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Overtime - Episode #481: Marshawn Lynch, Barney Frank, Catherine Rampell, Erick Erickson

2019-01-19 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 1/18/19)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO Realtime Catherine, which economic threat is most likely to trigger the next recession. Tromp right now Normally, I would say President's get too much credit when the economy is good to modern blame when the economy is bad. I've been saying that for months when people ask me about Trump versus Obama economy, whatever else but trot was making so many unforced errors. At this point, everything from the trade wars, plural to the government, shut down to threatening the independence of the Federal Reserve of amazed, the tourist additional
the world economy? I mean in a sense, if surprising, statistically, because this is now the second longer recovery on record room history in all of history. So it's like a little long in the tooth, no matter what it surprising that it still stuck around, given all the policy errors that Trump has made. So that's what I'm worried about you have a lot of money to bill. Bergson work. We do lustre or be outlawed, partly because we just went to trade, dollars on a text. That is your law with your name on it to work or no delay delayed in good shape. They didn't they were unable to what they don't do, in particular with the consumer bill which did not administrate but didn't even dare try to change it and which still mug fleeing in in good shape when it has stopped. The abbess Catherine is absolutely right and I think that's the biggest economic
We got the artificial life from the technical and that's petering out and by the way, that's where network infrastructure. We spent the infrastructure money on the text, but that's why there will be no significant infrastructure improvement. We could give the greater the right kind of both because it all went for the technical, ok, Marshall Islands. Do you? Did you try and light a blunt off I'll, Davis's, eternal flame, last raiders game and open. I think you did doing you did. I think it is only right- and I think it is only right to send the writers of royal open and open way and where you were there, with our representations from the NFL for that We all think they call me. I'm pretty sure now, at this point,
something to take place there. They got you for skittles on your snake, large white ones, off of a guy's internal flame. That's not a very bright league is just women but yeah. That's our David strain! Ok! Bernie! Do hope. Democrats will push for. Oh no, I guess I asked do you think Alexandra Cassio Cortez is a good fit for the house. Financial services committee is doing great over what a star. Well, I have a problem with some of its having people. Do we sit in energy policy? Job is really stupid here today. I think it's important.
I worry about people on the left, picking an easy fight with their friends on the new left, as opposed to find the real enemy. That's what I was just saying anywhere yelling at me. Talking about signalling, said people should get it. I agree peoples, you get a second! I think people have been inconsistency, no second chance for sexual harassment, but yes for robbery. I think so I agree with that, but I do think he has a problem in misidentifying. Very she thinks the region. When I doing better is it some of the rebels haven't been fighting one of the parliamentary year, the opposition of the republican joy. I hope,
besides she put role that energy into fighting the right enemy. Eric Ericsson should Steve Kings comments be viewed as an isolated incident or they a symptom of racism dominating the Republican Party. I think there are Steve King problem, but I think there is a real problem with Republicans who were willing to speak up quick. About them, I've known Steve, gene and I've kind of been shocked at this evolution of him. I don't know him well buddies, often very blatantly about things I didn't even know. He believe it's a game and accurate sideline peat, and it really is theirs. Symptomatic of this presidential administration, making people feel
comfortable being ass all, but when they didn't necessarily make any comments for years, if not decades, saying that I have this biggest can't allow comments. I have never heard the end. You're you're right than your time ran along time line of calm as you made. I'd never reverted, but this later got word to see people defending him to say no, that's not really what he meant. It was what he meant and I do think the republic is. You got TIM Scott, calling out the Republican, and I think it's right. If the Republicans killing their own house, the voters totally will and its employees they're gonna stop worried about Clayton the Republic.
Sal. Surgical poor, kerosene around the outside of the party and struck a match. I mean I've, seen so many people who used to be, but I wish all normal Republicans who'd, then their Mcgovern Nunez had some pretty smart quotes. I swear to God, I read them on the show years ago he became this person and it happens a lot. I think it's Fox news. I think they get sucked into the fox these titles bag. It is, I think that it has become this cold. The personality with the present mean I had people show up at my house to threaten my family cause I wouldn't and vote for the guy, I'm a report that was a republican like City Council and they still showed up to threaten me yelled at my kids in the grocery store. It's these people. They they saw a comfortable fighting revival in public, but under its trump region, extraordinary figure he can get away with crap and nobody can get away with put people on she and, I think, to many people think eight look at how it paid off.
Yes, this guy, a totally unqualified own shied, becomes present. Show people think they can be Trump. Hardly Ryan is gone up with their to reassert. Our generation is with them to let that that saving are generally somebody I think the Republican Party has been dog whistling for decades and it was just you know, couched a little bit in more politeness before, and the dog whistle became audible to human ears in the last few years because of Trump, but I think that strain has been there for a very long time. Who'd, you wrote Brewers Boone, you didn't know
I would now like this piloted she does. She is crazy idea now that, my god I mean our respect, people for for what they believe in another sheet, but at the end of the day like if you, if you not a solid individual look, you know just how I feel, however, is president and who are our leaders in the Senate, the house they do affect people's lives. They do in right. They do a fake politics affects people's want very real way. John casing republican governor, I said to him: you did what most Republicans governors didn't. Do he expanded medicate in his state, and that means hundreds of thousands of where people got to see a doctor, that's real shit! That's what happens in the voting both downstream. That's all
what I know about like cuz. I mean like I understand that, but I'm like I'm in the communities and shit, don't sound like when I go to these like just me being from Oakland, but then I'll go to Miami or Hood in Miami or Hood in Saginaw, or something like that like a lot of those people, don't even though they don't, services are out there for whatever reason it don't reach all of the people and then they're four they're still from now on me bear the daylight, but that's where you need a good community. Already very great. You had run down through the great men with my awoken congresswoman, Barbara leaves and outstanding Mauro meter. You should be voting for these people convinced ended up, look out get out there.
Just get now with ok, I mean I mean we're goin to wallet antagonist destroyed. I do but then I may attend today like dealing with like going to dinner with politicians right now. I get into a situation where I want to do something more community to benefit more than you and if you I'll, come with a patriot for some of em. They not interested in what you have your open by president. So therefore, what I myself, therefore, what I do is, I just had to render myself I'll pack up a fucking: U Hall with either Turkey's toys for Turkey is an up, and I'm out age is going to my myself. But that's not a long term solution is not a lot of jobs. You can't do that. You can't buy term. You want to encourage the good one from a bad, but you back again in Oakland from very good outstanding people who very community booted. Don't you want to encourage you to answer some of em on some of the more good some over more bearable
the same conditions in which open was in Baghdad. They still in the same situation now so any lying like it better than if they were more than they could she tree. So what are you I mean look at California when, when this state they said that five years ago, before Jerry Brown became governor, they said it was ungovernable. Member said it was. It was that it was a failed state and then we elected a democratic governance with the democratic legislature and our stay. A lot better and people did a lot better and we have a surplus and it rains. Now. You gotta go start a party with the paper. I tell me when he said that we are having had a united watch him. Any more information, not mind each be oh dot. Com
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