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Overtime - Episode #429: Pee Tape, Fake News, Death Threats

2017-06-17 | 🔗

Bill and his guests - Alex Marlow, Ian Bremmer, Malcolm Nance and Eddie Izzard - answer viewer questions after the show.

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time. Ok questions for Malcolm. Do you think that the original p tape dossier will prove to be true affect? Well, we know what he's talking about. He stuck in my Christopher steals, so the seals dossier, where he claims that there was a tape with prostitutes urinating on the hotel band Trump did addressed that with call me. You know what I said this on tv the other day, but there is much more than tat, Briars P shore, but you know all the horrible things that were in the dossier. You know alleging He was gonna, get a nineteen billion dollar pay off from Russia. Now alleging that
was gonna, be spying on russian oligarchs than the United States. All of these things, you know you should not be calling the former director the F B, I M going. No, the p tapes, not true. I said this. A precise capture, the hookers right rested at derisory spat. Re examine its the leads to these already sort of unoccupied it. On that issue, we ve already seen the Hollywood access tape. If people elected and after that, the hookers is less ok, let's see What is your favorite country, the reforming and in which? Yet that's fastening you performing for languages? What are the languages? Spanish, german, french by French, is pretty good, bye, guachemines gettin that Spanish just started but Maisie array
If countries are condone play but comedy is so delicate. I mean it's hard or do in your own language. How can you do it in a language? Wait where it's not your first language? It just works. I mean I've got this joking. They sees a job opportunity to seize it if he ever think you would end up as a salad. And French is exactly the same: she's escalate. Jemmy. Imagine acre zoo is unity on salad and they love with exactly the same place and in German. The verb goes at the end of the sentence has even where the, but it still works, says that yegg. It actually ever think that I and my party one time as the lad and invest as salad and would have, and they still, even though the verb is right, read the back. They still get it and they still love everyone gets. Humor is human and not national references. Other things is worth while.
I like that, would you define fake news, the great question? First of all, by the way I love Eddie. By the way I used to watch or sand of special with my dad also a bright Bart editor by the way right dressing like a woman, so I've done some doesn't like women. I just said is now I'm just wearing clothes. Like women, when they weapons than others in my men anymore so and lipstick and eyeliner, and I'm just going for equal rights for everyone- I love the silk. So for fake news, it's a great question in it. There's no real definition, for I think that the left tried to make fake news. I thought the goal was going to be anything that I'd have centre anything that people on the right want to talk about and not the left and the right quickly reappropriate at it too.
You think that was the least bit false- that a establishment or left wing outlet put out so that the parlor truck that's what the right did is. They saw the word fake news. The left is going to use this to harm us potentially use it to get us ban from social media or demoted from social media, and the right said we have to take this come back for ourselves and I think they did not effective job, but that was a lie because fake news was things that people knew when they were writing them were absolute bullshit. They were putting out there. Just be confused. People biggest people read made on czech things out, and then they share it, and we saw that like the thing about Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza pot or that's fake news, that's different than what down what Trump caught. What trumps definition of thanks knows just any news I dont like, or so I shall have a bone. The pic with you you're bright Bart right. You know them fake news, asserting here
you know there was this article about thirty five year, counterterrorism expert who claim that they want. Tromp tower attacked that was written in viper. I've got thirty one death threats from that that came from your website. He's going to secure that right. Now you and apologize to me. I say I swear. I spent decades hunting turrets, yes, oh that's big is hell. Did you do to share your bona fide is with me. I respect you. I respect your slip from your fall. A worse threaten my family, my children, my. Why are you really suggesting that bright barked doesn't get death threats that our lives aren't putting, but only where are you going to apologize to me now? I right on that front your story, and if this story is as you describe it I'll be happy to offer, I will I will come to your office to see that retraction. I would love to see it is. I think Megan tell you shouldn't interview
I gotta tell you now. Some by the way was liked by both sides of the Isle until Trump became president and he became a hysterical person like you are, and so this is a change. I am sorry the appeal on the right easy now he's demanding apologies for me for a story print out. The story of this is an historic us. Just dominate angry at anyone. Bathrobe come live now that you know this man is not hysterical. I ain't this. This angry. This call is one of the key members have prompted ministration gurgles, it's a anyway.
Who is comparing that's not as Europe? Why not you? I called the little baby girl, abies levels I just causing him death threats when he's car, he sang people my side of the ILO Nazis. In the meantime, guy crazy people shooting up republican baseball practice where it is not exactly calling someone and nazi weeks now. We know that. I'm sorry you're great good note, because what girls was propagandists thing. That's the message here for yes for them. So yes, I understand. Well, ok, Loveday! Let me let me say something something, I'm going to say something that Hitler said. If you lie big enough, people will believe in them that's, where seems economics, we miss, I very good. If you lie big enough and that's it I throne or lie, and what you did I gotta say even though you like must stand up. When we say, could you please apology,
for this. You moved into spinning around and bringing in the shooting, recently and sort of, and then that's got very Monday very quickly, which is a technique. I feel that is used. Somebody says something this is a problem and they say whether this other problems, I mean we do the UK as well. They get up in front of this question time. Someone says what you tell me about this and I will what about that having a year ago and then it all gets muddied and that it is an ideal urging the first thing you do in that situation is take away the heat and say: let me look into it. I understand that way. The first ladies jumped, I would say that this is exactly why people that jump me all the time on line, and you know what I do. I have a troll the weak because there
haven't callers and I find the one that I think is kind of most offensive the end of the week, I'm like here you the most effective tool. In other words, yes, there a lot of people out there, spewing hatred, cobbler fuck down, I mean I'm saying we're all only responsible for ourselves and all we can do is take responsible for the way we respond when people go nuts. So if you thought he was, then you calm down here too, I can bring it. I saw civil war and come out the other day and say Trump hasn't begun to see nasty. Yet that's not useful. I mean come on you're me with that right. Let's, let's not go there right, TED Nugent come on this guy's eyes, ass nazis, in fact Bahrain is yet well. Last time we saw this happened was nineteen thirties and that's when they were out and doing it and they did raised again. If you watch what happened in Germany, it was that the centre centre left they all fighting months each other and they got very extreme, and is it fair revive it than you going? I mean the Nazi thing did happen and a new can compare someone to Hitler without the part about killing all the Jews. Briggs ample Donald
I think, is very similar to wear it or was not leaving that poured out Like in nineteen forty two, when Hitler was going crazy and the high command right was like, oh my god, Are we going to do because he's telling us that we can withdraw from Stalingrad? That's in teams to me where people are in their Republican. Party or going do with Donald Trump? Now now I'm saying he's an anti semite, I'm not saying anything else about a comparison with Hitler, but I mean this is it. This is historical entity that I dont think we completely off bound and it doesnt. It's not saying we're, comparing him to Hitler in that way. Is that fair? I dont think that that's fair it at all, and I think that you can kill. You can keep using these tactics but tromp in the Rasmussen pull today fifty percent I don't think it's working for you guys. So please go ahead, keep comparing us the Nazis and Hitler and will see how it goes
with you. I don't think he is that I think is George, the third in seventeen eighty three, whereas the fact that you know you're going you'll take out was the last act which in all I ask why are which is really by far the most are the outward. I mean people, these people, you act as if the the audience is stupid and that's not useful right, I mean I will play well to your base. So again, if it's about money and clicks, I get it, but at the end of the day I mean it's really important to bring and stop it. You also out. No, if you watch tramp, of course, I mean the level when he's putting out tweeds these talking about his Paul's. I mean it's astonishing that the level of of of stupidity than he presumes of the people that are actually following them and, yes, it works, but it really damages our country
my last question: it was already a game I programme to enquire whether it will reach shirt by the will will wield driving willed Trump fire. Robert Mueller. We silence on the boy, I think you might. I think I might We get sang in offshore you I mean he's proven that he is not going to go by the rules that everyone else wants him to the establishment media everyone else. I think if he feels like a no one's gonna stop. I think if you gets approval from his base fees, torturing, bright bored com and sections mobile,
debt score. I tell me when he said that we are having fighting. I watch him. Any more information, not mind each be oh dot. Com
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