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Overtime - Episode #467: Shrinking GOP, Stormy Setup, Trump Challengers

2018-08-04 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Malcolm Nance, Nancy MacLean, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Charles Blow, and Steve Schmidt answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 08/03/18)

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him all right. Now. My comments has brought great, ok, Malcolm, and how would you suggest the Eu S retaliate against Russia to check? We ask that question either, since you'll get another one? I see another one error and therefore you don't try not to repeat granted. Verity asked the US since TAT reform is in Helsinki, have any of your GEO peak contacts in Congress become more inclined to believe. Well, let me ask a different gretchen. That's a good question. I hear that the their Republican Party is shrinking that, but that I hear this all the time that, because trumps numbers within the party are so high, it's because the actual member Republicans are going down and always makes me want to ask you how many Steve Schmidt's are out there, how many
in the Republican Party, who used to be who are now switching, I think it's very significant number and I think, you're too see college educated republican women in these swing. Districts delivered the Lou way for the Democrats, because many people lack would put the future. The national Republican Party looks exactly like the future of the California GEO Pay, which, for the first time in history of the two parties in any state, the Republican Party in this state is now a third party is smaller than to decline to state registrations. When you look at the network that that that millennials feel towards the Republican Party, you look at African Americans brown people, you look edges demographically, the country and you can
said that when people imprint on a political party generationally at eighteen years age, they remain faithful to their party really for their lifetimes for for decades in decades in decades, so the Republican Party, some too, has a huge, huge, huge problem demographically and it's going to continue to shrink, but as a guest shrink or as is a shrink, is smaller just like the California Republican Party, has it will become crazier, but to the point that I made earlier about the media, this was also mean. Tromp was an accelerated. He has made the situation worse but weirdly, if you, if you look at data over time of party registration, the decline in republican registration in some ways began much earlier before trumpet. It was a lot about younger voters, specifically young women. If you look at what millennium men's party identification looks like you go back to the first time, millennials can vote which, because the two thousand
you don't for era. Millennial men are just as republican today as they were then, before millennial women. Those numbers have fallen to where its democratic plus fifty margin parties not paying attention to what, but, but that's written party gets what use a nobler than do. We see no is about the shrieking group of Americans trying their best to enshrine power and privilege and prestige, and so that they know that they will. There will come a day when they will have the numbers to do it, but if they can lock in as much unchangeable are difficult to change.
Mechanisms than they will hold onto if one another they originated with the numbers. Like me, you will find my dad's that as a cheap, but that has been these just all that ran back, that Supreme courts from Buckle bomb right because you try and something for it. It is not about numbers and if that and if we had mandatory voting, that they would not get close to winning office. If everybody who
but what we don't have benefits. We we have voted suppression is evident. I'm saying it s about national radically changed the rules. Wherever they get power, they not rules some more and ultimately, the ultimate rules. Book is the constitution and they are taking dead aim at our constitution and bread. Cavanaugh is the coke selected candidate. You look at how we came to be through the Federalist Society along Glen or leisure. Cope was investing seed money as he be a federal society since the nineteen seventy Cavanaugh is their guy. He was selected by Donald Mcgann, who is a coke person who is true what trumps Whitehouse Council, who did the vetting of these candidates? This is the coke candidate for the Supreme Court, and that is a crucial thing that we should be talking about over the next Ok, I was going to ask about Stormy, Daniel Syria. Stormy Daniels got arrested. Supreme court. Doesn't it did you don't find this alarming that we are now arresting
Private citizens have it's not that it wants to me. It was when it was a trumped up. Charges might go set up. It was a police set up. What do you think happened? What would you think it came? Who gave that We are always an order not needed to be go, no water needed to be given. I mean you know it's like the fight between the brown shirts and in the black shirts and Nazi Germany back that AEGIS hint that you want change. In that means rolling up your political enemies. You wore them up whenever you want to create mayhem. It's like you said. You know you have Nuremberg and hopefully Nuremberg and these people will go out and they will affect change themselves if that means walking into a new Truman killing everybody in it they'll do it it's unspoken laws and unspoken waters that are given out there and that you said these things along ball games. They will change the system to allow these things to be on punishable,
and this is a simple thing- is politically motivated, buddies, first part and parcel with ice agents, for example, in a conquer New Hampshire Bus station, walking down the. Why asked and people for their papers, please ratio that you're, citizen and so in this country, the only appropriate response, when someone asks you to show your papers and processing that is to say, go fuck yourself, sir. I don't have to show papers before we get on the bus robot, but all of this is is alarming. All of it is radical in we shouldn't be used to it, but we got used to it by the current president in Demand- see the paper than the previous one. That is him signalling and people saying that is with me and they are a kind of falling in love in doing exactly well, I saw him. I just go way back to nineteen. Sixty two, the Republican Party deciding to plan peace flag in the stable
the latter, is a major everything else followed on from metal. That's right. It's like war of the worlds, the tripod we're we're under an amateur came to the planet. They came out from under reference it we're always under the first law enforcement organization that industrial border patrol and ice they are. But you know I feel sad about this. I love my law enforcement officers. I train them in countering terrorism in Counter terrorism intelligence all the time I engage with them, but there is a block of people right now think that they are. The enforcement arm of the Trump administration,
and they are taking these borders literally. Like it's a new Hampshire bus station, really you think that there's gonna be a legal immigrants trying to get on a bus up their nay. What to enforce his orders in the in the head of ice himself came on television and said until the orders or change that's going to be the orders, locking up kids no problem. This is a malfunction that has to be weak calibrated when it when we change. If we, Is this congress we're going to have to change laws to where they're going to have to obey them constitution, not Donald Trump? Okay, I thought we have those laws, but maybe, in the perspective field of democratic candidates do you think, would be most likely to beat Donald Trump in twenty twenty. It was yours.
The essential scale is yet to be. Somebody who can provoke tromp, have trumps swing at them and then be smart enough to stand back and not get into a brawl in the middle of the ring, but to cut tromp with humor to laugh at him rise a narcissist, see she laughed TAT, he should be marked. Humor is the most potent wet where major, why our rank and would have been a great while I wish you a great. We got rid of we're because you stand up there at Robert Janeiro with all respect these says fuck, you right he's playing trumps, gay exotic gods, Zella you knew God Zilla. He just get stronger right. You you try to our vile Donald Trump,
and yet strong we're supposed to artists in the poets. That's the best we can do fuck, you name a person. I like South Morton Kim Rye into two young congressmen well from Ohio, because I think that there should be a lot of energy for new and we talk about that. The loss of affinity for the Republican Party among women, I mean it looks like this
Manders meeting from the Handmaids tail when these guys got it. So I think that, whether its John Hidden Loop or whether to work or study of this city, it's gonna be someone New PAMELA Harris added out of the progressive online. But I would add that it is very hard to win the Democratic democratic primary with in not be from the south and you haven't, namely by from the south, and I think you have to mix into that group. People like male Andrew of neural people like that, because the democratic process and swing self silk, because what this Bernie problem he could have one, but he did not. He did not get into the south quick enough did not, as MRS Strong enough to not connect close enough with those
the older black women voters and you haven't- you know killer, makes great guy, but I hope that what MRS Killer might was a killer. Might you know it s? Does it right right to you so this idea of like someone from the MID West or go forgive, it could work but is hard, but there's There's gonna to be at least two credible african american candidates in there may be three of Governor Patrick neurons are now the other I've gotta go outside what we're doing notes, I guess I asked for a briefly. We gotta go Tommy Jock worth. Thank you. Thank you very much. Everybody Joam, you emphasise real. Every Friday night watchman removed the nation, not mind each be oh dont com.
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