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Overtime - Episode #462: Media, Midterms, Prejudice

2018-06-02 | 🔗

Bill and his Real Time panelists – Paul Begala, Natasha Bertrand, Bret Stephens, and Charlamagne Tha God – answer viewer questions after the show.

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time ok, all right, it's your! How can we combat this systematic undermining of media institutions and gross disregard for effects? In truth, in three words, just keep affording unapologetically keep speaking the truth, fight disinformation with facts and every time the president lies or tells a demonstrable falsehood, as some people
media like to characterize. It cannot do that Portugal and what are your thoughts on this year's democratic candidates, the yeah, but what the roster the bench, how they do and unhappy with the direction the party is growing in yes for signing you're great I've, I'm out of the business of run campaigns, but I've aren't you a lot of these have been all around the country for some of these folks, we want of money out of me. Yes, you help re elected president when I was working for him and I was making. I was so scared of Mitt Romney,
I gave a bomb a million dollars, and now she did now. I would give Mitt Romney a million dollar that today we have more and more women running where people kind more veterans. Sometimes all three women of color veterans deserved this best proper candidates that I've seen in my life. So my follow up question is: how are the Democrats gonna blow it? Actually, I have a good three words you talk to earlier with worry about. What's this, I think, for the mid term, this is not
for the present permit terms is very simple vote about really came up. There really was speaking at a rally in they were screaming, but this Indonesia will feel like a boat about that guy is way better political consult than I am indeed he's really Nelson. So we know them out that use the work before the Russians will rigging election year. The other answers don't talk about impeachment. That's just gonna drive Republican turn out. I mean I don't agree with sanders about a lot, but at least he's talking about issues that matter to normal people, and it should not be a campaign about the anxiety and anger of the kind of media class and Alain and in New York, because that's a way to lose you gotta start appealing.
Two people who voted for a bomber than voted for tromp now have to be brought back now agree you can be at our trump. You gotta, be pro people Laura S. Charlemagne censure next book is about fear and anxiety. What what do you think is the number one issue we are. We, as a country have to fear on easy answer, would be Donald Trump, but I would say just prejudice in general, you know my looking genuine anyone who wants to live in a country where people are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I think we need to broaden out and say not just to cull of your skin, which is sexual equality, your gender, your religion. If we can do so,
many prejudice across the border really just treat people as people in countries that it is out of things like I'm, not only of only voted. How do you legislator? I mean more than obviously than we were there. We mostly have laws in place already, whatever other at present. That is, it is governing. You have to be humane and you have to want justice all right. I think that you have. Those two simple attribute is pretty easy revulsion. What's Andrew, I know. I just think that its very tough when you get to that level where people just don't vote for the right people. Well, I think it's really easy as it is this. This presidential term is over because so many people have been exposed to guess the beauty of this parliamentary term,
nobody being covert with their racism and bigotry, no more a lot of you are being over. Would it for now. We know whose oh yeah, ok, what are what effect will trump ISM have on future presidents? Let's not talk about that asshole. Do you think
and I felt that about him. The problem with this guy is that you know he takes up all the oxygen just. Should the Democrats be making the case, did they rather than Republicans and now the Party of LAW and order that Russia can certainly don't care about lawlessness any more than you can say that the list of things that used to care about and don't I was struck- that's the first thing Centre Sanders said to you in Indonesia, Visa democratic, socialist she's. All about you know Medicare for all and in jobs for all he didn't open with that with you, that's a tell what he said was something you have talked about. The real threat of this present is not even any. The issues are ideas. Is that he's a wanna be autocrat. He wants to cripple any checks on his power, this, the free press, the federal judiciary, the FBI, the CIA, the opposition part.
The Congress? That's really telling me that somebody who's bit so focused on democratic socialism sees actually democracy is the greater threat from trumpetings harps went right, you ve been moving. They elect right back, you everybody! Thank you tell me everything we haven't had inherited a watch him any more commission, not behind each be oh dot. Com
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