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Overtime - Episode #469: SCOTUS Term Limits, Wave of Women, Wildfires

2018-08-18 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – Preet Bharara, Adam Conover, Jennifer Granholm, Charlie Sykes, and Jonathan Swan answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 08/17/18)

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him area back on the internet, we were just making fun of Crete, should there be a teen year term limits for the Supreme Court? Yes, some people have mentioned that. I would say yes, because tromp got two picks in a year and a half Jimmy Carter never got one guy Cyril was
it's it's. It's mixing got four Reagan got four. Yes look! So I'd, I think, is reasonable case to be made for it. I think you wanna have judicial independence, which the founders thought could be accomplished through having life tenure by three. Also, probably thought could, over time the people in Supreme Court would sort of MAX again over a long period of time, the ideological proclivities of the party that was applying them. But if you look things is a state that people on focus on you go back to nineteen sixty eight fifty in the last fifty fifty years, and if you count the new nominee there will have been eight in people appointed to the Supreme Court. You know how many of them were appointed by republican present. Fourteen of the eighteen. So it's over eighty in promoting for from to President who did not win the popular vote correct, so
because of the very real liberals on the core about, but but the reason why people haven't freaked out more than they might have is because in yesteryear there were times when a present like Gerald Ford, would appoint someone like John Paul Stevens, who ended up not being as ideologically, pure and and right wing at some of the people. You have now that that problem has been solved by the right in various ways, but it is interesting to see how lopsided it has been. Even the Democrats have been in office for your much different percentage of the time than the fourteen to eighteen, would suggest. Well, you know whether founders screwed up. They didn't know that we would stop smoking so that they didn't think that it will be living in the aid there, Eightys and Ninetys it out. If we were still a smoking country, we wouldn't have to worry about term moments. We wouldn't have a country run by people who are always eighty, eight, eighty, nine years old, so you're saying
America was never really that great, hey, we're lousy. Do more. Is the rub. America, ok, Charlie going to join other principle, conservatives and vote for Democrats in the mid term, I would prefer to vote for sane rational publicans. I do I I can't find him, I mean I don't I don't make a right in you know the Pope or Vienna Reagan. That's just a jungle, it would definitely be the pope known it. You're, mad at you, but now you are going about democratic You don't know that my well only two sides as well. We gotta pick as raised by race, and I do think that America needs to have like to not crazy parties, and I do think that a principle can
Is all a ban and the Republican Party than leave it to the euro, the swamp, lizards and then, and the crackpots in that and the trumpets? But as of right now, I dont see Amy any any constituency for Republicans who are going to stand up against Donald Trump, and I do think this elections will be a referendum on constitutional. What about democracy? About the next presidential? no account. I mean John case that looks like he's making some moves me. I'm Mitt Romney. If he could find my spine consists this deadly. He could be you know: do you think there will be a challenge from the republican classic wing of the party? There will be a challenge and it will fail because the parties based it become as Jonathan was saying, has become a kind of Baltic, whereas movies we sat railways, it dried weight is recognised, it won't fail if it saps enough vote right away to elect a Democrat, ran. It will succeed.
Well, that's why I'm not saying John case it will win the elections, but if he runs as a third party carried, the third third party candidate will be interesting. But then again I mean don't don't underestimate the downturn could be re elected a. Why don't You know I mean never underestimate. Independently of the Democrats to blow that I'm the guy who says he's leaving even if he loses the elected not really funny, but ok,
Jennifer. How important is the election of women to the success of the democratic body were dog about? You took good, you know your bears. I never get worse off right it. Let us send a groove was poured a give us the provocative about why they're not going to go ahead and we're going to see I mean we have is incredible numbers for for those of you who have been watching this women are killing, women are killing it both in winning run. They raise their that comes out of Emily's list were in the mid terms last cycle last time and about nine hundred women who had raise their hands to say they wanted Emily's less help in this cycle, for
the thousand women have read somewhere, they want to run off with you. I read TAT really stormy day knows an arm arose, pussy grabbing tape and women. I think it is women who are going to wind amendment. We hear of this country along at us in MILAN Veto at all. One of the smartest analysts of the elections in speaking to houses, Dave Washerwoman, was cooked legal boy and he called this he's he's already called it. The year of the angry female college. Graduate and I'll tell you. When you talk to trumps political advises, that is the constituency, they fear most, because I already vote
in huge numbers and he's approval. Writing among them is, I think, twenty six percent something like that. It's truly I'm only voted firm and twenty sixth day. I don't know what the college educated women, he one white women and he says I won women. He actually means wife, women. If I don't know what he's numbers there were action, not so bad that were not so bad internet sixty and now he's underwater, even with white women, just white women without college educate, so that retail has the Trump family gone so many years in New York City. Without facing major prosecution rate question, I would love to know that, because the easy way out
My bad disorders and headlights now biggest launched in Athens, one laughs and more Adam. Is it naive to believe the California's wildfires could be rendered more or they truly due to man made climate change? Oh, that's! That's us the question for me there absolutely due to man made climate change, but not now that is not just eight years. Our people, our real. I would answer differently. You would have ruined you for your ears. Are people realise is that when natural disasters happen and people say, oh it's an act of God we
really are the ones who make the natural disaster so destructive in the case of fires. It's because we built we're we're doing this on the show coming this year is because we build home so far out in the wilderness, that now we extinguish every single fire that happens right, but those are like you know forest need a certain amount of fire. You know, like small fires, Israel, to clean up the dead wood when you extinguished every fire, because my God now people are the suburbs of encroached out into the forest, then the dead wood builds up and then, when the fire does come, it's a real mother fucker and that's what we're seeing that's what we're seeing right now I mean it's impossible to live in California and not realise that climate change is real and that we live in a man made landscape that is crumbling under its own way. It's really astonishing haven't ice weaker, everybody tone. You emphasised to reinforce my having had a united watching for more information not onto each be oh dot, com.
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