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Overtime - Episode #423: Nukes, Gun Control, Obama Speeches

2017-04-29 | 🔗

Bill and his Real Time panelists – Rob Reiner, Nick Hanauer and Tara Setmayer –answer viewer questions after the show.

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Welcome to reach me, apart from HBO the earnest, how content or are you in there only if the ran deal to contain IRAN's nuclear threat. Quite confident- and you work at a lot on that right indeed, and the reason is something that is seldom talked about, the deal puts in place verification measures that are completely unique and apply this deal forever. Donald Trump set its, maybe the worth do in history, the world, because everything he thinks of is the worst in the history of the world. But so is it. This is another case where, but he's rams more, I love the factual information would help you ve got to the Secretary of State, blackfellows ya, think
that so far, IRAN has been comply with the deal. It in on the same day you got from saying we gotta get rid of it. It isn't I made its. It is an amazing. The way like I said, the monologue they start off with nobody knew and they come back to boy. I guess what Obama was doing is the best, We are now there's. No great answer really does no great answers out. They're getting cannot quiet, we see what happens when you don't get in early enough and, let's see not north, not get North Korea stopped before they haven't. Nuclear problem, though, is that with North Korea you, you don't have as many players that you were able to put together. The Obama administration put together a great coalition to put pressure on IRAN right now. We basically only have China that that's all we have to put pressure on North Korea so that the sole took too tired. Do you think more sexism exists on one side of the ILO or is it a bipartisan problem? Will obviously it somewhat by
we know Clinton and then, sir, but I did you ever work at Fox NEWS. We have ever been called hot chocolate. Actually, how will we be called like mocha local, given? Why not talk like now? Not not Fox news anyway, but I have appeared there and had appeared on on bill. Riley show years passed and I had an experience that by I do have friends that have been over there and you know there was a very problematic culture. Obviously, but I think it also is a reply. Of the generation of the people who ran. You know when you look at guys at our at that age, the Russian the madman
yeah I mean that was they come from a time where it will look carefully at the slab aid. Just about no, I mean, I think, that's the last ok prejudice, or is it just with the thing? Ok, I'm saying that it wasn't but you're. What did you ask the question? Why no about Europe's consumers? I feel I am saying that what happened? A Fox news is an example of a generation where that was okay and now, when you see the way that the result of it, the generation now is saying like that's, not ok, we see a lot of advances, and so I think you're gonna see less and less of this kind of overt sexism. It's not. I was not over with, but you know, there's progress is being made. You see the people are paying
price for it. Nick do you think there are neck present drums book at the end I read today. Yes, do you think there are avenues to make progress on gun control of being in a deeply involved in that issue, and there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to make progress on gun, violence, prevention in cities and states around the country, and the only way that we will make progress on those issues is in cities and states, and we passed background checks in Washington state. We pacts pass extreme risk protection, orders in Washington, state and there's the ended made that there's stuff going around the country and there's a lot of progress that can be made and nowadays not federally. Forget it, but to be clear if you- and if you want to build a movement, you have to start in cities and states whether with
whether it's a fifteen element of a wage marriage, equality, pot legalization. If you want to change of culture, you have to do the hard work of changing hearts and minds in localities. First, is it unseemly for former President Barack Obama to earn four hundred thousand dollars for an upcoming speech to Wall Street? Yes, he's doing two speeches each for four hundred k, one to cancer. I wish he had spent a month. Building houses were poor people, Jimmy Carter, We would urge them unity, organizing right either. Beleaguered he paid is dues with LA personally as long as now running for office. Again, I don't care how much money he makes a people want to pay and that could Fremont
value and I think that people about it before being righteously indignant about it are also people who make lots of evil is what they do. So I don't care about my way to second, the president. The current president is trying to undo all of his Wall Street regulations, and then he goes to Wall Street and takes to honour its net. What sort of cost Hilary the election are? Those horrible speeches she made the industry to different released the transcripts violated, but there because it involves the criterion, I know, but the devil thought the differences. Are you in the pocket of Right Wall Street hunting for and she's ready for our signal running for anything right now and we are not going to now. Michelle Obama might be different, now, she's, not here now by one of the main problem, with this kind of look
like when he's on our team, we're okay with it. I don't feel that way I mean if you were running for president, I would have an end. In other words, if there was a time lapse and he had done those speeches at then, I do have a problem with that, because then you, then you get into the whole area of a conflict of interest which this administration is just one big it all. You couldn't way conflict event. Of course it is, but you could say that one when he went a guy, is president he's looking ahead to that four hundred thousand dollar pay day and he's not gonna get it. If, while he's president he's gonna do something it's gonna pick them off, so isn't the best thing to do. Take your ten million dollar book deal. Can't you live on
Well, you don't have to his choice, its individual freedom. It is arguable whether we in this house there is also. The truth. Is that the countries being torn apart, because a few people are doing well and most people aren't right- and this is the canonical example of that it's it's just such a pure. Brush of that, which are some surprise. I'm not really have a capitalist found. A job makes what I don't know when America became. I covered my neighbour success country. This is a country where you could come from the nothing and be something the idea is. That is its interests. If he wants to know if he is not going to run for office again as a private citizen and someone's going to pay him four thousand based beat, I don't care it. Is those laws are broken? That's fine by me! That's a man! You know what it's never about, nobody hates anybody else's success. I don't know about that. A lot of people. There is a lot of class warfare. Why? What do you think a lot of people who are the people? Six? Oh, you know about you.
Business fuck? That's what I mean is very much everybody or a great audience. I told me my facilities, we haven't fighting. I want to make a move from asian novel and each be oh dot com
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