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Overtime - Episode #456: Obama's Legacy, Police Brutality, LGBTQ #MeToo

2018-04-14 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Brian Schatz, Andy Cohen, Jonathan Chait, Jason Kander, and Maya Wiley answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 04/13/18)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making real time work of an average shoulder ninety era, I've been working out the right message.
Mostly shoulder stuff, ok, Jonathan, how much of a bombers legacy will survive Trump and the Republicans. I really think most of it will, I honest to God think most will abominate already. Has they couldn't repeal it where the jury is out? I mean yes, it has Sophie, cried a thousand times repeal it and they ve been given up, and I can do it only a little way into your to think they're, not gonna healed the Dodd Frank reforms of Wall Street. Well, I think a lot of environmental stuff is gonna is gonna. Stick because electricity, you know, solar power is getting cheaper, growing power, getting people all that all those changes I think our out living because he made better policies in this stuff trumpets tried replacing out. I would argue that prisoner bombers, where you see us, are wider than than policy accomplishments and mean when you look at the way that the millennium generation, my generation generations, is stepping up. I think you can trace that directly back to a transformative leader who told us
were the ones we ve been waiting for, and, I think are ultimately our salvation will come not from eight all come from his legacy, which has made a lot of people, particularly my generation, believe we could do that. What what? What he's going to transform the courts in a very bad dangerous way, and that's we're gonna, look about for a very long road and when their some stop large sums. Really that's bad this those parts of this country we're never gonna, get back. You'll, be ok! On that note, let's move onto something for Andy
give em a pallet plunder. Do you feel that reality, tv can be seen as pure entertainment or does all media share responsibility for setting some sort of example? For viewers question I mean it is alone a question I think for us. Bravo has most educated audience on cable outside of all the cable news channels and their smart enough to know the house. Risers aren't people can watch stoop bacon and what they can and they can know the genuine cannot make people feel guilty. It's true. You know. I read the tabloids: I've done it since the eighties. When I was wearing this right and I've had people say to me, you know celebrities Billig, don't do that vision,
what they take pictures of my children and you're only encourage them by been giving them your money right, you're hurting my children like fuck that right, you know what I have been a plain tomorrow morning to go to a place. You do too I'm tired in the morning sun I worked or we could do this. I want something I can laugh at you and it makes me laugh out loud. Not intentionally adjust does Yes
Also, I would keep up with my friends ochre. Did you finish your answer? Did I owe to table? Should I do that is not recorded just right over there? That's do you're gonna fuck up your life out of a second, your cues. Ok Maya is a critic of the use of excessive force by law enforcement. How would you suggest we go about changing department? Protocol legislation- in fact California is already looking at legislation was very modern slope where you literally right and what what happens right now is police departments essentially right there on patrol guides, the tell them what fourth six at what you know, that's the rules of the road for police officers in what they do is they build in huge amounts of discretion rather than setting boundaries,
That actually make sense for keeping everyone safe, because the truth is that allow so keep officer safer. I've been ringing the bell for a long time. Well, I just I don't know how they got it into their heads. This idea that, if I feel threatened at all, I get to kill you that how you legislate that, but, but that Alan TAT, what he has to twelve July, we all empty, are clip that guy. If we think he's got what happened to just plea. Well, it well
legal rights, similar forgot about the old freeze and just goes right, some countries that a cell phone or a gun out after easy to start having to pay a price for bad behaviour that will change, Benito Icy, wrote a price and they were starting to make some real changes. Last couple years, the Obama administration remain ties in New York City made some real changes. Even while we ve had some really big problems, because there was an insistence that we stop policing. People for poverty now didn't happen in air garner right, but if you tell, if you actually say where, when and actually district attorney races have mattered, alot getting reform minded people elected as public prosecutors is actually nuts you know, can Thompson in Brooklyn actually said I'm just you can
me people and why pity for low level marijuana and knock, but we're not gonna prosecuted and that's actually asked the lamp which only passed away: ok, Jason Candor as the first MILAN at european level, where five what's that got oil and thirty six thirty six is a millennium just barely five months, I'm I'm agree, senior millennial. What do you want to know? I really want it
No more inviting you to disappoint me, we're heading. I certainly was easier or you please. Thank you. I hereby. I resemble that remark as the first Millennial ever like you do a statewide offers. How do you feel about the reputation of your generation of being unengaged, lazy and self obsessed yeah? I did it, I didn't give it all the time. I think that the idea that this generation wants to have our personal identity match what we see from our country will receive from the company that employees and that those somehow entitlement and think that's not true. I think from the folks that I saw in Afghanistan who volunteered knowing that, when they sign on the dotted line they might end up there too.
Folks I saw marching in Ferguson when our Secretary stated Missouri. I dont see entitlement icy patriotism where there is a lot of that everything. I've heard my family. I think the problem began. When parents know what generation it was. I think it was a millennium, but as soon as kids were able to say fuck you mom, that's where we all went downhill. Any kid who grew up. Thank fuck. You fuck, you mom adoration and rice and I'll never mind? No, I know I know, but I live in a lot of people's houses. Ok ended. You think the meat to movement has affected the gate. Doesn't my question? Somebody wrote, I am not believe me, I am
obsess, it says ready. I do think the meat to movement has affected the gay community in Hell yeah. I think it's affected everybody in Hollywood. I think its effect in a lot of people are on the contrary, but certainly in this business. Yes, absolutely because of Cubans basely way, because we all have to watch how we speak to each other. The entertainment industry is very salacious by the nature of what we're doing. I mean we're we're its look, striven there's a lot of jokes there's a lot of things that are not considered appropriate in the workplace. I think everyone has had to look at the way that they speak rather than Kevin space. You can think of a lot of what I'm just saying you think you're in the entertainment business, whether you're gay illustrate it affect ripened. You think there are some gay cynically and the issues about to drop people out there that you ve heard that maybe
should possibly like. We have done some things, maybe yeah, because if we are going to be good for them, I'm just looking for a scoop. Hours were good for a school, but I have to say this because I think it's really important to note that El Capitan Q people in this country have largely been significantly less protected. Even when we have laws on the books will cause. There's this this assumption stereotyping about somehow you couldn't be sexually harassed where Europe, and that is, that is a serious injustice that we have not made somewhat well. Beyond that mean, listen, they're discriminated against in housing is legally across the country. We have a vice president, who is incredibly antigay, nervous to see what and not everyone is out of the closet right so
or sexually harassed, and then you dont want to come forward because you are don't that's. One of the few comes in my view is to say, like a rattle, I'm goodbye, maleficent real, my every Friday night, watchman anytime, you remove information not on each bio dot com.
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