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Overtime - Episode #487: Matt Schlapp, Noah Rothman, Jonathan Alter, Mary Katharine Ham, Michael Steele

2019-03-09 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 3/8/19)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time. Ok, where your back in an hour the questions. Ok, Jonathan Alger, do you agree with the Democrats decision to keep their primary debates on Fox NEWS now agree that you need a hot where the ducks are right, but you know people die. Now that four years ago, the r and see cancel the end they see news the republican debate because they didn't like the way the CNBC debated gone earlier. So this idea that somehow something horrible has been done by Tom Perez, the Democratic Party chairman is not true and actually haven't, had a fox debate in the Democratic Party since two thousand and four. So this it's not like this is something to do every year. In a can, but you have to take every opportunity: ass voters. They ve got the votes on MSNBC ever into the wrong narrative anyway, so does
Dr Match and said earlier. If you want to play it in the game imply any can. Reach was constantly that even going there right right. Is there? Anyone in the Republican Party could mount a credible primary challenge to Donald Trump good question. There are a number of folks who are already starting to look at that. Certainly governor, well, former governor of Massachusetts is already in the game. My governor of of Maryland Larry hold and who just one reelection in a blue state. That's outnumbered. Republicans two to one done. A good job of governing is look yet the race and has a lot of excitement about his potentiality. He bring something too. A conversation that I think sets up a perfect contrast between Trump ISM or republican trumpets and and traditional republican ideas and in governance. So I think that that's a conversation we still need to have internally. I have
Real concerns about a lot of the value sets that we have jettison because of the culture personality is always bother me from the very beginning and end so we get. Someone involved in the narrative tat can re emerged, the the idea We still stand for free markets that we still show I spend more money than we take in that we should not burden future generations with debt and deficit that we should empower communities to make decisions for themselves. That's a debate, I think inside the republic, inviting we should be ready to her seems likely. Last thousand engineer administering should really be. What do you want to achieve through a primary challenge right because unseating the present and is extremely unlikely city want to move the president in your direction, and in that sense we do you want to write and, but but again, that's that's gonna, be part of a national conversation you can take place in a Michael deficits, noticed at sea pact this year, and I watched it every year that there used to be when a bubble,
The present knows a lot of stuff about the deficit and debt, and this year it seemed a big just. There was much mentioned. We had ten Chapman AIR from Heritage Foundation. We had senator produce from Georgia. No, the fact is this, which is both parties deserved to be horsewhipped over their profligate spending. I'm twenty two trillion dollars. Debt, someone's gonna eventually say: hey guys, you're going to do something but I want you and with the tax a trillion dollars. Ok, I'm going to disagree with you about the need for the tax could actually think America was growing, less and less competitive because of our are for fourth highest corporate tax rate, but I do agree with you on spending. Let's do something about spending must do something about untitled work. That was the tax rate. It wasn't my base aren't. I met effective deficit, railway, bad weather, you adequate funding, but only one party was the one who can proudly war. This mental were the party of fiscal responsibility that was just a car
ran. I agree. Our party has been terrible it. This will. I knew TAT Catherine, would agree to realise. Over the last four years, Republicans have been a lot worse republican presence than democratic President Obama Clinton brought down the deficit with the Republican Congress, including trade, but he oversaw a balanced budget. No doesn't that lenient sentencing of poor man afford suggested racial biased still exists in our judicial system. While it could, I say, I'm a fan of judicial discretion and judicial discretion as an alternative that to a mandatory minimum mandatory minimize orangist. However, the so the notion here that the June the judicial system is imperfect, because it's just it was created by the hands of man, is something that I think all of us would agree that sometimes the judicial system failed. That's why you have the power of pardon, suits him to save people from from conditions,
are unjust. The social justice proscription the rosy and prescription generals prescription is to create institutions that are dedicated to establishing justice by treating individuals unequally, essentially exacerbating the very condition that is making the judicial system unjust in the first place. That is the flaw, rosy and thought that is the fawn social Justice thought risen. Such a thing is, social justice thought it's it's something that you ve construct girls away every well in hand. Harry that you're reading in the in the academy, but for most people, social justice means trying make society better and why do you need to turn it into some sort of a carrot? sure, because it because there is a caricature of some of its legal. This isn't an answer because it isn't agree on specific cases so regarding their written. That was there in the news every day and people seem to be able to make people were ass after what what that's? Why they like Trump, the number
One thing they said was he's not politically correct, issued and that doesn't mean he's not also oblige asshole, but that was a Therefore, in a country that was joking and is hoping on political, correct right, but that there is a need for instituting the idea of social justice into a known than I never heard of your social justice. Liberals want to protect people. The people were going after one to protect feeling completely, grew, there's a kind of orderly arguing during recent years. I've been getting something we agree. We might also agree that we need a lot of reforming our criminal justice and that there is a second you didn't we get there and we can. We just signed a building. You didn't get there by telling people to sit down shut up in check their privilege. That's right! Ok, Joe I agree with Elizabeth Warrens plan to break up the tech companies. You know she just came up with that, but I do think that a lot of anti trust action, way: Theodore Roosevelt another presidents did is called for right now. We have
had any trust in a long time and we brand I was right: the bigness can sometimes equal badness and they they abuse consumers when they get too big- and I think that is starting to happen with the tech companies if they should take, became a close look at. Why can't you just hold bigness to be accountable for what they do? how to combine that with that, but that's part of the problem you can break them up and still not addressed. The underlying problem is sure that that caused the behaviour that everyone's upset about so instead of trying to do, the struck something that was built at the hand in the sweat of someone who took the very rich, that were necessary to create a Google and Microsoft, etc. Instead, to say what we is too big now, because we don't know what to do with it, let's break it down. Let's look
the underlying issues that cause the concern that that a lot of us you have to have regulation while geyser against regulation it s. True, that's not true, and I think basically, consumers should be able to control their data. They should be exact I'd what they do in these privacy policies and all these platforms are ridiculously complex and what were learning is a just override any box. You check anyway in that, and now we are fraud. I take matters in my own, just lecture my Alexa Nergal streets, the top you I swear. I told me last sentence of real time. My every Friday night watch him any more information, not on each be oh dot. Com.
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