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Overtime - Episode #441: Dirty Money, Bannon's War, LGBT Justice

2017-10-21 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Janice Min, Daryl Davis, James Carville, Erick Erickson, and Margaret Hoover – answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 10/20/17)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making real time, you think it's fair to criticise. Democrats were taking money from horribly one state. This is my feeling about that, like take them, I mean it's already, it's a hearty spats right now. I think the whole thing with you I see and they gave of big Dave they're, giving back the money that he gave for women filmmakers likes, keep it like, whereas it gonna go to the board of a company. That's already failure kneeling like money, I got no care who knows James Global. Do you think that Democratic Doug Jones is a good chance to beat Roy more in our Burma? If you don't, let me Roy Moors, big, ten commandments, guy he's actually nine. He doesn't bleeding the seventh about stealing the skin. I think I can do for nine UK either you don't you gotta, be put a whole kid. He started foundation. They re just my very forty years attack exemption in any
age, although money too, he and his wife, and when they arrived money they mortgage, Building and down on Montgomery to pay them more, so I don't know, but I think there are there are to some people who believe that the Thou shalt not steal thing, I think, even eight I believe that you should stay. I think everybody believed we believe it. An ordinary. Ok, don't need This one I have to be a universal. I think it's only two of the commandments are laws on steel and don't kill which we can figure out on our own. The other ones are about. You, don't build a statue, and if the people of Alabama think that Washington needs another sea, then it should send raw more. Is there no enough thieves in Washington or more believes that not standing for the anthem is against the law? Did you see that he said that it said it's the law that we have to stand for the end of input
our hand on our heart? Yes, you don't need anything he's just thoughts. Commandment I'll show out stand for Eric Erickson. Do you think Steve Bannon will be effective, finding candidates to primary congressional republicans finding more concerned finding them the primary yes finding them to win, I'm not so sure we've got the one who was in jail, the one who believes in Kim Trails, I'm not sure if the one who believes in Ufos is one of his and they may very well beat some of the republican establishment, guys and honestly, a lot of the republican establishment. Guys, I think, deserve to be beaten because them campaigning and breaking promises got the base so pissed off. That's what led them to burn the party down with Trump, so they kind of deserve it. But then they're going to lose to the Democrats in the general election, you run the felon or the Kim trails. Lady they're not going to win the general. You have a lot of influence with those voters. What do you tell them about? Listen, I said: don't vote for Trump. They didn't listen to
what each other about an issue like health care. Where, like I think, I've read that many like the affordable care right, but they don't like Obamacare many them. I think I probably have been saved by it in a trump called Obamacare this week, a disgrace which is such a disgrace. To quote I mean- maybe I don't agree with them, but it's not a disgrace and again James. Where are the Democrats to end up full throat, ITALY and say this? Is our signature achievement I cant? Do you know I'm a partial, every Democrat voted against and were pale and replace ok to democratic every day, passed it by one boat? They voted by. I mean what you
the Democrat it all the Democrats do is talk about all the love. You know it's a Democrat. What are you saying? I'm saying mine doesn't get you very far in a democratic party. They'll all come out of the woodwork if you said that tax cuts create surpluses as they do. You just can't do that you're a Democrat. You can't run against immigrants, you just can't, and if you did, you wouldn't be a Democrat. It's just a nature who you are. You can't believe that that that global warming is a hoax, because you are deaf distant in
in your dna. It's who you are right. They don't think that way, they're still sitting there after the disaster in Kansas, after the whole thing, they really are trying to tell people that if you cut the estate tax you're going to grow the economy, you can't say no person can say that, but Steve Minuchin can say who cares so how you pronounce his name? I think it might have been able to say it wrong Margaret. What do you think of Jeff sessions, sending a justice department lawyer? It's
rescued the murder of a trend teen in Iowa. You know I just I. Why do you now? I'd worry actually know, because I have followed this Asian I wearing the space and one would think. Well. Maybe this is interesting. Maybe there's a change of heart which have sessions, but I'm suspicious. I'm curious, I dont know why is doing it. This is a man who doesn't have a good record of standing up for the individuals. The rights of eligibility. Americans is a man who advise the Education department to rescind the guidelines for trans under students he's not the least somebody who doesn't believe it's a real thing that that people have gender just morphia. So I am concerned actually because it down on the surface. The headline reads really well: oh he's investigating it. Maybe maybe they'll find out is this: this actually was really a hate crime or a kind of intolerance.
I suspect that there are worse forces at play here. I gotta go back, you think about a democratic b b, and so they go things. People aplenty fact, people good Catholic, all these people, they document Dish- and it's all the well meaning the number of wise that they call my pay people no care, they don't care in any area shellfish. Why go back and look at how many special council, independent prosecutors, etc and China, a republic of Vietnam Area all of a book, If a republicanism investigation, if we can have a Democrat, investigate, embedded financial crimes on investigations, and we can have a Democrat basket- and you know what all the democratic establishment and toil writers the common.
It is the everything say: oh yes, you up ever. Why are there never a democratic independent counts in causing, because we just except, that. They will raise hell and not pay attention to what a Democrat says. You are right to a point, but when you get to the point to say what we need to do is lie as much as they do. People are not going to let them do what a size is not exactly equivalent to lying. Okay, we're talking about the political we're not talking about the policy. We are talking about an Ex times when they tell at holes. They always say people say they trust the Republican Party more to defend us there, the Daddy Party and, let's put a chip in that, because you know when John Kerry ran, they went there right yet will put up a war hero, so they get what they.
go there and we don't go there. I agree to go here now, but thank you very much to hatch all new episodes of real time with film every Friday night at ten or watch him any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO com.
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