lot of it was happy and why, I'd open a lot of what was happening on our t. America, which is there I began to channel in the United States, so is barely hidden. Even the hacks were designed, I think, to be discovered right away. So what happened? I stood to know a little bit earlier. We knew in October, where the intelligence organizations told us in October, but tat some of our leaders knew I had a time or suspected, and I think we could have. No more answer is very simple. They should have told us that bulk campaigns, one hundred FBI,
The now there's one going inexplicable sorry from this area, what what is taking so long for all this Russia information to come out this dossier? That's everyone talking about. Why is it taking so long will or going because the drone for real words rumour? I would say that this is this- is a very complicated thing to map out, because there's so much to discover which is bad news for the president. So I expect this to take. It may take a year or more, or before. We really have an answer from the FBI. Thinking of things that are taking a long time now, the irish audit. How long is that going to go on It didn't take for ever
over at a certain point where, whereas the irony every eyes you of any authority so unkindness any authority to we keep introduce horticulture resolutions of inquiry that force boats through haven't releases tax returns, Republicans always vote. No, we fail but about the irish themselves. What what? What is their statement about this I mean first war? Was there ever really an audit? Can we get that and we don't know, and they won't tell they want. The Irish won't say that now allow two according to them Well, I'm the new Irish commissioner is going to be appointed by Donald Trump, some sure the presidency going to say: listen, I don't wanna take advantage of being president, don't put me in front of everybody else leeway in the back of the line of the auditing.
I'm I'm bored with that, and I will never say we're like Charlie Brown. We're always lose even if I was just saying anything on it. They can at least corroborate that they can see. If he's lying, they can take no you're actually not being audited. They neither giving away he's already declared that he's being audited weathers being audited or not. It doesn't mean you can't release his tax returns. Let's be clear about that, and the other thing is that he could he's not being that he's not already being audited for last year's tax returns or what about these? So as soon as we get the tax day, let's have him released with daddy his excuse- or it is but it's a lot of certain noise has not become ridiculous. I mean how fast that point. We were passed that point of order thing. We also said people don't care you have. This is what he said and right out and six ratings. That would just not true people really care about this, unfortunately, that we were able to put together a preponderance of the electorate. That
I think that's the bigger issue, having got something that we should be really scared anywhere else again a year and a half. So if you care about why that's like please missiles are such a great distraction? You think Susan right as a good distraction. Try blown some shit up. Lay in a country where you have no pending hotel deals yes, right, there's, no hotels in Syria would trump name of Divine Chelsea. The criticisms of Kelly ends pasture and the oval office sexist when she was sitting on the couch. Does that mean Now I find that pretty difficult
you gonna run for organ hatches, scented seat in twenty. A gene in outta will see, I think I'll pursue public office again, but I have I do not know yet women or or what was the upshot from your running against Donald Trump. There they hold that against distance. They went for him. Well, I think save. It certainly depends on who you asked of some people are happy about, and others obviously supported Donald Trump. Some of those who support it down Trump did so because they thought I couldn't win the day. Bitter, but he seems like seems like the Donald Trump seems like the Anti Mitt Romney I mean Mitt Romney had sex with the same woman quietly in the dark.
Decade, I can tell you that Mitt Romney remains very popular jerky. It is the end Donald Trump. Nobody here that part right, I'm just saying Romney may run for the: U S and a new, and even though he was one of Donald Trump strongest critics during the campaign, I don't think that's gonna hold that against them and you Johnny. What's the historical context of fake news and trumps abuse with me well, if there's anything I you know, I got a better grows interview. What's the consequence of privatizing prisons, we go cause, that's another thing they did.
This recently and like it would get gets lost in this warm these right, I mean so just really quickly it. On his first question, there is a connection between Joe Mccarthy and Donald Trump, and you look at their relationships that are media there. Strikingly similar actually wrote about this a while back. They also share the common thread of Roy come in. I was people of three. You know why com was in becoming type a figure. He was, but the thing that GMO crops figured out the nineteen fifties with that he could lie if he lied. Kind of exponentially and people can only fact check arithmetically. He would get much more misinformation out than people could ever correct. Hitler said that the data using people believe a big lower at the big lie in writing all right- and this is the same sort of philosophy. The same sort of countries who print that they run on in terms of the other thing about privatizing prisons is pretty straightforward. When you give people a proper,
motor they're going to pursue a profit motive. Yes, in ITALY is not unrelated. We had the largest incarcerate population. The western world is not related to the fact that people can actually make money on putting people in prison is an they Jerry, straightway control. How do you think the republican leadership is due for a shake up? Paul Ryan is mentioned. Not, I think what you saw this week, newness leading and what better way when I wanted to tell you it's not Nunez he's not latino portuguese, its newness making that I think would happen anywhere to lose a little ladino. Isn't there something around one eye there I didn't what happened is weakening luminous self preservation by the republican leadership. They realise that America is pissed off at an investigation that have no credibility at a guy that had become the. What
the boy for the White House. If I didn't know what I hear the legions was to an investigation or to the president, and they were hearing from having to ask when pictures all, I mean what our work and mass ride you Americans were calling their Congress people, including Republicans man. You know why it we can vote against Nunez, but will vote against you tell Paul Ryan happened this. What you really want to picture you wouldn't do money. When I get a picture I dont want mine or not, is That is, that the guy Josie any reflections on dawn Rickles. Yes, the world was done, Rickles, you any reflection for you. I mean.
John Rico's? I remember wooden Rickles on the Geneva when I was a kid, it was one of the things that would make the whole family directives is on. We do will come down, we'd all watch it. I mean there was something amazing about him and biggest. First of all, it was not stale, it was all right off the cuff. You never knew what he was. I hated nobody was going to say and he got away with it and and now I think that I think he was a great comedian whose what am I favorites. What should the Eu S pasture be toward North Korea yeah? Well in our trump this week, that if China is not going to take care of it, we will that made me shit. My pants gone forever, bad idea. That's a big Syria has nuclear weapons, North Korea does we can't launch fifty nine crews missiles, but what if they have a weapon that could reach, because it's us that's who it would be reaching here the West Coast? Now I want my com
men to members. That is what we should. Indeed, we shouldn't do. What Rex tellers and did, which was issued three sentence statements, we're not talking, we ate, engage when you get other countries engage and that's how we celebrate. We ve done, but that's been going on for twenty five years, and it doesnt really do anything, because that guy is a bigger not than our guy and a mean Trump is not wrong. That it is China is the is the one least they can solve this. Yes, that its grey S cells, or how do we get that we can do that, not by issuing statements. They were not calling the mother fuckers in a speech I am going to tramp did that when he called China Motherfuckers and we still elected
It's just amazing, the chinese president of meeting with him a weak, and that was the one thing we haven't tried bill. I was the one thing we hadn t. Can you imagine? How are these are world leaders must feel when I over Angela Merkel, ozone smog? why it is so patient gonna removes person is the filing. The White House is brought every such a new low. I know well, thank God, only another seven years hi tone, new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com
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