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Overtime - Episode #484: Chris Christie, Malcolm Nance, Eric Idle, Natasha Bertrand, Jack Kingston

2019-02-09 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 2/8/19)

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him fell before we get to the questions. Would you and the governor like to answer what I was saying about? It was quoting nor more interesting and Thomas Mann are very, very esteems journalists. They were by partisan, nay said it's the Republicans vault. I think that when President Tromp has a good proposal, the country would be better off if Democrats got behind like what
one case in point case in point: how long do you want to stay in Afghanistan? You're right? That's the one I'm hoping and their end, and I wrote one of the issues also as areas the deficit and if you bring the troops back from these regime regime change wars that you would save billions of dollars and lies, and I think that something that should have the Republicans voted against demand that they finally found some understand up to him about. It was your not for war enough but but bill. There is an opportunity for a core of Democrats in the core Republicans to say you know what the President's got a good point here, let's get behind him! Well, I'm for under that I mean you're right, The liberals have been hypocritical about that. They knew they were for ending forever war and now, therefore, and in when he talked about family medical leave, chamber stood up.
You think he was only one of the Democrats. Sided did it, but you know there again reward good behaviour. The first step at to his credit, Corey Booker, brought somebody who had been released from jail, who had been sentenced and for a long period of time and that criminal justice reform in the first step back pass in December, greater partisanship and it should be done again, attack in or out the Lloyd's again gripe national problem. Sixty thousand people a year die from it. Democrats republics have a good opportunity to get behind somethin like that when and then, when he talks about wiping out childhood leukemia, why did one
a wrought with clapped since last applause in Hell, yeah? Let's do this because, as a horrible, I don't think that the democratic or for childhood looking and era remodeling governor Christie. Do you think there are any Democrats that have your signature in your face approach to dealing with the opposition? Is there a Democrat group Christie? I guess the rescue work, I thank God. No, neither psychic Bernie hasn't been that
Bernie does yak that they are european in web burn. He's got a point of view, he's gonna, say it and he does it really sugar code. Anything psychic sanders is one of the who do, you think, is the Democrats best choice to run in twenty two. I think the one that that the president would be most afraid of if he can stay in his layin is binding and the reason why because binding got Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Michigan and appeal to white working class voters, and if he does that he only has to pay off seven to ten thousand votes in each one of those states to be in any doubt when two of em but theres many states and he's not going to organise the bananas anyway. Super well he's out of sight the base and it. But you know what that basic its little bit too excited it's gonna drive way there s the middle, the country, because some of the south at the base is talking about is not going to be. No is that could be appealing to the middle of the country, and this is the same mistake I think derelict,
That's a made in a number of different elections where they say this is great. We love it, but they don't care about what the middle the country thinks they care about. The two coast at also put in tells a gabert, and I put in John Delaney. They get attraction. John D Lady, has an incredible business record and tells you gabert. I think she has a refreshing voice when it comes to these wars that are endless and regime Jack she's on the Russians, like that, that investor saying the Russians like New York Times looked at that story, that NBC ran discredited the guy who claims that is gonna Jonathan Morgan and a group called ok Eric idle. As president of the Footlights club at Cambridge, you were the first to allow women to
Lloyd, you personally with I did you did what motivated your decision here. It was nineteen sixty five. Why and it was before the Cambridge colleges admitted women and I'm just not. She know what this funny women, the hell we need them in the club in those undermine Greer, was first want to join the euro. The female unit. And you have got mobiles and that in my life, but the pipelines mostly dressed of women, that was personal, Aris is it possible some day we will look back as basic as a woman and think that that is not appropriate. I mean we are only at the beginning of really having transgender awareness. I wonder if some day will look back and go wow touchy, not funny
May I will always be funding in the to medium. Only if you are you don't think I could begin we want this. Just as you met MRS Robinson, that's organic ale, Natasha, excluding Trump, which family member is more likely to be in jeopardy, with the special council Don Junior or Jared, even though I think that dying Junior is probably in more immediate jeopardy. Just because of his ruin congressional testimony I mean he has been telling his friends and associates that he expects to be indicted and he's been saying that for the last couple months, so yeah, I think that his his accounts about you know the tromp tower meeting and twenty sixteen his accounts about trunk Kara, Moscow and how involved he wasn't knock
put him in some legal jeopardy. Baron asked me now. Mother has shown no shyness about going after people for line a Congress. Ok should any serious discussion of the national debt by the way and in the state of the union speech no mention of the usually president at least. Do lip service trumpets like fuck it? I'm just gonna, write a check the whole time on here in our what doesnt matter printing money. He said I saw I. Why should any serious discussion of the national debt include cuts to the military budget? Yes, yes, thirty terrorism.
What do you think you ve got a really cut you gotta talk about everything and manner is part of it. The other fundamental mistake to which Democrats seems we completely allergic to you know they don't want to talk about the wealth. They don't want to talk about gray, the fact that Medicare medicaid- I was a governor, I asked- do managed Karen medicate now this is not like splitting the atom there's managed care of. You were right, took the Obama administration two and a half years to give me permission, spend the fifty percent that I spend on managed care like democratic administrations have been allergic to ever Saint anybody know you can't do that in the final vote. So I agree with you I'll put military on this on the table. You put entitlements on the table and will fix the programme called a grand bargain right. An album tried for a grand bargain with John Vainer and to add to the point of the editorial. I just did the Republicans. Wouldn't let him there was a member that grand bargain and
grand bargain is what we need, but it has to be giving up on both sides. Trump completely does not understand his way of negotiating. Is I want my wall now? How about you give me my wall? That's not negotiate spent eight years with Democrats in a legislature, New Jersey and what you learn is everybody has to win eradicating negotiate. Everybody has the winds
something I wash forgot about. That is because they don't have to work with each other concern these gerrymandered districts, where they never have to worry about. General action will have to worry about primaries in New Jersey, I'm a Republican. I had a worry about my back every day, rational, make deals and give themselves what they want. You get some what you want just remember: he did in February two thousand eight team Sumer shut down the government. It was a three day shut down out. I get making a deal, and now only saying is wanted. You vote the way you did in February and we don't have any glitches and the government is only talk about five point. Seven billion dollars when talking about the military. We all know that large money, that's nothing, five point seven billion dollars and which are running a three point. Seven trillion alleges we and you know what I'm saying that same five point: seven billion in comparative desires things we re on its doesn't mean we should wasted on something stupid. Well,
it is not necessarily a compromise. Is a democratic one hundred miles away. The Wall hundred Giles come back into years, see which once more effective, then build bill. Or that are less than a stealth war, because tramping stealth, airplane are literally my sleep. Not only makes sense if we really want to make a move. Venetian. Ninety hbo dot com.
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