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Overtime – Episode #489: Irshad Manji, Larry Charles, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Evelyn Farkas, Eric Swalwell

2019-03-23 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 3/22/19)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time. We're back. Ok here, their questions later as someone who grew up in Trump Village, Europe and Trump Village open translate this thing is Trump Nelega Sylvia Housing complex from brooklyn- this was one yes built by his father, taking advantage of the new year housing laws at the time? So there are many memories of the younger trump that you can share. He's too, we have a look, we feel that was built and he came with his father to Christian the little league still like in exactly the same shapeless, suit and weird here, even if fourteen He was a kid when he was a kid he and he was wearing a suit. He was trapped junior year he was very, he was like the guy. He has now only like the many me version of the agreement to the full,
before view a funny little, but you're. Ok how should the EU s best deal with Venezuela really good one sided world trade? It ok there all the time. I think the vice president wants to take us into Venezuela on, but we have to support the opposition. I think we need to. I think the president is right to divert the money to what we have declared as the legitimate government. You know the current that the outgoing government, so Maduro is not legitimate and then you know come up with real assistance work with the international community. As always, this administration doesn't do enough diplomatically to keep.
This issue and others frightened centre there. How do you? How do you recommend people stand up for what they believe, while also avoiding the behaviour that you criticise in your book? But we criticize I don't know, but can I get you anything? You want to have an open short stay. Any result. As I said earlier right, we live in this hyper polarized time, and so often we throw labels at one another and then roar eyes and walk away, which changes nobody's mind. Rather, we should be actually starting conversations where none would have existed before, especially with people who disagree with us. For one thing, you can actually glean information from the other person that
we frame your argument, hay and away. They can understand. Last week at the end of the show, I mention you in my editors on because it was about how Democrats should go on Fox NEWS, which they don't their invite. They just don't go goes represent yeah you're, the one only one who goes. I pick up a paper the next day and its is done in Brazil has joined Fox NEWS and she exactly the same thing. I was saying the night before that unit. You gotta go where the people are, and you gotta talk to people who, don't matter sorry to say it didn't other way. The Democrats look weak talk to people who don't agree with, but also don't discount how many I've seen this year, where people come up to me and say I love watching on Fox NEWS, specially women in this. I am not a republican, but my husband makes me watch it. That's all that's on the tv station or the bartender who have that in their bars, because the owner one
Why would we want to dismiss the husband makes me want to have a human rights? We do that here that our muslim women, I'm probably I have lots of people cover conservatives often come up to me. I want you, show at and agree with everything you say, but you have conservatives on the names. You express a point of view. I agree with an open funny. Funny makes up for a lot of respect for and they respect for it. What do you think I was meant a diminution, as is a lawsuit against twitter parity accounts. I wanted the cow, I mean they got there.
Takes on the right to know how I did they have. Macao has more powers than he does now right. The cow has, while the most of what an idiot isn't that right? Couldn't you see that coming we announced a lawsuit that there was just going to create that than the Good NEWS is we took the gavel out of his hand right Growth is another thing, yet I'm gonna do I'm that we give vague moves all right then,
Look if you. Let me ask you this. I mean we, we coped. Some of US justice really has done. Some people will be going to jail right up until the person of number one. What about these people like Devon Newness, who were just incredible enablers, Lindsey, Graham people like that? What what is what is the appropriate fishermen for them when this is all over former congressman worried they also obstructing, is as much as they possibly can really has. Then did we go further than just voted them out of office has shown us out buried the we saw that fatality, but no one was just make him a former conscience
that's not what they would say, lock care by hanging this waste I'll, be a dangerous precedent that can be used against anybody. Kristen. Do you think Republicans will be willing. To take action on anything incriminating that may appear in the Mulder report. What are you high over? They can do to protect Trump, no matter what tough wait. I know it's an intolerable, but what I can say in it. We start a mention this on the show is: why is it that Republicans have been so loath to criticise Trump that when, behind the scenes behind stores, the sort of grumble about him. I wish you would set the tweets idle and like this they needed, or that thing you did and in part, The reason why you see so few Republican say putting our press releases saying. We think that what the president said about John Mccain is important is. I think there is a sense that it is futile to do so that the Democrats are already on it
and that, if they do so, all it does is make them an enemy of the president, meaning that the policy stuff they like is harder to get done and that are not actually changing any minds and those republican voters who I talk to in this focus. It's only once they realize that they're inside the family that they're like I wish you would stop the tweeting us so annoying, but they feel like if your son would like someone like Paul Ryan, who, I am sure you think did not do nearly enough to criticise president trump. When I go into these focus groups, they think Paul Ryan was traders to the president for daring to have put out a couple of press releases from time to time saying he shouldn't have said what he said it Charlottesville, and so there is a lot of these republican lawmakers. I think feel at a total impasse that if they put out that press release, they put out that condemnation, they're not changing, who trump is fundamentally as a person, he still gonna, say crazy stuff. He still than insult people, their press releases and changing that. So they just not put it out and it makes them look weak. I agree, but that's that's what they're stuck between and
why you hear crickets when Trump does some of these regions are gonna win fully, while last time you asked me to predict, I thought we could you risk. If we have the clear what I mean, I think Trump will be very formidable. His approval ratings not great, but it's not terrible, its above forty percent, which is indirectly bad ways for it to be, but for Trump it's not the worst. It's been, and I think it depends who Democrats nominate do they? Do they listen to you build. Do they nominate someone who isn't gonna turn off all of those voters in the middle who don't love the tweets, who don't love everything Trump does but deliver Democrats nominates, someone that they can potentially get by, don't even know who that he's not gonna. Be President twenty one. I promise that I've talked the Republicans. You talk too. If the position or wait a second. We really want to be complacent, like that worry bullets in the bag, we're we're gonna, be them, and I have the company
we have in Michigan. Pennsylvania must address what you said about my republic. The right message why we may not be the one I think, is the right issues with up to now. That's what we heard last. I want to talk with one weakness. There will be a girl you ve talked about, because if they just believed in metallic trumpets do that's why they can speak out against them? I would give them, but what they tell me privately is I'm afraid that if I speak up, he tweets he we're in bothers me is that I would like to think that as members of Congress there otherwise employable, but this isn't the only job that they could get, that they actually could do. The right thing feel good about it and that's what so maddening
but I'm not supposed to be that way. It was something even more dangerous at stake here, because all tweets are not equal and the ones where he espouses or excuses violence or where he speaks out against and cause the media, the enemy of the people, all those things that actually get or or criticizes the Justice Department, the police. What have you? Wouldn't you name it? Those tweets go run counter to democracy there attacking democracy. If republicans can't stand up and say something, then we're in real danger, because the democracies die book says you,
can prevent democracy, if the two sides can come together based on principles like defending our institutions have been saying for over two years, he's not gonna leave, even if he loses. I mean you're on my quarters with that right after we agree that were afraid about twenty twenty. These give you lose, as you say I do what happens then I dont get him. Not only does it is like a getting a tick at your word ass. I was about to feeding Trump ISM and not just from well let's start with the last question, our drums foods with George Conway and the late John Mccain Well and different, but worthy of the media's attention. I dont think that his cubits George Conway is in rhyme. I
don't feel comfortable sort of even speculate. I mean a lot of this is involved like speculation about their marriage and I think that's really unseemly and its. Also anyway, I kind of like the Devon Nunez Cow thing: it's like a strike sand effect than most people are not following George Conway on Twitter, and so it elevates this when the prince. Suddenly, the president tweets about in every news never goes over the president tweeted some now its news and we can talk about it. How can I would like that ever get back after a week like this? I know I know, but you have to get back. I mean it submits, a big problem. How would the either they have no sex or the hottest cates, one of the two all right. Thank you. Everybody, not only representative we haven't. I didn't really want to more information more on, not ninety hbo dot com.
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