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Overtime - Episode #434: Web Censorship, Sanctuary Cities, Gavin 4 Prez

2017-08-19 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests - Al Franken, Penn Jillette, Gavin Newsom, and Amy Holmes - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 8/18/17)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making real time, look where we are back on the air or work work, work had never interwove. Yes, we're on the internet and we're gonna ask the questions that are going to be the voice of the people. Should internet hosting, should internet hosting services in tech companies becoming ties with white supremacist websites or is not a first amendment violation of an interesting question. I mean the sale you,
supported the right of the they're, not gonna anymore, but they're, not gonna anymore, not things right and I should like to have you: have you have weapons hey exactly? I think that that is the problem, though, and the Supreme Court has ruled on this, which is the difference between speech and speech. That is immediately in silence, but you know very faint, for example, has a responsibility to shut down? You know ISIS sites that are promoting terrorist attacks and the government has should should do that. I'm not. I think we have to wait until they have. I don't think that should be done right away too easily. I'm kind of I think that the solution to birth speeches more species development nor I agreement, certainly agree that I've also to speak. I want to Know- and we want to know
What the heck groups, who think that we must show up with torches and weapons rather better, because each torches images of spent fuel to you now set things on fire gather, teach tricky torches toll burn. I wish him. Do you support sanctuary cities to protect immigrants, room deportation
yes, and I saw no, I mean I am but our my folks degree in the other, so political, sorted, Rudy Giuliani. The fact is sanctuary cities, key people safer, they keep people healthier and they keep people educated. For three simple reasons you are more likely to coordinating. Collaborate with police is a victim of crime or as someone that was a witness of crime, you're more likely to engage and sending your kids to school drop. My pick him up if you're, not worried about the teacher being part of a deportation ports are more likely to get any immunization shot if you're not worried about a nurse being part of a deportation force. The vast majority cities in countries that are sanctuary colonies are safer than non cities and sanctuary counties, and so, is good, sound public policy. It is and that's why Democrats should stand about in stopping it actually knows of the pragmatic. We should work people into our country, we're lucky you, that's that's much more,
urgent action wherever it look into being confined. It's not a shield for criminal behaviour and that's why I gather that Ireland is to believe that there is also the research that fact that finds a sanctuary cities act and act as a magnet to do that attract criminal illegals. It say if I moved to that city and I won't be facing these deportation and certainly in their shades, timely from your sudan- and I know you can know this case well. Her family would say that the sanctuary side they have said the sanctuary status, killed their daughter. You gotta be very careful here and let me say this with respect at the end of the day century policies, nothing more than say two things, one. The federal government job is immigration policy. The federal government job is the issue of immigration from the deportation perspective, from reform reflected local law enforcement jobs to keep people safe and that's when lies about asking Leslie LAW enforcement.
When you're letting these people out, let us know that we can. We were guided by the way, as we do not make any argument that nurses and teachers and people in this in this private space should be acting as deportation for this being that it I'm not. Well, I don't know you that serve as a mere who who advocate that I mean that's an exact ITALY's when it was nineteen years writers have rejected it. That's it that's not true. Ok, it's just that this is where this is a complicated Sid cities all across the country actually do coordinate with with ice and ice, is its guys backlogs furred for decades and for the fact is, that's that's not what the issue is about. The issue is about fundamental framework of allowing local government the opportunity to choose its most effective public safety programmes and not having a dictator, the federal government, to tell us how to do our job. That's right outside repined. Well, I remember that just refer to things, one
very unfair. That decided the panel is much better. Looking at this, I did my party will not settle for what can we got himself? What you're gonna do your porn a little bill? I guess I do like tenure locks, Lord, the care so into our conversation about the Democrats winning election. Yes, could they get a frank once? Could they get somebody who would teach them to name things better sanctuary cities? That's not gonna, write single pair of use not help us make. People think. Oh that's gonna be made. A global warming sounds nice. Actually, Jesus Christ Command, just in things better if they start with that, they may have someone whose name was marked change. Your cities is part,
the horrible. It's our ability. We used to be cities of refuge, not sanctuary cities. I agree we can advise, could find something it's not about in the USA. The host country should be assessed How do I answer allegedly excise I'd automobile, more reprisal, Newsome Land, which he just a euphemism for stupid, but those people up and the Frozen North club seals. Those are my people, ok, nuclear. By the way, what did you think of re more getting more votes than from scandal at Luther strange in the ALA Bam Senate primary? I mean that generally inside baseball, but re more was the used to be the Supreme Court Bam a judge,
We refuse to move the ten commandments from outside the coroner S, nose, ideologues and then rising. Lastly, rank of various sorts of muddled case than that: it's not really a test case for tromp versus the establishment, because both Trump Andy Establishment, our supporting strange. I think this requirement would like some fifteen million dollars into his candidacy and then the other guy one on the strength of evangelical voter. So I don't think it really tells you very much about republic above one final thing Anyone on the panel is taking a running for president because you're running for governor, yes,
twenty, so so Zaire, your governor and twenty eight in others. This is the biggest economy in the world on its benefits, and it's really ok and more suited to the leaders of the resistance Trump is becoming less it's. It's probably be a pretty good platform. If you have a person months thinking, I just want to say: First Christie waited too long, Barack Obama when he ran. They said you doing it too soon.
Always err on the side of doing it too, because the boy you weigh more shit, just isn't that true prosperous they could have had their obligation ray and he was like no I'll wait till next time and next time was after bridge ran. You remember that you didn't wait his turn into got right. Don't wait, we're term if America, as proven anything they like a fresh face, they might do it. Why do you everybody? I tell me when he said that we are having a watchman removed from each other and each be oh dot com.
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