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Overtime - Episode #430: Suing Trump, Online Extremism, Climate, Stocks

2017-06-24 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests - Maajid Nawaz, Bianna Golodryga, Charlie Sykes, Bradley Whitford and Richard Painter - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 6/23/17)

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Welcome to each year pipelines from the HBO making real time real time, Richard Painter my surprise, What's the basis of your group's lawsuit against President Tromp was due to the lawsuit side of the table. Wage which lawsuit against president trumpet somebody on this law so by citizens. First, boss, boy and ethics in Washington, is about the money the President is getting from far and gum yeah, that's that's actually illegal. The founders of our country figure that out that foreign governments would like the bribe other countries political later,
because there are no one at all over there and angle in the parliament, was getting bought up by not only the king of Great Britain but the English from being bought up by the king of France, and so they figured you know. We don't want that goin on here, so they have this provision in the constitution called the amendments clause. If the draft of the nineteen Seventys, when I was growing up, they would have called it pay all cause, but it's the same body that nobody holding a position of trust within other states gum can receive profits or benefits, guess any that from foreign governments and that Cloots companies controlled by foreign governments going to the Bank of China, which is prevalent, lowering the Trump organization. Some money- and I know a lot of people say it's about the hotel.
And that's part of it. We talk about hotel, runs, a diplomats, run a mountain and they read the ballroom. They have a big party and all the neighbouring countries want a party at the Tropic talent, Ego Willard. If we want to make Democrats, but that we think is unconstitutional is, are we gonna do federal court in New York and we're asking to judge? Look this and look at all the money in front of you smoke part, but I'm going to try to certain Jared Kirshner security clearance be revoked while he is under investigation loose, but your vital part of our government. Anyone want to tackle that will neither
As a man out of our responsibilities in the Middle EAST, that right now is back in the EU, we back the next thirty saw, but already if it then the why I know it only during question as well as an end at one in the president that lost his right arm with Michael Flynn being gone, Jerry Cushioning left he's, not gonna get us. Administration is becoming a family business been over six months from now might be just you know, Donald and Vodka and Jared, and that may be the entire administrative like everybody. Is there no legal way to take it away when somebody's under investigation is it up to? The present is up to the president, the legal Ways get rid of the browser, was you'd. What responsibilities do check? Companies like Facebook and Twitter haven't policing online extremism while there is a responsibility that the
Prime Minister recently announced tourism may that she was going to regulate the internet police, the internet, I'm not so sure, that's the solution. I think that no way possible, nor yet not not, is not a solution that is not possible. I think the way forward is to encourage more com the speech so ISIS and other jihadist more. You is what I said
I say more, thank you. Colleagues say about myself, but the ices and other jihadist groups are active online. They actually are ahead of us in a way ahead of us when it comes to online recruitment and their propaganda. Videos are, as we all know, of a quality that that is really effective, so we need to be both countering their message online and producing so that's counted out its and also producing alternative narratives online to really get to those to those young people and get them before ISIS gets to have you seen. Evidence of the work is at a very nascent stage. It's it's really sad. Actually, so much more needs to be done and the tech companies are beginning to invest in some of this face because just announced a measure whether gonna be looking at some of this, but they are way behind in this stuff. Ok, wherever you home.
For that citizens. Efforts on climate change can counteract the trumps administrations, harmful environmental policies. Yes, actually- and I've been working with a group called citizens, Climate Lahti and they work in a very Interesting way, they sort of train you to talk to Republicans about climate change. It's kind of car, a combination of like DEFCON, five marital therapy, and you know, how to work but there and he like no sudden movements, but it actually is it's it's exciting it was. It was really exciting to me, especially in these polarizing times, Carlos Coelho, in from Florida. Twenty six district is a republican you should have on the show, because their voices are very powerful and what you do is like,
so much it's fun to stand in righteous indignation and scream at at somebody who's denying science to you, but it doesn't move the ball and it actually makes it worse. So you find common ground and there's a lot of economic common ground in dealing with climate change. There is tremendous economic opportunity. Corporations are actually they want predictability they want us to deal with it. My frustration with these corporations, who say that there are upset about pulling out it out of the Paris accords. Is they say they believe that climate change is happening, but they don't make it a lobbying priority and we need call out these seemingly benevolent, and many of them are corporations and say if you're saying that climate change is happening. If you're saying it is the threat that it is, you need to make it a priority. Urine power, you got a lot of money
together, you can beat the COPE brothers question about one answer this: what explains why? The? U S stock market continues, derive we're locked. The president inherited a relatively found economy were continuing to add some two hundred thousand jobs each month. Nothing catastrophic has happened in the world, be it sort of sideways tugboat cyber attacks, but no terrorist attacks, no financial crisis. This, yet interest rates are relatively low, so the market continues to ride. The way doesn't mean. I think what surprising is that we expected to see massive cell offs following brags that we expect to see cell ops following the eleven you're no story. We spoke with a market hated above all Obama tool in another.
Had MR volatility in office. I thought that would spoke them, but apparently than was not care yellow. We had one or two day blips where the market would tank arrival at times, but but other than that the markets can relatively gets a trump bubble. I think will look back on it. There's not enough fear. You usually when you, if you have a stock market its rising this fast, there's a certain amount of anxiety there that the absence of that fear tells me that it's it's going to be going to see it as a bubble at some and there's also anticipation, remember of tax cuts of all his player I laid out, and then he ran on them. Can I still anticipating that that will come to fruition money rules? Thank you. Everybody thank you had only represents a real time. My every Friday night watch him many times for more information log onto each be oh dot: com
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