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Overtime - Episode #433: McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain

2017-08-12 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Richard Dawkins, Jim Parsons, Jon Meacham, and Fareed Zakaria. (Originally aired 8/11/17)


Bill Maher and his guests - Richard Dawkins, Jim Parsons, Jon Meacham, and Fareed Zakaria - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 8/11/17)


Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time time for John Major. How would you compare president trumps conduction conduction? Tromp years ago You are just qualified for finishing that question. John Major. How would you assess troms grasp of history? Give him a great move on ok a german master, be forced out of the administration due to the old right campaign against him by the way that also looks like it's coordinated with russian oil and its very sad because it means that the one thing you have that that you hope forward Tromp is that there are these grownups around him, and you know there are serious people. The odd thing about the mcmasters appointment was
it's what you say we champion. The policy seems irrelevant to him in the sense that you to add one point: he was for universal health care and other point is four October bill of Obama? Get it sort of like anything, just give me a wind generator, He does so so with red with Master HR, Mcmasters, a brilliant military officer whose whole thesis is exactly the opposite of what prompt campaign it is you go into these countries big You stay there forever. You would Mahina work with the local authorities, the counter insurgency and I'm thinkin myself. How do you do this because they meant for ten men to Morrow Logo and this on the sofa in the lobby? Anyone like good man, you ve, got a lot of metals on I like it. What does all right sang against him? Who master nothing? that's the thing we ban and wing of the doesn't like him because apparently he's been has been moderating from
these same he's, gotta! Go. We want action, Richard Dawkins, why do people think of atheists is a moral duty to think about it? Do is well known that they do and it's bizarre actually, because, if you think about why they think that it's because they think that we don't have a God who, looking over her, shoulder, supervising everything, a great spike hammer in the sky. Looking just so we must be more if the only reason, your moral as you think, you're being supervised. I don't want to know you, but also, I think it's because they think the ten commandments or in the Bible and therefore that's the super duper great list of.
They don't know what the ten commandments I mean. That's true. I shall have no other god, but me that's what makes no graven image they know about. Thou shalt not kill right. Christopher Higgins, major good remark about that Moses come down from the mountains. This tablet and says: thou shalt not kill O thou shalt not kill. We never thought of that related to such a dumb list. It only ever meant. Thou shalt not kill. Members of thy known try right that serve to only them are laws, don't kill him, don't steal. I mean the first four I think are just about gods. Ego kind of illicit gave you if you were gonna, make a list of the ten absolute things you shouldn't. Do you wouldn't care about graven images or statues and swearing? You might include incest
You know better rasta. You might include some of these rape. That's not on the list that those things don't make dire at a wonderful professor once who explained that particular Leviticus, where they had those be very careful prohibitions, thou shall not to have sex with goats. Yes, no one would have thing. Right that if people weren't havoc right, it's not something that we just say: hey and there's the and then there's the admonition against wearing hemp things like that is full of these bizarre began their labelling that, with that was a earmarked from the cotton I was thinking of you know like somebody, then like polyester, that's what, when you know, we know that the Bible is an anthropologist. It's it's was written by one person in my mind,.
Different or others, and they left some out and mean that there are like dvd extras from there are other works unless they somebody decided we're going to put this data because they could have saved themselves so much pain by not pudding. Like a deal, a dock, indian moral obligation to say that his bill knows that he's very sweet, I'm the diversity here I am in a peacekeeping and we barely countess Christians, but it's also one think we're market. Will things about the Bible? Is it is a translation of the translation of the translation road and those who think it is?
somehow. Another Fedex in Amazon Prime Guide is really that we're reading an english version of Hebrew and greet tax that were copy they weren't photocopied. These are people, so what, if a month dropped in a knot when he diffidence boasted right? You know, along along this, ensure that actually make as made much easier to interpret the Bible liberally over the year when the great problems for liberal Muslims has always been that the Koran is seen as the direct word of God, and so it's more difficult to access to claim that this stuff is less important words with the Bible. There's this rich tradition of saint. What these are just stories about God and, as you say, they were put together, and so maybe Leviticus isn't that important in the summer and on the mountain areas always struck me as bizarre that fundamentalist christian space so much attention to these these prohibitions. You know
There are those that are minor and that the main point of the new testament, as far as I can tell, is beaten, be nice to poor people and be suspicious of rich people like that as the centre over again and some out, that's kind of gun been window. The sideline until this Pope Gonna reminded people. Actually that's the big deal in Christianity right. Ok, what does the panel think of the feud between Donald Trump and much Mcconnell funny Stuff yeah. You know he knew he Valor who mission Mcconnell was about three weeks ago. You ve got it
As you know, a country doktor from Kentucky it. It's it's a yet another case of Washington. Experience can be way overrated unquestionably, but you at least need to have an old fashioned facebook. You know when you get there and no. These people are- and I think that he's it's an attempt to in this relentlessly solemn cystic, narcissistic Whitehouse. Anyone who does not come in and bow the knee is out and Mcconnell won't do it. Well, it's us for people who have been following the store he's mad at much were conifer, not getting the repeal bomber cared don and say this is
I think rate argument for wide the republican theory that a business men would be greatest. President is silly because in trumps world I don't think he ever cared about details and his whole modus operandi was always just if, if a guy doesn't do it right, get somebody else now that you can get the job done, replace you like, I did with my wife So that's what he thinks he doesn't get into the details. He's like Mitch didn't get it done, a fine job, it'll get it done. Just like. I got rid of the march, and I got whether this one and I got rid of this. What did it? Ok Darwin bodies. Out until I get somebody doesnt relays, there's no body that can get it done right because it's a shit bill.
Right. Jim persons, who has been your favorite guest on your pod guest, I hope, of course it's ok. Now it's ok! I was most excited patients that that sounds offline, judging them, but I did it sought to John Mccain and I was very surprised he bothered, while John Mccain. Yeah yeah. I couldn't get a militia now. Can you talk too will have my people call him and tell me you're not as bad as you seem on tv nice very funny. I really never figure. Like somebody told him, it was safe to come right. I really don't do that what it he was finds so hard to predict John Mccain reality. A main like hey, don't want a minute. Next, come
through very it's gotta flair, for the dramatic does neither ok right. Thank you. Everybody, your great Joam, USA, sensitive. We haven't had a united Watch and any more information not on each be oh dot. Com
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