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Overtime - Episode #422: Conflict Fatigue

2017-04-22 | 🔗

Bill and his guests - Hanna Rosin, Arwa Damon, S.E. Cupp, David Miliband, and Seth Moulton - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 4/21/17)

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Welcome to each year pie tat from each be only real time him. Here we are on the internet for our work. How do you combat conflict, conflict fatigue and apathy among Americans for humanitarian disasters abroad that something that we struggle with every single day? And I think that's one of our main responsibilities as journalists. We have to keep going out there in trying to figure out new and different ways to person a story. We cannot allow a sense of utility to silence as or to stop us and, frankly, for us, combat fatigue is not a luxury that we have. We cannot stop. We cannot stop fighting for these basic humanitarian principles for children that are dying for people that are starving, because if we stop fighting further than what kind of a world tat we live in, but also take on the lie that the aid makes no difference because that's the biggest liable. Actually, if you go and see
What does the education do? What does the health do? It makes a huge difference and the biggest lies. The american aid is making no difference to David. What do you think if I was sorry for our very, very, very villages around always road here plates and anyone Drouet here? It's obviously make now, it's always a jump, or what do you think of Teresa may calling for a snap election? It's a sign of her strength because she's twenty percent ahead in the polls but it's also a sign that in six months time the economy is gonna be down, and these european negotiations are going to be nasty brutish and long. But the german carbon is that the the labour government in Britain, these painful for you to say that That is the that is they leader of the parties in man. I thought we had some care leaders, this guy is too far right. I mean we're all liberals here,
But what you are you know you? Ok, you! Baron atheists do play one anti by months as they. What do you think of conservative media? Let the blaze Glenn backs old organs. I've heard yes firing Tommy Lauren she was on our show values it from supported because it reviews on abortion, yeah yeah. I mean there's, some there's some censorship on the right. Also, there she said she was ok with abortion and boy. They go right over like that yeah. I don't know what was behind that you ve this palace intrigue within the blaze and why that decision was made there saying that it didn't. It wasn't her position that was problematic. Instead, she changed it, but I don't know it sounds like a whole lot of cat fighting doesn't pay.
Can't. Can everyone go to work in their do their job congressmen? How do veterans fair under trumps proposed budget? Because he talks a lot about how much you ups veterans and he's not gonna, guided just talk at his ass.
Terrible terribly exactly wants to get rid of the vizier he wants to get out of the state department without once again want to get rid of the well that's what you said during the campaign is that everybody should just go to private healthcare facilities that will raise wait times for veterans. Like myself, I so get my healthcare at the Vienna will raise wait times for everybody else haven't wait times be worse than what they ban at the Vienna where people died, waiting for care thou there they're pretty bad limitation of the bars preamble, but if he does, this it'll get worse and in their it's already bad enough. But the other thing is when he does things like cut the State Department budget by thirty percent from the strongest opposition to that is from the middle to both sides. The aisle, because if the State Department is there to do its job, we're going to pick up the slack what right after the invasion, I was an empty officer, growth, the invasion. I was running a tv show because there is no plan for the occupation, the State Department in.
Weapons, so their assigning lieutenants to go when the water department, one the run, the police department. I was assigned to work with the Iraq immediate another break or at the time actually thought a free press was good for democracy as a good lesson for the ministrations well, but w my if you're in the tv inner in bed when this one station has ILO Riley's looking for what did you think of Trump accidently so funny the way the Republicans talk about our military on the day that these too ridiculous dodger? her head like one. We wicked kick anybody's ass and also were hardly depleted and errors. Secondly said like he was targeted some interview when he said you know we're very powerful, very powerful, somehow we're very powerful, I mean Kika Maize asked, but we also need more money for this depleted shell of a self.
That we are this- is that this is the President who praised Saddam Hussein during the campaign who said that he knew more about ISIS than the general and he's the person he can. Why didn't they earn he's setting gradually to dictators what the fuck did you like that
one when you wanted to go, you could watch allergic Jerusalem dictator would hit. The broader issue also is that this is an administration that is not necessarily taking certain key american values into consideration like certain countries, human rights track records and that sort of shifts a broader global moral compass into a direction that a lot of people are not necessarily comfortable with when America does something the rest of the world listens, whether or not they support the United States to date, and this may be difficult for some people to believe Syrians, despite the fact that they feel as if they have largely been betrayed by the United States, still fundamentally believe in America, and what America is meant to stand for that when America speaks when an american voice speaks people, listen when that voice gives a little bit of hope, people listen, they want
to cling to that they want to cling to this image of America, but also that when I was in Lebanon in Iraq last month, talking the Syrians but also to people in those countries. They all know about the refugee, bad. It's it's a small world. These days, they hear the message of the hours right there not now be allowed in here, and I'm afraid that, as a propaganda gift to people who would do damage to the country actually hurt our troops yeah, because you can't work with those critical muslim allies in fighting terrorism, you can't get the intelligence service sources and the translators amid this is some. This is something that I mean just to put aside the constitution in american values for a second just sort of minor things. Just looking. At national security. The muslim ban to use the present term, for it is terrible for national Security, Airbus and also it doesnt work, because, as
So many of the attacks are from people who are already citizens their already here. It's in here it's not at that summit. The airport refugees have the strictest vetting of any traveller to the United States. So actually, if your tears, you be pre stupid to go through the roof, right. Ok is the DMZ tour of Amerika headline by chairman, I didn't realize that is there were Dnc tour of America going on hands. I had often headline by german Tom per as we put him on their showed me. The season and Bernie Sanders a good strategy for for Democrats. I'm gonna take that laugh indication that it is not. What is the panel expect from Barack Obama when he starts to speak in public again, as he will
Do next month, apparently is coming back in your constitutional system. He can't set himself up as the leader of the opposition here, but I tell you want globally. The centre left is in trouble and globally Barack Obama is in a position to convene too
leave thinking do actually support the renewal of credible, but also radical centre left politics, and that is something that doesn't pit him into a constitutional difficulty. But there are millions of people around the world who want to see serious, progressive politics rebuilt, and I think that is if you think what we got elections in France on Sunday, the Socialist Party is gonna, know where they actually got a strong candidate. Now who's running a centrist Emmanuel Mackerel, my goodness he's got to win because all three other candidates we look at what they're saying about Russia. If you look at what they're saying about the transatlantic relationship, you be worried honey. I think that, although some very important voice for the democratic Party- and I in a useful one- but I think
The party has to get around the spectres of these hundred year old. You know Maxine Waters and Nancy Policies and Harry reads that are hunting the parties nightmares for episode and identify the younger. The ten Ryan's was elbowed out by Nancy below seekers she wanted stay in charge. That David, though John O salary, one hundred percent. Oh it's get off the stage I break. When I completely agree, If they are going to continue, insisting that the party elders the show, instead of empowering the younger people new rights, on funding alone. Together these Marty's a
big worn reactor when we're going in this underpinning alone, it's uprooted people run. You know you have on we're. Gonna get the muscle when these seeds that are tough? It's to win back and then you gotta get out of here. You know Democrats to nice to get nasty but little back to wield vision, because these these people, the Dep the Republicans, are like you know what they are going to bring a knife to a gunfight great because we'll stop fucking shoot em in the head and the Democrats. It may look at the way. All all the whole election tromp was at its root, its rigged drink, soon
wind, oh it's good and Helen. We call them up for the sun comes up. You won by a farmer has under the White House, then exit you think they would have done that if Hilary had one they'd be in the street still talking about how the election was rigged, they That's how they were seated seated at the Supreme Court to get a Supreme court guy on their cheated internal had not argue. He ran circles around the Democrats and make a big the guy on the Supreme Court's gonna, be there for ever and he doesn't belong there, but looked at a fair. There are they're. Gonna buy cheating in school. Lying, and I don't think that we should do. I think we should have a real plan. We should have a vision for the country. We should talk about how everybody should be involved in the new economy, not just the people on the coast, how we need people and Middle America to thrive to two to start new businesses too
jobs Gabby. We need this, these of Middle America. Ok, I kick them in the balls. Are diverted lots, everybody I told me many sentences. We haven't had a united watch him any more commission not behind each be oh dot com
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