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Overtime - Episode #437: J Edgar Hoover, Chelsea Manning, PC Colleges

2017-09-16 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests - Bret Stephens, Tim Gunn, Fran Lebowitz, and Salman Rushdie - answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 9/15/17)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO making real time real. We Becker we back We want to: U literary like its sell me speaking, written ass. He could go to Jim done. What was it like for your father? Working
with J Edgar Hoover and the FBI? Yes, I read that near, but your father worked in the FBI and you have the Madrid thing stories about their for twenty six years. He was he was an agent, but he was primarily Hoover's ghosts, rotary, roadside works and of speech of major provocateur. Yes right, but have you heard my yes racy store all I'd like you to tell it everyone? Just briefly, my sister and I were big ILO Lucy Vans and we would visit add that as off as once a year and take the FBI to or was a big Washington thing and one day we were there and dad said, would you like to meet the invents athlete afterwards who wouldn't want to meet Vivian Band several months? So we went into Hoover's office and met her and she was a gracious and wonderful and many years later and my father was gone, a lot came out about Hoover Cross Dressing, a lot, and it was all very interesting. My mother didn't believe any of it instead
rightly so this would have killed your father probably would have. But when it came out, I said to my sister: don't you think it's a little strange that Mr Hoover wasn't in the office would be banned, dance right wing on em, but but of all the people, if you weren't cross dressing, why would you dresses Ribby advantage when you want to do it? So many more Twenty two, as your mover looked a bit like an english bull dog, so sorry, apology, they advanced right up. That's interesting as Simon Enshiu stirs legal team investigated everything in this book and they looked into this and they talk to billion balances to biographers who had never heard or knew about a visit to the FBI. Then they checked the visitor logs
no Vivian, Vance Interesting story did your father now that you know fragile. Never now I'll, never know, but you have the theories it may be. A father was, I think my father was such a homophobia. I'm confident he was a closet goes, and I think that maybe to revoke the up of the upper echelons of the bureau is a very interesting collection of men
Monsieur was gone so well up reds. Even what do you think of Herbert decision? Do higher Chelsea Manning as visiting fellow and then they withdrew the withdrew the offer today? That's a loaded with little what love well, it was invited her up to talk about Europe to give it up just think of my speech, I dont think the invitation should have been issued, but once it was issued, its relations have been rescinded. I think that you think Josie manage the trader. Why think Bradley Manning put a lot of human beings and danger by what he did by his disclosures? I don't even think that's debatable, but Bradley Chelsea Manning spent seven years in prison sentence was commuted by the President of the United States, he's free, she's free and should be able to live your life and Harvard
wants to invite her and hear from her just not today should here I mean, I think the hardware, the whole business of disintegration is a sickness in this country. I agree. Hearing piano is a pre condition for being able to disagree with and also that everybody has to be fired. The second you dont like one thing this right and they certainly go after me with this happen to you when you went to the New York Times this this the White House is asking for this is being reported to be fired because there's no other problems in the country or the world. The world is a placid eaten, so he can concentrate on this. I know, but it's not just him, I mean everybody seems to go immediately to you. Have to disappear altogether. If I dont, like one thing, you said ever as opposed to what we used to which is just oh. I like that. What's on the other German, I had some experience of people wanting to disappear forever with me and you won all right.
Friend are so far gone work. Ok, besides me, York are there any american Citys you describe. Those great Chicago looks Chicago is the only other Americans say that feels really like a city to me. You know I mean there are no San Francisco is durable. Little town allay is very spread out of you haven't. You know any failure, generosity, but you gotTa Willie sounds like a city. I should really saying that lay is lacking in intellectual is because that that is such a no. I was saying its narrow densely populated spread. That's what we like about like. What exactly do you feel like a city is not Reuben, because it's not, but it's not dense,
to be such is not normal to live in a building, and I don't care how nice your apartment, as I always do this somebody on the other side of that and therefore adding in cooking just I'd rather live in the shittiest little single dwelling house and live in a building, is that in houses outside acts? Murderers, and no doorman honourable cabinet. So what is the antidote to political correctness on college campuses at some over her
the antidote, is to ignore it and to get and to speak severely to people who want to propagate right. You know I mean I have to say in my experience of the american economy, which is now getting on for twenty years. I have never had a student say to me that he wanted a trigger warning or she wanted a safe space and I've never had a say here that it happens or, on the contrary, I have no personal experience of insight into how much of it there is. But you know, what's missing, I think is leadership. I think too much of too many campus administrators are basically cowed by small minorities of totalitarian minded students. We just don't want to hear anything except what there are disposed to agree with, and the job of grown ups us to behave like grownups and say no.
Intellectually, a college is not a safe space. Intellectually colleges, it can be a place where your ideas are harmed and perhaps even destroyed, and that's as it should be. A green colleagues should be a safe space for thought, not not a safe space from Fort Rock. How did you go to college and you never hear anything you haven't thought before on then you know you may as well who stayed home ran at people who think that they should never hear things they that would upset them, should go somewhere else and leave that space available
somebody who can benefit from what is called education and a large part of my responsibility too big to provoke an trial. Absolutely that's what a teacher does. Ok. Does the backlash against Hilary S book have anything to do with sexes, attitudes about women expressing anger, expresses she expressing anger is certainly a lot of men telling her to shut up our men, explaining what she did wrong in the first six months. They were kindly here's. My Hillary Clinton wrong. You know and trust in wage me.
Because to trim didn't win because something right he won because he'd do something wrong. Yes, if I didn't other, wasn't it back backlash against from up by well really harmonization every politician, Wheeler or Loser writes a dumb book right. Exert gets paid six billion dollars. The book sell for copies publishes. Think this is worth it right. I want to do.
That happens. I'd like to be paid six billion dollars for books that sell for copies are right, but I said unless we got say it again, I think future historians will be just so puzzled. Why so many people in America found Hillary Clinton to beat this polarizing? I mean I could see why you wooden vote for her. You wouldn't go for unless it my Donald Trump right. You mean you write in their situation. You wouldn't be no Mccain or Mitt Romney, I mean there's nobody else and the Republican Party privately. You could probably think no. On the contrary, a really I could never a vote
for a guy like MIKE and really you would run for Heller. We ever my parents are probably you are my hero say they come out here to California and we were now, but the problem with the difference between Trump and parents is, the trump is often take fraud right, Intensest, innocence, exactly the opposite, he's fraudulent, authentic and one can sort of a test to Donalds Goodness, is a man, and you know he doesn't believe a word. How many saying this for this kind of pious oleaginous fake sincerity? Cried it's terrible, because you know you with trunk. You never know that. He knows it.
Slowly, but because there is always the interface of of the manic personality disorders, but pencils, a man in his right. Mind. Yes, and that's where you try vulnerable, is that I've seen MIKE pens before you're right is a typical arch, conservative, christian hypocrite and we ve seen them before and to use your phrase its survivable event. I could do my husband who asked me whether I would vote for whether it is to survive. No, I am very surprised to hear you say that it is or anybody else you dig him on the right who you would prefer. Hillary Clinton to being Carson might be
My car can be, while I dont like this hyper pious Nelson Republic in politics, and the Republican Party ass in a dream or other republican Party would stand for aspiration, opportunity and inclusion. That's Democrats, that's no! That is what it should be. That's their democratic right, especially the aspiration for it is a right to rise party. Now we can have an argument re perfectly sensible. Whether there are solutions are right, but its aspirational. It means going from lower middle grass. The upper class from Joanie earns to Senator
bags were shouting someone else's christian piety done. My jewish throat is not coach. Well, it's not going to happen. I told me when he said that we are having had a united watch him. Any more information not mind each be oh dot com.
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