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Overtime - Episode #457: War on Weed, Offensive Speech, Cult of Trump

2018-04-21 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Michael Avenatti, Jordan Peterson, Frank Bruni, Gov. Jay Inslee, and Alex Wagner answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 04/20/18)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO, making real time the film are, we here. Are we on outside first thing before we get to the questions you want to respond to what I just said about marijuana ball. As we talked about Starbucks, we talked about our great voter rights bill. We talked about our efforts to be climate change, but for you be like with the best will in the United States are regulated, is well regular, Reg, that's that's right. By the way they humbled county would give you a run for your money ARBA, but their put in a little pressure on us. We ve heard from the attorney General Seattle actually and we need to make sure that they back off and wouldn't be wonderful, is the first time Donald Trump said something that was actually true. He said he leave us alone.
We're on our marijuana decriminalization. I hope it ass. Well. Ass Jeff sessions has said good people don't smoke marijuana near. Do they do not good people here Ok, Michael will you ever release the contents of the warning shot disk of evidence you tweeted about possibly depends on how the case progresses. I mean you know we we John it while we took that picture and we we tweeted it out in. It was exactly that it was a warning shot to Michael combing, the president, that if they tried to claim that my client was a liar after sixty minutes, there was going to be consequences and it worked and it worked. Quickly, as we heard nothing from them. So we have the dvd and we're gonna release it when and if its necessary, and we get to see what happens with the case.
But let me but make no mistake about it. It's locked unloaded Can I ask you might like to devote this yes mean I'm listening to all of this, about trumpet, watching how this conversations go in the? U S, and I have one question about- I mean there's all these people in the Eu S who were on the conservative side, who are aligned with Trump for all sorts of reasons, and is all this tension around his presidency and attempts to pull them out of his office for various reasons, and what what do you think will happen if that comes to pass? What what do you think will happen to these people that have identified with trumpet like? How is it that report that that democratic types, for example, are holding out their hand to say to these conservative type sort of like welcome back into the fold, because it looks to me from out for an outside its perspective that your country is polarizing in a way? That's not good!
but in all people are going after Trump, and I understand that some like I don't understand that, but there's all these people that elected him and that are identified with them in their they're not taken this well. You know one so well there now they're, not it's not, and you know you might not think they're very bright and all of that and you know their backwards and and and all of those things. But but but you know, you need to have respect for the rest of your citizens and, if you're, if your countries and gonna pull itself apart- and I really see this happening from outsiders perspective when they come down here- and I lived in this way for one- it wasn't like this before
if he was just a regular republican president with republican policies, I would say you'd have a point, but what what is so alarming is the assault on democratic norms. What we were talking about here today, things like threatening to put people in jail, threatening to put journalists in jail, wanting military parades praising dictators wanting to be a dictator. I mean we are at a moment here. This is I try to impress on this on the people who are too young to remember a lot of president and a lot of elections, how incredibly different this is than anything that ever came before. I never much like the other Republicans who were in office, but I have a renewed respect for them. George George person would not have tried to hold this big, just wouldn't what about Nixon Nixon got caught and he gave himself up basically, while on the other, this president makes the Watergate burglars were really
it seems to me that its nor point we can we can be as tough as were being on the present. I think we should, for all the reasons you just said bill without telling his supporters that they're stupid without saying that road of deplorable, if we want to bring them around to what I would say more enlightened kind of thinking and who happened to see Donald Trump, as someone has turned the presidency into one long, infomercial from our logo, you know where we can do that without saying to them, you ve, been duped your chumps, your damn your deplorable, and I think we need to talk to them with more generosity than we do. He says that the left is too preoccupied with being non confrontational re. My left
what is more, we are essentially, but they are now that's a good question. The idea that the liberals, especially intellectuals, are preoccupied with politically correct speech that there I see, I see an end yet know their proved too preoccupied with which our dignity, politics, by a large margin, and they tend to categories everyone by their ethnicity and their sex in their gender, and I think all that does is turn people into tribal actors and that the end result of that is Qatar. Weren't. You also saying, though, that that the left is to work. About offending people. I think that that those alone, my world yes way with a little before then on the other hand, when the left, for example, offends people in the political sphere, your questioning, whether that's somehow bad for society at large
well I'm concerned about. I dont. I think that those two issues, I think that those two issues are somewhat separate. I'm concerned about the the dialogue in the United States around the presidency, pulling people, people farther and farther part. It has nothing to do with the behaviour of Trump. I think this is an independent issue, you can, you can say positive or negative unease all your answers, light order busy. I know that's the thing. Is it that's the issue? That's that's the issues. They voted supportive and without the circus he's just alone
clown. But he has these people in Congress, who were at eight words and this base that it is a cult of personality, not unlike dictatorships. We ve seen in the past, I mean he said once famously. I could shoot someone on Fifth avenue and not lose any fans who yes and he and he has proved that to be almost true. I mean we cannot imagine what he would do where they were turned up, because I dont know what that would be. I dont think its anything, because whatever it was, he would just say will its fake news, but, but I can't imagine, he's impeached just for the sake of argument, impeach or convicted, ok, either of those, but it seems to me that matter, one he has to leave. You know that it's not it's not an unimportant detail, but it still seems to me that leaves you with the problem of what do you do with the disaffected forty s,
That are going to be very, very happy about this independent of trumps behaving like the sudanese after we kicked over Saddam. Well, that's that's a hell of Uk Vices site yeah right. I tried. I worry about. I'm stress that this is an argument looking for an argument solution without waiting for impeachment. We're making sure that people understand. Donald Trump cannot stop us today. Donald Trump could not stop me from the first net neutrality bill to make sure people Access to the internet, he could not stop us from do. You cannot stop if he can. I stop us from acting on climate change. Will always bullying say, and it is just a hopes he can't stop us from for fighting climate change. He can't stop us from having the best paid family alone sickly policy. He can't stop ready when we demonstrate peeping front in our state Washington state. So I know why that's it is certainly is stopping us from protecting the environment. He assigned executive borders right. The first thing you did enormous would
He has to decide in order. That said, hey you wanna dump your call, sludge and the streams go right ahead. They headed the EPA is got prove it he's reversed. Oh no, I just change to the environmental pollutants pollutants. I know, but just say he can't stop as these things that tax landscape everywhere absolutely ensuing easing ingesting unease of doing very disappointing. Crazy judges left here right here. These are doing things as we speak when we don't clever it because of Stormy Daniels, but all is going on can I take you, so they can get used to it again. You didn't get any questions, but it was a wonderful paddled like you're. Nobody knew everything we haven't. I didn't really want to make more information not on each year,
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