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Overtime - Episode #470: Tipped Wages, Constitutional Convention, Reality Winner

2018-08-25 | 🔗

Bill and his guests – John Brennan, Kara Swisher, David Corn, Saru Jayaraman, and Rick Wilson answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 08/24/18)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO making real time we're back I ever get. Ok. Do you agree with this deal just within IRAN widen statement that there should be consequences, replied, forms that don't remove people like Alex Jones. I don't have consequences our bathing. The internet can safely regulated in some level of how they are operating in. So he did that interview with May actually- and I think probably a lot of people worry about that idea of doing that. Companies should be able to do whatever they want, not always free speech, Bertram measure of sorrow. Should we get rid of chipped wages
you have nice are well well if you want to maintain a legacy of slavery and keep sexual harassment, keep the two dollar wage in this country. Otherwise, people away, let them actually- and you know what, if you put it on the ballot that actually glad to vote and maybe will change all the stuff that we have been talking about. It is turned you do. I see more and more places words after leaving it in, and we actually just one in Dc. On June nineteen we raise the wage from three dollars to fifteen dollars the ballot in Michigan. If the Republican do you think it's time we had a constitutional convention to alter some of the fundamental problems with America? I do I've been cited for twenty years. Problem is they're the ones now who want a constant. So this amazing Macleans book that this is the COPE brothers thing yeah its aim.
Convention could be very damaging. Endangers Latvia, you wanna, go back to dread, Scott say that's right, that's I do it, and so we open that door. It's interesting progressed as minor roads have been fighting this for years and the cope brothers in and conservatives want open that attack. They want to go back to appointed senators. I worry about right now. In this country we ve got forty percent of people who say that the president should be able to shut down a news organization age, not happy. I worry that will get into a very deep Meyer if we go into a constitutional convention. You know. I know the operating system has some flaws in some bugs in it, but we may be replacing it with like guys you wanna hit rocks with hammers. I really only about it. There is a long term problem, though you know we talk about the electoral College and how is it that is? We have gerrymandering but also
as the population becomes more urbanized rules. World states have more power in the Senate, so we have a democracy crisis that we are doing in this country and I wonder how you get around that we get it ain't like child, how controversial amendment to strike an electoral college just one thing going into a constitutional convention, remembered that reboots us from zero. We re right at that point, and I likely is that it's really unlikely that difficult and agree on luncheon right right, it's real! Naturally, I more ridge keep saying it to take a baby step and the baby step is not to decode it. One
Wouldn't replanting. There was good enough deadwood right, they wonder, actually, ok, Tipp wages. We have. What do you think, David corn of reality, winner, the essay translator who leaked the russian Hacking Europe word being sentenced to five years in prison, while I, as a journalist, we count on what is it with the name and looks? Well it's a long story. That's you don't wanna know what has it journalist who count on people to leave us information, that's vital for democracy to function. Knowing what happened with the russian hack was a very important thing now she did violate. The rules are very important, but this penalty that she's got five years is exceedingly long when the longest penalties and it's ours there to create a chilling effect right so that other people don't do this.
And we stay in the dark, and if we have a new administration and a Congress who won't tell us what happened fully, the twenty sixteen hacking that we need people like reality, winter, we need more of them and now we're getting it less than because we still don't have. The full story has Trump and Republicans dont want us to. I worry about what we ve got a president who goes in private meetings, the oval office with russian spies and ambassadors, and goes in behind closed, and God knows what he is talking about. No one will tell us and he's he's been in deep with the Russian, since he was a since he was a young was asked.
De, avoiding veteran of new more, and so I guess you know what she broke. The law and in the sentence was harsh, but it was within the bounds of what the what the guidelines were set. The journalism thing aside: she broke the law, but we ve got an administration, that's more fundamentally compromised our security on so many different levels than she ever could have dreamed of doing and to be fair, the Russians metallic frankly that was recently I, the Chinese, will get there. We indicted in his turn themselves, and we think that this Maria Bettina Fucking Outina went in that making a local job. It's a wrapped, agile, look, she was absolutely per bake for these four than the DC conservative nerd crowd there like russian girl who likes guns. I think it's very interesting that she targeted. I love guns and I got to prayer breakfast
love me: I like what you like. She was a shaded with amazing that yours, you have years shows that their into our side, what are the conservative side, she's, clear guns and Jesus that I need to reflect on your your purring Did you give your ringleader later? I gotta go back, give area only legislative, real, my every Friday night watch him any more information, not on each be oh dot. Com
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