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Overtime - Episode #431: 2020, North Korea, Gay Rights, Foreign Policy Turf War

2017-07-01 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests - Dan Savage, Michael Steele, Katty Kay, Dan Abrams, and Richard A. Clarke - answer viewer questions after the show.

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time here we are Michael still. Do you think that a Republican will challenge Trump for the nomination and twenty twenty? The short answer is no, but there will be probably some someone like a been SAS senator, who will of who has been very critical of the present for quite some time now whether he gets into a direct. What about Well, most party- I may go on nineteen July to tell you about nineteen job, that is, nineteen. Twenty wrote about working parties glitt hours ago. If, if, if twenty eighteen, that is the way that some in the party feel it may give in how the public is is really kind of roiling with all the trump stuff. Yet you could see someone step up to try to save the party for twenty twenty, a sum
The fact that Roosevelt didn't window with the popularity get bad shows you didn't have to live in Africa. I don't, I didn't, write a setback, but it has on case it right. That's what I'm saying something like John get, what I mean, but like some, we funny when you when you watch the liberal news channels, it's all Republicans like you and Nicole Wallace and Charlie Sykes, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt at all. We see is great. Republican, smart Republican, reasonable, reasonable out of the game, both the networks by Red Fox innocent people. Were she asked this much to the left of centre as their as their lives? rules- and you know the MSNBC has collected all six remaining same republic
Richard Claude, what would be our strategy for dealing with Kim Jong on talk to him? The president said today is people said they ve lost our patients with this man. They haven't sat on the table with no one, as european citizens. But he's doing this because he wants a rod. Mended doesn't pay right in ongoing Rodman trumpets, difference, you're, not fair to debtors. Right, you carry out. Ok, shouldn't congressmen, get a housing stipends, like Jason, sheds judges. We ok, he's congressmen for mutual, you retires retirement and he said I can afford it. He was sleeping in his office. I mean they make. What are they make it? A hundred and seventy eight thousand a year
and they can they all share places to its because they have to keep to homes as either. I'm gonna go get a lucrative contracts with some television network and tail of cash, but I am sure I do not just probably going very supportive of that right. The idea I don't know it. How do you I said our members salaries, we're always lecturing poor Americans to live within their me again. Exchanges is the very asshole who said: maybe you shouldn't by itself on a new should by healthcare instead, because healthcare plan annually That is also the one who went on television at least five times and said he had to distance himself from Donald Trump up to the access Hollywood tapes and couldn't possibly look as fifteen year old daughter in the eye and say that he was supporting this guy and then turn run voted for
so the log back I am on the show, one is correct, will say the very Asshole Dan, given the way the Trump Administration is trending on gay rights. Do you feel confident telling algae BT youth that it gets better yet mean he was supposed to be pretty good on the subjects of uncle was supposed to be a moderating influence, but it doesn't want to get on that score noted. There hasn't been a great large sort of thunderbolt moment with Trump attacking algae, boutique use of words, but there has been a lot of little cuts and it's kind of the death of a thousand cuts that were worried about just today, Trump appointed to the EU s foreign aid agency came over the name of it to work.
Gender equality and gender issues. Someone is an anti Trans rights activist, so in the same way that he appointed Betsy Divorce, who opposes public education to head the target of education he's opposing appointing people have control over things are going impact, algae, beauty, Americans, all these anti algae BT bigots, including his first peck pets. By the way I saw headline in the New York Times, it was like on page fourteen buried in the middle of the paper numbered anybody else talk about. It shows you where we are in perspective wise. It said cuts to aid funding, could cost a million lives, but they're, not american lives, so rich fourteen who gives a shit what, but, but then that live, but that's it that's. What I'm one of the first executive odyssey signed was the get when the Mexico City will to roll back federal funding. Abortion providers an abortion.
Vices in developing countries that already having a huge impact on women in developing countries and directly impacting their health problems? Who was great on that issue? George Bush into very, but you re, you're right there on African, I quickly entity. It gets better question whether we give is that it gets better. Could we get out there we fight to make it better, doesn't get better by itself right here you, it gets better we're out here fighting to make it better join the five we can make it better things. Look pretty dire under George W Bush on the run, a ragged and with them the Ark was Turk trending positive things have pretty dire right up to the Supreme Court, where people have the most to lose after women, with because appointments to the Supreme Court of the end discourses guy.
There was a liar without testified, oh I'm just going to be neutral, umpire calling balls and strikes he's Scalia. There is also the right words right at school. Ok, Caddy K. What do you make of the rivalry between Jared Kirshner and Secretary of State Rex to listen? You cited him early erect as one of the people. We can count on debates Martin, Amazing, where the bar is now when I had a vaccine is one of the guys. I've been increasingly I'm hearing the names Matheson Master more than I'm hearing tell us and let you know Jerry Krishna went to the Middle EAST and it seems that the thirty six year old wonder kid with no experience in foreign policy and she won't bring about peace in the Middle EAST as quickly as the time. Our president Abbas- and this is where the rivalry stems from is at the White House wants to foreign policy inside
what I mean, I reckon railway system is discovering em and tell us- and you know last as mine less this past week as well. It is made it very clear. He wants to hire his own people. He wants to now closed that shop in a little bit wars it took him killed. Your lies loses my yeah, that's too that's so, but I have no one department or I used to be an assistant secretary of state. I was appointed in February last July. They haven't appointed one of them, but but that's, but that again, that's not the secretaries fault that is being held up by the West Wing itself into secretaries vote for waiting till July. Did you get this off my that that maybe, but I think, we're pissing me off more- is taking orders from Jared Cushioning. That would be it s,
he wasn't had effects of our country is taking order exhorted from the southern wreck. Thank you very much everybody I tell me everything we haven't had inherited a watch him. Any more information, not mind each be oh dot. Com.
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