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Overtime - Episode #459: Libertarianism, State Secrets, Party Futures

2018-05-05 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Jon Meacham, Michael Tubbs, Michael Hayden, Sally Kohn, and Matt Welch answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 05/04/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time? Thank you, sir. Since you're the one who's rested in the bolt there's some nicotine out there What would the report Lookin reaction, be if a democratic president hid their health from the public or pushed for their position to make false statements. You wouldn't even get to that. Oh really, that he wrote his own medical report and gave it to his doctor. Like that guy's a doctor, I think the answer tat. The answer depends on the flammability have shown kennedys hair we're so we're so past where the buses run on.
Wrote a good, I'm glad you're loosening up in agreeing with me, I'm bringing you around about it, I'm trying to save the Republican. I know you are you're doing a hell of a map, as libertarianism have a place to that in today's vote. Political parties- hell yes with a libertarian party. First of all, we were interesting moment right now. We're both major parties have really retreated on stuff, like government spending like holding lie interventionism against surveillance, warrantless surveillance, things like that and I would also argue freeze of age, and so this that we need more libertarian ideas in both parties and also in limiting Borneo thing. What is it might look like in his underage general, how are an essay operations being protected from a president who leaks intelligence to our adversaries zone,
without arguing. The premise right here is the seriousness you carry Ohio care. Michigan you carry Wisconsin you get to secret and so, if you're gonna issue there, you need to talk to the voters, yes, not to the agency. If so depressing but that's what it would be worse if he was interested worse, if we actually read a briefing or cared about any thing except whether unknown Nord stream is selling of Uncas shoes and that's one of the challenges we have. We we have at present Michael Curse and want to push w speechwriter said Donald Trump lives, the evening eternal now little history, no consequence the road of intelligence is context, and we just by one and the long game yet exactly that's why we didn't have a hot war when we had a cold war, because it was fought by european and that's a preferable way to do it
right. Is there a chance, John, that current partisan divide could become so irreconcilable that America plunges into a second civil war? I don't think so, but I would the Euro nothing out face coming over the Mercer there you go because historically we we did have one. I think it's more likely they'll, be a reshuffling of the parties, the elements that belong to the parties. That's happened whenever there's been a failure of consensus on the central issue of the time so and slavery in the fifties and sixtys on industrialization at the turn of the century, on the role of the state, then in the middle of century, and then chiefly in our own time, the the shift from Republicans being the Party of Lincoln truly do the dim and the Democrats being the party of segregation is that they got to stop saying that the party, a Lincoln their party switch,
What's up completely switch? That is just ridiculous, but oak, but instead there's something wrong with aspiring to that now, of course, the case recently is that they don't well the case right now right now. Is that in twenty? Sixteen is the first recorded case of a candidate of a hijacker boarding, a plane in the passenger siding with high jack, and that's what happened with Trump. He took over the base. They got rid of the pilots of JEB Bush's, and the great moral question right now is who wants to be on the right side of history? as we are told that earlier and say that this will not stand here, I love when Republican say that a Party of Lincoln, like I love, em like okay now, could you act like it?
Do they do I mean doing ring? I mean it's just like when conservative suddenly are all worried about women's rights and gay rights right, they bring it up so that they can bash Muslims, but then. It's actually their own policies and actions. They don't do any to uphold them, thereby when it's convenient, they say they they use it as a fig leaf for them. Otherwise, racist behaviour out with a Party of Lincoln it's out of the way. George Bush member was talking about his National Guard service. I dont denigrate the guard. Well, in his day, the guard was a way to get out of the service and he took it. An edge of it He was president. It was a way to get sent to a rack, so he conflated those two ok forbade the good. The question right now, it seems to me, is that the democratic interface it again with Sanders and Warren and the Republican are facing a right. Now is the central issue. Is globalization and its implications, and neither party as it stands has a coherent answer to that
and the racism. Xenophobia are related to the fact that people are worried that immigrants are coming in undercutting them, but to date is not very strong on that, of course, which makes it all the more hard to make an intellectual argument about. Ok, maybe as a young democratic. Do you think the party would be better off if Nancy Pelosi announced, endorse a younger, less polarizing Democrat to be leader. Spigot Pelosi are leader closely, will retire it's time. I think I've read this automatic article that talk about how a lot the hate she gives precise because she's, a woman with power she's the moment when the most effective party leaders ever obsolete for former leader similar thinks he's dead. I think many times, and I am glad Mr Geier like that, because somebody Democrats, ok, I think, to the water point with a party- does have to develop a bitch. Does not just age is
as MRS its sexual orientation that looks? Acting are saying that I mean there are more women candidates than ever this year by by a margin. I thank you. Everybody. Thank you audience we'll see you next week I'll tell me when she said that we are having to watch him any more commission, not behind each be Oda
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