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Overtime - Episode #476: Omarosa, Steve Kornacki, Rebecca Traister, Reihan Salam, Eddie Glaude

2018-10-13 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 10/12/18)

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Welcome to each year from each the only real time. Here we are again J. These are the core yoyo back right. Let me find one video, ok, morose, the Amargosa. Do you anticipate more top officials in the White House defecting in speaking out against him? Well, Nicky highly shoe I guess she beat the holiday rushing got out of there thing on the wall, whose MAX, after the mid terms when the Democrats take back control of the house and possibly the Senate, I think you'll see a great defection they'll be a mass exodus and everybody will be trying to fight to write another book or tell a story, so I worry about whose, after you know, but
we thought that first crew was bad but, like I know what I mean, I mean like Rex tellers, and you know I said then, and now my could we get wreck tellers there is a chaperone, have someone who could step into that post, Ryan. Is the? U S army justified in its decision? Do this, Georgia were five hundred immigrants recruits in the last year? Well, if you're talking about, I think it's the end, a the and I programme. I think that it's just a its frankly one of these things, it's less a policy decision, then some kind of administrative cock up in which their just our allotted from pieces to it, but I have to know the the specifics of the case involved. I do think that when their folks, who don't pass a background check, and what have you, but I honestly don't know specifically with very careful on this show
very real outlets, careful Eddie is free speech on campus being stifled with students protesting controversial speakers. I mean what about that part of political correctness that you can't speak on campus, the home of free speech anymore. I think this overstayed. It really yeah. You can imagine after Milo spoke tango. Zella, he Polly went. Someplace else spoke without any any any incident. You think about Charles Murray and Middle berry really wild at which he did it and why you, the next day without any and we're gonna hear incident. So if that's where you can speak on our values, but I'm saying there are thousands of lectures on college campuses across the ideological spectrum that happen every day. Without these incidents, which you usually
your weight, a lot about it. I know it s because that's because its insatiable just like you in your opening model, are you Talkin about the weather men. They guy, remember that guy and whether report where the wind was blowing in the people were walking by human casualties. Sometimes we report about what's happening, campuses, innocent socialized man Steve. What and how should Democrats address how badly they are pulling with lieutenant was that you know that is the. If there's one worry area for Democrats in terms of November, that's it right there and I think one of the issues there is it's almost more funding
when we think of the Villa Tina vote, often in the media and in politics we treated as ok immigration, and we think that is the major issue that can drive it, and we expect that. Therefore Democrats are going to get the lion's share to obtain over, and yet it is a recent poll it said, asked latina voters. What is your top issue? It was not immigration, it was the economy, one third of the Tina identified as conservatives a quarter identified as Republicans. I think, Ryan had to pull their from a couple weeks ago. It had trumps approval in in one hitting forty one percent with latina voters. I've seen it between thirty five and forty one percent, and also you have historically low participation level lower relative to every other group out there among the Tino voters, especially in mid term elections. So if your democrat and you're, looking at California, Texas Florida couple other districts around the country where
attention it will do you no vote is going to make or break you. I get your biggest concern right now. You got the suburban energy. You got the money, I think that's a big factor for them Rebecca. Why do so many liberals peg Maloney as a victim rather than as a willing participant in a crooked family? I do now drives you, don't even Euro drives me bananas written there is such that there is such an impulse. To I mean, maybe it's about the you know ever renewing hope for white women, but maybe it's about that same impulse to think two to one make a secret hero out of somebody. Next to him. When it is so clear, that millennia of on these women are propping him deriving power participating part participating in the oppression and the destruction of the democracy.
I don't know it drives me crazy, when I say very little that I Lou as much as is the hope that the idea that Maloney as some kind of secret agent in their resisting no she's she's as horrific as he is, with less and less privileged republicans erstwhile chanting. Locker up a drunk rallies is unnecessary for Democrats. Do publicly distance themselves from Hillary Clinton, Ngos who says glittered in order to move on from twenty. Sixteen, it's amazing the way they they do still pillory is still light. It is if he was ass if she was president, we it's the idea that we could run away The open calls to violent, massage need by distancing ourselves from one lady. You notice that they they shouted hurt. It doesn't mean it's not about Hilary, it's about lock any of em up. You said, and you
dialogue is Diane Feinstein this week you know it's lock. Her stands up stands in for a much bigger metaphor for when they want to do Donald transport. If you try to turn a strengthened to weakness, so when you look at the enormous enthusiasm you have on the left, you talk about angry mobs right. You turn it into something that looks scary and threatening is so that people will rally around it and that's part of what makes him so effective. That's what he was about to cut down all of his rivals, the republican primaries. When he has a rival a clearly defined rival, then we can be very, very effective at trying to turn their strengths and weaknesses and that's why, when you have an actual democratic nominee, that's the moment when he might become a lot more politically effective, any us when he does not have a clearly defined rival, all that and he might just near new chant leader. I mean I've attended to ease rallies when we were on the campaign and there's a guy at the rally who led these chance, and he just
my Warner back, absolutely you just might need a playlist. Instead of locker lock her up blocker up, they might do something like lock. Him drop effect that we're talking about an american politicians. Locker up about anybody, uses its american politician, the most powerful. Yes in the war in the world, its right, it's so third world, and you know this. Somebody books called. Basically it could happen here. I'm still surprise some loop leaving. You also see populist politicians and pretty much all of the market democracy around the world who are gaining in prominence. This is not just a: U S been.
It's a global phenomenon and I dont think worsening the last of it. I think we'll see more of that in the years to come right. Thank you. Everybody had shown me many sentences. We haven't had a united Watch and any more information not on each beheld dot com,
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