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Overtime - Episode #474: Neil deGrasse Tyson, April Ryan, Evelyn Farkas, Max Brooks

2018-09-29 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 09/28/18)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO making night real time. I think I know why you're late at night, because thank you work will be taking marriage offers after this year during the last three weeks.
Applicants found a little backbone. This week we are going to have an investigation of bread governors of the Supreme Court, as you know, and the investigation by the FBI's gonna last one week so put that on your fuckin calendar right down on, and you know this is the two Ladys in the Senate, the Republicans and just like a virus. I couldn't believe just like. Maybe you just say this: maybe he was Turner because he was confronted when he was getting on the elevator. What little better that video by somebody who had the gut telling me right now, you're telling me that does not matter.
I've been seeing a guy, take it in the elevator like that beyond, say, sister kick J O and then they tried cornering Lindsey, Graham, but he, but he got away Yes, he's familiar with the backdoor like a more robust, gives up a lot of trouble with women. That's a sausage party and the Republican. So you don't they did they hired a female prosecutor to ask the questions to Professor Ford effect when a mobster thinks there's a bomb.
The risk area makes his wife's darted out there do it, but you know her testimony what, when summons being real, it shows it real. It's even conservatives had to admit it was compelling and credible. It was so kind. Calling and so credible. During a bread, Cavanaugh tried to turn up. The music that's crazy, but did this was a very different bread cabinet. He came out swinging like his penis at college. Forty one, that's that's! That's where there's a sex is this happens or vast in this last week we members at the beginning that we get a second accuser, also rather credible, who,
this was it yes, he was at a party there and judge was drunk and he dropped his pants in front of her and exposed himself. I mean imagining open your eyes and saying that Dick many pulls out his penis. This was a totally different red cabin on then the wonder we saw testifying like a week before totally different, angry volatile bitter, belligerent because nothing says I'm not capable of violent sought like flying into an unhinged re, always a good strategy. It gets here, that's a bring great, will now be apes, bookish law nerds and
But you know really that was a divorce hearing. She would have gotten the kids, that's how I, why did cabinet suddenly act? That way, could tribe told him too Rick has prompted like that. He was being meek and you know good bread. He likes bad breath. You want someone in his image, so we gave him whiny little bitch less than what we have. The evidence is yearbook and everything this choir boy, our carbon. You know I spent my high school years, concentrating on my my friendships and church.
That courage, you know it defends, doesn't work so great anymore. I can't be a sex criminal. I'm a catholic taxing, I couldn't have met Russians. I was drunk tower of the aid going on about it. He has many friendships with women's help many women and supported them and help them with their careers. You know- and he also says he's a big supporter of me to in fact, when someone is ordering drinks, the oasis, Give me too, I don't know if we could say he's deadly a rapist. I think that's too far, but is a fuckin lie.
When a drunk. Definitely now, even in this does mention beer lot lot. I like beer, do you like beer? I just finish your beer. Do you have any there? I thought he was going to ride out on a clydesdale half of this year book entries ribbon drinking. They ship facie, isn't keg club and roused club, and they get on the court's kept. The road give Togo, this guy, he might not. He might not get on that
he's a glimmer of hope in one week. You can look your kids in the eye and say America is not a country that puts a predator on the Supreme Court in the White House Shore, but not this here. Thinking when I got very near the grass Thyssen is first, I know you're not for this guy, but be nice. He is one of the most influential person around today is the former Whitehouse Chief strategies for president drumstick bad in his own. Well, it took a lot of probably they get the audience to be. That may be, but I'm going to say to you what I always say that conservatives when they come here. First of all, thank you. I appreciated, and it says Williams why there
publicans or in power, and we have none. Hillary Clinton never came here. Maybe she'd be president issue more confident victim yeah. So and and I know that you know you had a little event. There are the new Yorker there, Festival, in fact, I want to read Madame Gladwell quote, because they were going to interview you and then you are just invited. I've been DIS, invited many times by the way it's a good club American Gladwell said, call me old fashioned, but I would have thought that the point of a festival of ideas was to expose the audience to ideas, If you only invite your friends over, it's called a dinner party. What are your thoughts on that? While they changed me for David Remnant chase me for Europeans, Podcast and he came to me and said: hey we be honoured. If you were in this vessel ideas, I said fine, I don't want compensation, but I like going in a hostile audiences with tough interview, coming in. I do very little. Conservative media now do CNN Bbc. You know that
I go the toughest places, tough as tough as interviewers and say: hey no holds barred, rascal audiences, let's get it on again. That's why the Republicans are in power. So let me ask you about the adult sharpen sharpens the blade it does. Let me pick your brain about the Democrats because you're a strategy, you got your boy elected, but no one said that could happen down from can self elected. I will do I just I just showed up Dana Airlines and I don't want to get on this, but first you were crazy, but Sarah Palin and then you are crazy about Donald Trump, thank you look for morons who are empty vessels? Every single person administration has called him an idiot. That's what you look for. I get it
no you're, not entirely by the way to get into as you get it is economic war, China. You see what he's doing to realign the world's economy, that it did. He go to Harvard Kennedy School. Does speaking the vernacular of the elite of this world no speaks in a very plain spoken vernacular buddies. Incredulous markets is not its not send text that I'm worried about. It just says press conference this week he says crazy but no one thinks is true, you don't think it, but here now, but here's the power. The press conference, no other gutless Republican, would go into that line. Dan for an hour in twenty minutes and take all the incoming he stood up for cavern. More than any of these guys did- and I think it's one of the things that empowered Kavanaugh to go into on on Thursday and and to take on the Democrats of Trump had not done that. You know anybody what he did have court. It did have some answers that we're not
the standard answers, but you look he's got his he's gotta, just not him as a standard on its about reality has shown how divorced from reality, after the rumours that done good meal, digress, doesnt work and we do to fight against the anti intellectual movement in Amerika. I blame some of that. The attitude that so many intellectuals head towards those who were not as smart as they were. We have a long history of just smart people, discounting the view and the opinions and feelings of those who are not as well educated neck can really piss off an entire demographic, so at least eyes an educator. I try to not distinguish one. Try just bring everybody with you together to empower their critical thinking, but there are people, don't want
learn. Now we have to admit, but not you sound, like a teacher who say these students don't want to walk, learn, rather than indict your own teaching habits as failing, Ok, it's about. I mean you can't let everybody off the hook. It's like everybody's, a good person. You try harder with them. I mean I don't. I can't exe
an educator iconic separate, so you think you could teach Donald Trump something now I can. But nice I mean that's because, like guys indulge in Tibet Rubber, you pick everybody. I could do all right, Donald Trump, I'll bet you a thousand dollars. You cannot teach Donald Trump that this delve bomber is not literally invisible, not a thousand dollars. What we need, at least of all people, are thinking that then teaching is handy, someone information to replace information that they had. That is false, caressing aspect of teaching, but it's not the fundamental dimension of its getting a person to understand why their thoughts are wrong to begin with, and then it gets their own if any good luck- and I don't think he's not gonna- have been a penny, because Without doubt,
innovations in science and technology are the engines of tomorrow's economy and they will drive our health, our wealth and our security. If you invest in science like well, that will be the country that What we wanted it to be, and here s one of abolishing Obamacare, that's the first thing you did to the point about me: yeah, it's not anti intellectual, as am, I think, its anti science anti empirical truth that they get the major danger, because, because what science is and How- and why works, what we're talking sexual affects split it back in the day. And you move onto your next class. Science is a way of carrying the world its way of no What is true and what is not in establishing the objective. We body in which we all must function. If you don't have those capabilities and you but gain power. Oh my god,
right at the beginning of the end of an informed democracy. There is a large section of this country that is not interested in objective reality. You get him well and they're. Not critical thinkers is, and you have to release them where they are and its sometimes I m european. What's up does not. Let me just says bowing down one of my two books that are on the best seller list. Right now has been on the best. So it's for seventy one week's robbing in tied waters of trump books that have come and gone.
How do I get my big exercise book on the best? So that gives me hope. Somebody out there who cares about how many copies Isabel solar so began its highly variable certain just about how many copies sigh, Inter Alia, the total number is not what the bidding me how many copies the book is in total million can change a million out of a country of three hundred and twenty million. Ok, so it. Still not a lot of other people meaningless. We're were other people and other countries with English I know, but which are not America. I want two seconds conveyed. Sixty translations also anguish, but nobody knows about Amerika here's a point. It is any see a trump books. They come back and forth. So if you wanna talk about popular books, it sitting there in the middle of one large book,
fear and and then all of it. There is always a small percentage of people who will be bright, a million, unlike in the number Amelia I like to, but it's one three hundred of the country, April Ryan do not with science tat was man. Do you think we should bring back the equal time rule? Yes, yes, and what is that the equal to what? First of all, let me break it down in science by my brother? Are you wasted the tenderloin me? Ok, so selfhood for you for those of you who doubt now. I remember when President Trump in Canada
was calling on morning Joe when he liked Joe Sky ass. I do Europe in every other networks. While you didn't hear the other candidates colony and they could have because the equal time rule is gone, it's a bit, it's gone, they have not realised so if he he they could have done, it is well if there was a rule that if there was the rule still in effect, road bitten, present tromp would be on the air. We have to give equal time too other candidates, that is no longer effect, and that's one of the reasons why we want down from one that free avatars refuge under the areas. But my question is bill: why didn't he? Other candidates have the hook spa
to go in and secular. Let me do that. We would like there was scan. Donald Trump played the streets, a lotta. He wanted your road. They went into this, thus thou. There are wherefore this. This is not how we play this street gang Evelyn. How should America deal with Russia or post trump? Oh, my god there is a post drum. I mean, I think, the way that his administration, that is to say everyone that ham and our government is Google, but Russia, which is firmly in spelling out to Russia that if they continue with this really horrible behavior, you know invading other countries occupying them messing with our elections, continuing to mess with our elections, poisoning and killed. People in other countries in Munich? I can go on and on it there's a list of twenty things if they keep doing all that Stop that motion we already are getting them mostly are like
drive to me it's so much more on Ukraine. I hope you're happy, but that I don't care as much about Ukraine as I do about fucking with our election. Major with me. That's like way up here and in the rest of the Sharia about the poison order. That's a hack on our country, yes, but Ukraine is also TAT with America and as much as this is an attack on the right of a country to say I'm a sovereign country, we, this sovereign ukrainian people, want to be associated with NATO and the European Union in the West, and we want to be democratic, and we don't want this guy in the Kremlin telling us how to live our lives. The answer to your question is: wouldn't troops for it, but we should be stronger and Emily didn't Emily's archives to train them. I think so later we do so. We need to do more of the firm stuff because they won't cooperate with us until we are sufficiently across the board consistently firm. All the way up to the president, not cooperating russian and american astronauts misplaced
of course, it's gotta be oars. You little scene, ok, outcries, reached over. There met the flow of value, and I can't go too far on this, and I am going to claim Neil. Neil Video Game, and that they are, they are that it is a troubled world up in space with Russia and China. I'll just leave it at that sounds good base. Station is one thing and commercial space is one thing. It it'll led morality into the future road cherished junk max. What You think people are fascinated. Why do you think people are fascinated with doomsday just opium futures? I mean, I think, they're theirs is this fear, especially in America, because I think there's something very deep about our isolationism and where
We remember, we most of us came from someplace else and we escaped a lot of us escaped hardship, our ancestors escape hardship to come here, and there is always a subconscious fear that what we escaped will one day find us, and I think that's why there's always this terror, particularly because when times are even good, you have an explosion of post, apocalyptic movies, tv video games, so many movies about after the bomb went off right and it's horrible and that scary biggest essay movies do come true, it's always there and if I can, back to what you said about Russia. I think something happened recently that we need to be very aware of. Is that the Russians just rioted, because Putin raised the level of retirement when you can retire? I think it was sixty five.
Average russian man dies at sixty six and what that did. It exploded the myth that Russians will be able to sacrifice for the motherland and pay any price, and that's been the idea that oh, no, no, we can take the pain. Russia will be invincible and that's bullshit. We can hurt them, we can make them believe, and the Russians have been fighting in the grey zone. They'd used economic warfare Information warfare, cyber warfare. We don't do any of that. We used to do air right and it's time to get back in the game and it's time to make Ivan bleed I told me when he said that we are having fighting. I watch him any more information on each be oh dot com.
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