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Overtime - Episode #480: Eric Swalwell, Garry Kasparov, Van Jones, Steve Schmidt, Nancy MacLean

2018-11-16 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 11/16/18)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO making in real time back on the internet's. Let's go: ok, Gary! What's the best way that America can harm pollutants, interests yeah? How do we get How do we get on the offensive? A? U have sanctions and you can tighten the news. Is sanctions have been biting during portal? Dad Congress will guarantee data, they don't wait for trumped. Leave them go green, all his money from oil. We ve got off the Ohio starve rights now that status. That many ways, because you know he'd depends very much on the outside world and its very put on earth is shows, is it is political will to policy. We also start supporting our NATO allies again right, rather than drawing our selves closer to Russians, France, ok, so Van Steve, do you think the media should change the way it covers both
the trump. Yes, I got your boy back in the room now right Jimmy! That's right! That's very good! I think. There's a lot of actually amazing good stuff happens in the country that we don't get too. She has talk about because we're he just wake up in the morning tweets out some crazy stuff and most of us wake up in the morning pick up our phone and then freak out the next eighteen hours and they go to bed. So I think if we could just give him a little bit less of the arts and then give the actual no real people doing we'll stop more time, and he let it s going to happen, because your network in every network now has to report to the boardroom they have to make a profit and profit means more eyeballs and to get more eyeballs, they do bullshit.
Will you show my issued or they may? She is on trumps feed and she taught me that people respond to memory, try to knock off the critics and he couldn't do it. The critics are brilliant tame, revive your faith in the american people, their hilarious. There thought Voltaire funny there on point. It's an early worthwhile, although I'm not gonna, get the feeling that they are learned from her. Ok congressmen swore well. How should the incoming democratic majority in the house are busy respond to the CIA conclusion that the saudi Chrome prince was responsible for the death of tomorrow could show be you're? Putting the foreign policy issues side give the families remains back mean that the president can insist. You know where the remains it deserve to have closure there, but then, beyond that understanding, the president's financial interest in how it's trying foreign policy, we would never allow an ally to kill a. U S resident working for a? U S, publication at a NATO allies country.
So make sure that he stands up for you, a spice, ok, Gary? How many moves would it take to be Trump in a game of chess? salted, not even worth that event? They go through my game because we play by the rules. You're not going on not only makes sense if we want to make a more information, not mind each bio dot, com,
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