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Overtime - Episode #479: Bob Woodward, Sarah Silverman, Katty Kay, Cornell Belcher, Bret Stephens

2018-11-10 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 11/09/18)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO Realtime Film, rudders Bob Woodward, and got a k, a question for you to how important is it for the press, the band together when reporters like Jim across their attack by the administration? It is, I know we got report as this. We could work in China and is Becky Stone, who would giving advice to reporters working in America, and that tells you something about the well wherein right where they haven't. Second, this is how you handle this sort of situation where press freedom is getting eroded and the one thing, a piece of advice from the rapporteur in China was the aim of the government will be to try to divide you, because if they can divide the poor. School than they can play one off against each other and they weaken, but I think that were taking the baked in the press in Trump is just throwing it out on the table and saying you know
you're the enemy of the people, and then we get all steamy and emotionally. Beyond hinged about oil. Not now the way to work together is when the New York Times or the BBC have a great story for the Washington Post to follow what and dig and gets specifics and make the case for the truth, and that means lots of work and let's face it, will become lazy
and we have to stop but coming lazy and Andrew innovation about following the times, rather than the other way and say that you are going to say for the New York Times in the BBC to give stories. I thought that's where we were heading. But if it's about the quality of information and New York Times, he had great story on trumped taxes and how the real estate market in New York City works, and we wrote one story about what we should do more. We wish
should have got his tax returns. I should have got this. I feel guilty every day about getting his tax arguments. It's so important not to be debated by every tweet, because Trump is playing the press and on that basis, his skill. You talked about his stereotypes about him as the ideal. Eight year old, I seem like a cunning twelve year old. Maybe that's a subject for debate, but he's the classic eighth grade eighth grade bully, and he knows exactly where to poke someone where it where it hurts Mccain, said something so smart before he died. He said you can't be the car landed constantly going off picture battles, pick them wisely. Ok, this is verb once every time. I think it's about go, pushing and pushing and pushing in pushing the way he does so e repeats in repeating repeats, and there is something about writing multiple stories and pushing and pushing and pushing in being that car
I'm guessing at another. We noticed alarm who goes off rights, because that is when people stop even noticing I'm the risk is that audiences to know of everybody thinks this is normal, because we heard this fifteen times yesterday and every tweet gets reported and the trouble is well you're. Distracted report is really hard to cover trump, because every day there are fifteen, my door is on the floor, things that you could be covering, and you don't have time to go down to the border, look what's happening with families and see how many people are being deported and go around the country and find out what's happening under this administration on Bill talked about the date. The dictator play book in the great line attributed to Stalin is the death of one person is a tragedy in the death of a million as a statistic, one lie will haunt Bill Clinton into his grave, but a million trump lies. You can't remember a single one of them that bit me
We need important stories go by like the text cut. The tax cut is one of the great deceit of all time you know there were six people who made the tax cut cotton for people from Congress to people, the Treasury secretary from Goldman Sachs and Gary Cohen. Who is the president of Goldman Sachs? They sat around the table and I think they had to go in and wipe the drool off the table, because these people were so happy have all this money that they can give to rich people, and they took the corporate tax rate from thirty five percent to twenty one percent trump was disappointed. He wanted to take it to fifteen percent and everyone got it.
Tax break, but the working Peoples tax break expires, but the corporate tax break does not, and why are we lead in this kind of all? Well that happen, and essentially Trump ran on saying: oh, isn't it great this wonderful tax cut? It has given us a wonderful economy. Well of you, you know talk to a kind of us left centre and right. We now have an additional one billion dollar deficit because of this, somebody's gonna have handed out aid for that and that's what the republican classic candidates would say. Remember these kind of Republicans when we were just about the dead and we can't be running up the dead. That's what a publican classic, I would say, rush you right
the enemy and in our family there. I feel them left in Washington and I think that I say one quick thing on it on the media and sorted propaganda in house working and ties back into your comes here about millennials. So I sit in folks rules with a lot of millennials and in its working. They are turning out of of mainstream news because they don't want to hear anymore and and- and I was sitting with some the millennials about two months ago and then no Mueller was They'Ll- know anything about the them investigation right. So it's a disconnect and then and then, of course, to your point than they dont vote right. So so what Trop is doing is diabolic, but it is actually work yeah. That's the priority that the people within the ears of Zagreb, solar. They say things that they don't even there that they say we like Russia. Just to be sure
Mr Lib Charge Cry, that's a lot of what it is and the tax thing is just like it p. It doesn't take much on Google to think to follow the money and see how things all grass out, I mean billionaires, cost Americans money more than anybody else where subsidizing the garbage they pay their workers, on value added at a trillion dollars in twenty seven team, paid, zero dollars and taxes. That's what the tax I mean it's Now, glories of your acts, I know now, This is where it gets. The questions of retired people too, that this review and me has it become increasingly difficult to make others laugh since Trump took office. I guess there saying, because you know the premises are the punchline. I guess that's what I mean more sure now, so I don't think it's more different.
I mean there's more material than ever right. I mean it's saying we usually presidents have one thing you know: Clinton was horny and Bush was still this guy's everything always horny stupidity they arrive exactly. Ok, let's ride, aren't I mean they're like they're, like jokes out of the Soviet Union right. It was funny you moment when you weren't in the goulash our right. Thank you. Thank you. I told me when he said that we are having fighting. I watch anything you'd be removed. The nation Levant each be oh dot. Com.
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