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Overtime - Episode #453: Privitization, NRA, #MeToo Wall Street, Civil Service

2018-03-17 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Beta O’Rourke, Billy Bush, Pete Dominick, Nayyera Haq, and Andrew Ross Sorkin answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 03/16/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO Realtime Film Andrew, I certainly agree with larry- could load that medical and social security should be handed to Wall Street through privatisation. Is what he's for I'm sure, I'm serious Ford think I'm for that now undertake the other side of that is that you wanna go where I know not. What do you want to check it out with neighbouring I'm S, question on, and I think Mr Bush, I think I think that the real problem, I think the provision of so many things actually, especially when it comes to people's pension retirement part of our problem has been that so I would I'm gonna take the other side as an economist, who plays one idea and there's gonna be the other argument. We gotta go boy. I'd seen the charge of where money, if you put your money in the stock, Marie s verses, if you just
the bank or wherever that it'll do better in the mark, like the market. One goes like this now. You can't watch it every year because the market goes up and down, but over the time, if you put it in when you were twenty when, whereby the child, you retired, at sixty five booked ITALY and goes like this. If we are forced, if we'd have for savings programme understand by the way we had a real for saving programme where you couldn't take it out, and you could end in somebody else and was effected, gonna be managed elsewhere and there was guaranteed. I cannot go further than the craziest great world that Bush, but that's were always idiocy easier uncle. He George Bush. It is my ears like us to think about the there's a lot of us, there are causing rising. That's my uncle closure.
It is because hang out there's a lot of us not now much soberly. Her was the rest of the bush. Roundly holding up under Trump card should undertake the high road. I think he is right, I'm not sure either one cast a vote form in fact, I'm pretty sure they didn't speak in a major stuff. Boy of the old man starts to escape it on the asker everywhere. Have you ever talk to him about that? I told him. Never again, you hear me don't do that now, but data, because there's a conservative we did read the terms are the same thing. You know that our frank and was accused of not just like, went into the ether. Ok, so Tita form he's a former president of the United States rose. You know people to know about it.
A whole bunch of women said it's pretty pretty messed up pretty unacceptable and there was a joke that when we that it's disgusting and inexcusable right, you are always what a lot of fun you are here. Where I mean there's no upside down with you, I'm not sure what outflanking did I'll just say that I'm sorry but I'm talkin about Pappy either one I mean who goose grabbing I'm in a follow up to weird. It is weird ass fresh and give you Ebby everybody wants it. No more. Have you ever even considered you'd island to touch her take archers, I guess exactly hands. Why does the end our re get a tax exemption, and how do we take it away?
That's it that's a good they do run. They would like to say that I dont want to political action committee, but they do have that wing and otherwise or say their grass roots nonprofit organization, but they ve use illegal corporate tax loopholes to build out an entire political lobbying wing that doesn't get tax so that that is that the corporate tax loophole, but that's also because energy knows how to work the system or due to a monopoly user crows
but but I'll. Never let a crisis go to weigh follow the money on the internet. Now we're arming teachers united yet date. They somehow turn that once a sure whether it s moving ahead in many states. Some other turn that around two took away. They could so more guns. It's moving ahead in states where they still beat kid with paddles I mean it's not you know me, I don't think it's taking hold idle. Certainly it's not there's no dream it with one's eggs, educators and experts about arming teachers. Teachers don't want that. Only those who can say on money on the internet, you can go out on the taxes or whatever it is, but the real thing, the real opportunity, given the cover of the world of finance, is the company's it's all the companies that do business with the energy and people who do business with guns. It's the credit card companies.
While the transactions on the cards, its apple tv and Amazon, and everybody who allows this stuff over their airways. That's your Washington, unfortunately, is not going to do anything. I don't take any time soon. I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong, but I think in the meantime there is a huge swathes of stop the can actually happen, but it depends on everybody actually led us to the action related to your pocketbook right. Consumers have to wait about two years before we can use our powers that isn't to kick somebody out of office. I can make a decision tomorrow. I wanna go to a different story. If I dont like like Walmart what Walmart they didn't analysis, they got the business of a lot of people right, but Dick sporting goods dead. I got I got, peddled a couple of arms and I now
Destroy me, I don't know, but only when it is a really bad in open. There wasn't a patent in that's like miles it had already. They do not question what kind of paddling is talking about the way we should move on to say
have you worked in the White House, would you resign on principle or stay to help minimize the damage trump causes? So I don't think there's any heroism and serving in this White House anymore. I think initially. People really did think that John Kelly, I'm gonna, serve my country and do this, but that its you're not serving the public at this point right, you're, you're, serving tromp and his personal trump interests, and that's that's just not, and you don't know what they are right, but the olive growing very clear what they are actually there, advancing his family and and and right, or else is willing to line, is pocketbooks, whether it be russian oligarchs or any other dictators that he may or may not want to emulate. But there is- and I guess I did work in the White house- and there is actually no question that I would ever working to Trump White House- and the sad thing is everybody whose walked out has walked out, tarnish like it's. It's getting into debt and job rigorous, close to the sun with my city has a better reputation than
On space, would you want to do is to monitor the whence he is doing better bright eyes and Sean spice. The former Y know anybody as you can attest anyone who cuts in contact with easily human would chipper people. Just whenever you like everything. I right, you don't really know, do a job that Donald Trump you shouldn't be wanting to met. I want an idealist psychiatry, one Robin I do when I thought about public, like public servants who are, I was a political appointee. There are public servants and the foreign service that military civil servants who keep the data they function of government running the fact that they are feeling demoralize is a massive problem because they're the ones to make sure we get things like our social security checks always say is the real problem, though, is look. You can call all the people who showed up in the beginning operators which they are today there. The new people were believers and fortunately are unfortunate. Fourthly, for trumpet and forcing those now reversed cartoon villain, but but that, but the opportunity to the degree thought that they were saving the country from Trump. Those who don't exist anywhere- and so I think
There has to be. There has to be some thought about whether you do want some diversity of thought in the room, but you even if its high attain people, I don't know what the real answer he has to walk a diversity of thought and really doesn't exactly like so like what are you gonna have servant like that? You don't want any text, editor, that's what they're, but that's where they are claiming these days, all over tvs that he. Why that's? Why there's this turnover, because He has this right and he likes to see. People go outer. I finally got in this. Is the guy isn't negotiate with care? Jonathan, like were elected, to see people go out in the report as it is how we know the boardroom I mean this is how we he's the hosted the apprentice pirating.
Since the Gates mayor all about selling lemonade on a corner. He wasn't avenue like it, wasn't all there for us too, but he could not understand he be able to take business sadly and apply that to politics and all other things and and policy may be so many people have problems. Even though don't you two days and its shiny business deals, that's how it works and real estate, it doesnt work and all those Europe's policy. Only those Bourget convinces my question. How many those voters that he did convince you know of any change their mind, or more importantly, did has anybody said since tromp was elected? I was really against him the whole time, but at least fourteen months he's really impressed me. I I think I think I'm going to reconsider my vote for November. That's like one guy is a pig farmer. Thank you, everybody. Thank you, friends, episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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