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Overtime - Episode #440: Trump Feuds, Leftist Dems, Sleaze

2017-10-07 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Russell Brand, Olivia Nuzzi, Steve Schmidt, and former Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. – answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 10/6/17)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO making real time real back here with bill. On the internet, and it means so much to deregulation like in your monologue. We regulate now for a final. Nothing in that right. We are. We could be completely free, open your shirt. If you dare not. Ok, let me tell you anything. Syrian composed myself will now fuck now, it's an entertainment. Let me what do you make of the strange relationship between Trump and Scarborough and Brzezinski? Those are the hosts of our morning. News show called morning Joe. I went on that before you did as maritime member I remember
yeah. I'm taking. I seize them to see the president. Well, he used to be friends right is that the deal and they became unfriendly any accused of having a bad face, lift it was just that it's just I mean they were friendly, Joe Scarborough, is accused of being too kind to him throughout the election when it really matter in terms of people taking seriously at the beginning, especially it would go to hear they did become critical and in a sort of in a very emotional way through personal, and they personal from them are true. Both I mean really trunk was transported, attacking them in a really vitriolic way, even more than a year ago, insinuating that they had some kind of personal relationship. That was untoward in some way, which and in our
couple yeah untoward. They said he was kind of a battle. We re sort of suggesting that there was something going on. I want to know what you know how much money I became very favourable. Sleazy devolve personally Lou filth hockey business became more research. Tat like war became, we gotta get to the root of it became very personal and and then, as president, you know, he attacked her for having plastic surgery and clean row incorrectly. There were photos of this event that she was bleeding at Marilla, so obsessed with that, These are the iconography of mobility. That is actually true must certainly know he's a big news about. How do you do I don't like him? We certainly want to monitor the absolute me for my you can't you. I could not even I'll try to tell you
he. You know we had a birthday, he accused Obama of not being born here, and then we thought I mean we ve been ok after O bomber release. Dispersive did they get then trump when, after his college records, as if the black, I would be in colleges, work and his wife I roused the birthday, but then the college, and then who knows what? Next so I said I would need or police these Gordon Illogical brought in a way is more than I thought we could. You believe he understands how time works is one aspect, linear tire right, America, any that can act as a totally get up and we need a little less regulation. But
What the fuck you can see by trampling this, let me finish: I read so he offered he offered Obama Trump offered Obama five million dollars. If he would release is college record. I know that itself is so ghost offer the present its violence. Its vulgar he's an good man. Ok, so I, as a joke, offered tromp five million dollars. If he could prove he was not the sun. Of a rang a time, because we show here as the narrative, so this moron then suits me too, because he went into court with his birth, or do I made
produce his birth certificate busy such an idiot. He wouldn't as if it was gonna, say orangutan on the bus human to have a baby with, and so he sued me for the five million dollars because he probably wasn't results, and that is the price. I can't even do so fundamentally misunderstood the theory of evolution. Among other things like explained so much about translated so stupid, but he just loves to fuck with people, and I think we really do you can look at so many things that he's just now in the White House and explain it. I think I will he's just fucking with people which is not what you want and a president, obviously which, if not a partisan thing to say it's just factual when it doesn't mean I'm on team, it's just factual to save energy and of course I was not a teen right. Let's not how to see I'm so my anxiety, I dont have a team reflect reality and then other stuff. Right anyway,
I go with. Whoever makes the most sense, which is mostly the Democrats. Not always Harold, is the democratic Removing too far left some parts of it are and define left by just sort of being unrealistic about what can be done. Democrats came out- I guess, there's a few months ago at a plant, call a better deal. They help what our plan was to help bring the economy and create more jobs and raise wages at all start a fire
in addition, it didn't really resonate anybody. I think she'll get to talk about growing again. We gotta talk about protecting people's privacy. This equal facts thing where people home forty million Americans had their their data, so we we parted, got to stand up for that, but the same time figure out how we're gonna grow. Businesses grow wages and for that matter, grow the economy and we can do without taking from people. We can do it by a growing economy. We do that and they will begin to get one path to getting. Some noble resonate with more american, because something as much as we talk about this guy is out of out of control, as he has on foreign policy and economic ideas. He won the race and it was not much. It seems like it was nine years ago, was only nineteen months ago that he was neighbours install this present. We gotta understand we're not gonna win again, just back complaining about it. If he offers attacks plant, we ve got a counterweight attacks plan. If he offers a health planets bet, we ve got offer help planets.
And they would Bernie Sanders, did around the single payer plan. I like Obamacare, I didn't think part similar work and would gotta figure how we shored up and strengthen it to abandon it like burning, want to do right away. There was the right thing to do, and certainly not what the Republicans propose doing so we're gonna ways the global fund our way there and we might even get Russell Brand. Both article is all over. The place was required than a word you're saying, but I love listening to you, though I understand prevailed. Finally asked sounds to me, like some mistakes were made around the time of the Boston Tea Party may enjoy that that it seems that I had now requested Russell bread. What is the sleazy is thing you ever did out. I say that I have done some have such lazy things, and now I'm relieved figure, Hopefully this leaves in your past, like what was the craziest orgy Whatever you know, what what? What is that
They are going to get us so brand Easter, hot tub policy. Then I'm telling you that was a religious festival that, by the end of it, that hot tub look like oatmeal is a different matter. I beg you, please tell me representative, we're having Friday night watchman, remove information, novel and each bio dot com.
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