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Overtime – Episode #428: Prison Reform, Political Fundraising, Evolution of Rap

2017-06-10 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Michael Eric Dyson, David Gregory, Symone Sanders, David Jolly, and Ice Cube – answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 6/9/17)

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Welcome to each year from each year. We here we are and overtime ice cube are streaming services like Spotify, unfair to artists. If they don't time right on fire, you know too much from Verona voting pay alarming. Must artists complain about this. Pennies Maenas is not a lot, but you know that the industry has been you know still from artists for long times, even though they noted different schools in the industries is bad for you money, so the just and have different way doing yet. Ok, Michael irritation, how would you begin to address prison reform in this country? Well,
the bar you'd have to take the cash out of it private industry. The way which, unfortunately, attorney general session has reignited that firestorm that had been turned down on by Eric Holder, so first of all, take the big business out of it and then secondly, have common sense reform. That was forging a connection between Democrats and Republicans like what was going on under Obama before the rise of sessions and tromp you know ran Paul is working right alongside of a democratic senator, to try to make things work this number to an unknown number three. I think if we provide people, something basic like opportunities has been shown that most people who are in prison, not the hardened criminals, the nonviolent drug offenders- if they don't have the book thrown at them, they have the opportunity to make something of your lives. Look at the opium responds right now, mostly middle class or even working class white brothers and sisters who deserve.
We get a second shot, but when the crack economy was going on in the late eightys, there was no such sympathy. If we could have that model prevail right now, I think that criminal justice reform would be hugely benefited. Ok, a jolly what or who is the biggest obstacle to getting your stop act passed? Will you not in Congress? What's happening, it he's not a definition of bill from getting now listen. This is important because you know it takes me off that Donald Trump. I spent the last three to four years in Congress, fighting rebranding Republican Party to accept climate change, a marriage, equality and guns
trolling campaign. Fine, it right, and this president set us back twenty years right, but they stop ACT is a very simple measures for pages. It says: prohibit any member of Congress and directly asking you for money. We do it and state across the country we apply to our judicial candidates. The problem is the biggest. The biggest impediment is big. Money derives reelections and listen the number of members of Congress who came up to me and said good for you. I wish I could support you, but I can't because I gotta go raise a million dollars related, that's the biggest Simone. Do you think antitrust sentiment will carry Democrats in historic. We read districts like John, also in Georgia's six now. Actually now, if you look at that, if you look at they re actually their running on health care and other issues that are not necessarily winning against Donald Trump Donald Trump, one that district by one percentage point,
it's it's notoriously clubs, so I think Democrats will need to talk less about how bad without begins I and more about what they're going to do and what their plans on how they different policy to win and twenty anything people already like it, but they voted for peasant anyway and a lot of public entering the country, so I felt went away and they gotta do more than just say already feel really bad for me. Not to tell him why ok, David Gregory do news. Journalists have a duty to protect sources that leaks, sensitive information from the government. Yes, I think you should protect sources. I think you know I think leakers like Jim call me about, but people who leak in the government are often doing so to try to influence and an outcome to to reveal something that is the gates to wrong doing in the government, and I think it's part of a free press that we get as much information became. A government is building designed in a way to only tell the american people what they want.
Them to know, and you have to have investigative journalists digging in a lot of times, that means you gotta talk to people and animals that you got to protect the people who talk to find out. What's going on, I mean reality winner question. Without the right I mean I don't get to have an answer. All I'm sorry! Now, where are you going to hang out with I've? Just how do you compare the rap of your day, the flow the lyrics compared to some of this stuff? Today you know you hear future me goes
Some of these guys are you. Are you compare to women to strikes me that lyrics in your day, which is my day were a lot more in your face, a lot more direct. Now, it's a lot more about flowed, beaten somewhere. That's what you think of it. What I think you know rat had a political s toy. You knows you know talking about. You know you know doing great things into community pushing programme and then, at a certain at a certain point, a thing: mainstream media really decided YO in less now promote public enemy and carers, wine and ice tee and ice q. Because what they're saying is you no real incendiary in science? So less deal with? You know escapism rattlers do with party in clubs in cars and jewelry and money, and in that became
norm, and that in the case seat I didn't want to emulate tax. So that became right. You know what we ve been kind of feed novel for the last twenty years, but you know we would Kendrick. Lamar Tiger was one or two fires. You know. Jesus walks was so you know outside the box, and it was plain it back to you know say something in IRAN. Anyone just escapism too, that we will, as in the play boycott D in the rain room so that live just get me like Michael irrigation. Is Jeff sessions threatening to restart the war on drugs he's already restart. There is no doubt about it. Thinking about pie. Will this affect the after party? It depends on what kind of access you, but you know I guess, on foot
well. A range of poor they get money for wars became feed. The poor media, the war on the war on the world. Drugs has been restarted from Nixon Reagan and now down to our sessions in Trump in its it didn't work the first time around it put a whole bunch of people in jail who don't deserve to be there and this time around, I don't think they're gonna be able to keep from putting in a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump as well. One of the things the point you were brilliantly making is bill is that it There are people who voted for Donald Trump are the ones who are being deserve by him in such legal way. Thank you. I want to tell me when he said that we are having had inherited a watch him any more. If a nation, mother and each be oh dot com
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