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Overtime – Episode #490: Pete Buttigieg, Preet Bharara, S. E. Cupp, Elissa Slotkin, Andrew Sullivan

2019-03-30 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 3/29/19)

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Welcome to each year pipe from each the only real time what we're back here! Thank you for that way. Why are you so afraid of the car industry of Europe s citizens, more questions? Newark last viewer why's, that more scary than make here we can grant S CUP deal still beat your wife. May repeat: that's what we're gonna call your mayor, be that someone like given your work and south then do you think there needs to be national reform for every police department in America? Absolutely I mean you know, word diverse community, I'm not sure everybody realises that they think another name. They assume its racially homogenous college town that I regret for the military
we're about forty five percent on. Why and I gotta tell you it makes life harder for every resident of the minority neighbourhood and every police officer when there's a kind of veil of mistrust between communities of color and the officer sworn to keep them safe. Now, under the Obama administration, I had a lot of resources. I could look too from the Department of Justice. There was committed to helping us without called the task force on twenty first century policing. My police chief would participate, and when you have a deal Jane, it doesn't seem to care about these things, for that makes it a lot harder for mayors and police chiefs across the country trying to make sure modernize our departments and build up that trust makes it harder for us to do our job or there's the tramp answer, which is be rough with them, and the people with the bullets. On my side, yeah, that's it says very really, is that we have the keeper money ourselves. How disgusting that is well what violation of our norms, that is for him to say I've got the police,
Yes, what do you my husband? Lastly, the president- and we also have to remember this- is again what dictators do they get the people, the tough people, the bullets on their side and they buy them off. It's why the Pentagon budget keeps going up its ways kissing the answer. The cops you know because, when push comes, Job any loses the election anywhere. Only the White House he's got the tough people next quest Andrew Sullivan? What do you anticipate will happen with breaks at all here and a bigger mess than we are? I think my if I would be food predicted like minute by Minute Tory Party politics now, so it's all about the factions within conservatism, but the truth is, I think, they're going to crash out without they don't want to, but in some ways its inevitable. Basically, you had to give you your with fifty two forty eight decision in the referendum written right down the middle really on a very fundamental question and a prime minister, comes into didn't want that Iraqi voted to remain
and she says, will look. Ok, let's do a compromise. Let's have it will get out for the fifty two, but for the forty, eight will keep our trade and we will try and keep the economy economic connections and- not being a member of the EU, and so the the Tory say, look don't mean obeying their laws, but we don't you gotta, say them anymore. So it's worse than saying in, I think they have to and you just get out. They're gonna have to see figure out method, and then they have another vote in five years after so many people have been hurt and they'll get the that's what's gonna happen. It was very hard to go back into emu once you ve left really, I think money climbing indirectly, but he's not throw money I'm a goes away. I learn that with the Uno, let's see what happens to the british economy may not be as bad as they think and look the british photos whether pragmatic they they don't want their issues, immigration to and when a pragmatic country layer is doing something. This crazy. We gotta
press the question: ok, so representatives lacking as a freshman number of Congress. What Europe's perspective on the divisions between progressives and moderates within the Democratic party. You are much high representative of the forty who won in November. Than the ones we hear about yeah, I may I think this story of the twenty eight in elections was, you know, people who appeal to a broad base of people trusted the voters spoke to them, went out, asked for their vote and talked about the issues that they cared about. Not so much about Donald Trump. Everyday he's he's doing his own thing on his own. That's what one the elect but I think the drama that people have been focusing on his own overplayed. I think it's like people like that story. It is, extremely exciting to be a part of this freshmen class. You walk in. It is a different breed. We have a fire lit under us and think of it. Like a platoon, I worked alongside the military. My whole life. You have a blue,
but everyone has different jobs. You have the same mission. Everyone has different jobs at every warm over the guy from Brooklyn and do not always the guys were Brooklyn. Ok, I seek up. Are you worried about trumps nomination of Stephen more see booked soon? We will be nice the fair bored I mean he himself said. I don't know what I'm doing. People learning curve and boy. That's what you want on the FED board. Some anew needs us learning curve. It's no surprise. The first people really loves that behind it we get the best people onto autocracy, and you know we're good people, but we're not. All experts will honour. And we probably shouldn all be put at state, depart even to organise the hunted. It is a generous term he's a guy on tv. Sure Trump sees people on tv right, hires them yeah. I think it today, it's a dangerous standard. Does that and I that's been reached on you explain what you think happened with the Jesse smaller case. No,
junior. Only ok, just these balikh. That's it! That's that's its dumbfounded. Look you know, Initially, you had a very serious allegation of hate crime and then, You want to make sure you understand the factual, and then you have the police department and the prosecutor's office. There really pay currently bringing their case, and you ve seen that before and in a few weeks later you have what we just one last week where the prosecutors this does dismisses everything walks away and use that's done in conjunction with and there's a consensus with, the police department and the police I'm a chief excoriated prosecutors for dropping the case and as far as I can tell no facts changed from the time they brought the prosecution and they time they dropped. Prosecution I spent most of my life as it does a prosecutor. Doing since our cases and I've never seen anything like that, I think, it's important understand what happened, because I dont get it, and this used to be my business
What about that? That's what I don't guess he still say he's. He told the truth block. Its drawback is that each has accelerated filters, but that the top guy in the country says you can just say anything filters on these help. I'm gonna send asap Image award Sunday night wrote Ok, congresswoman slot do you think tromp has a good shot. At winning Michigan again into each one in twenty and I same person, about India, but he he coastal Michigan a lot. I heard that was as a tenth, trivia and working to see him a lot of Syria sturdy. It was area sturdy, we're gonna, see him a lot. I I think that this is the democratic election to lose, and that means it's still possible to lose. I think it depends on who we are and I think it depends on whether we have someone who speaks of people on the things that organ affect their pocketbooks and their kids. And it's not. It is not playing too.
Face every day. It's remembering that you have to appeal to a broad based people based on values. I one with a lot of public and women who had the same exact values that I caring about your community, caring about your kids wanting empathy, those are shared american values. I am extremely optimistic after running for office for eighteen months, I'm in those the mistake person, probably here, because every day, I'm with wonderful, decent people who still care about this country and to me, if you get a candidate who speaks so that I can show some integrity and authenticity,
right, then you're gonna get undemocratic, really Mairead geared. I really bad in Vienna, jointly twenty workers with every conservative state, but it can be done. I mean, I think, about the just mathematically. There must be a lot of people in my county who voted for or Burma and Trump intense in me. So what that tells you, people are not as I do you logical is rising to anybody would have guessed that in the last fifty years, still since L, B, J, the only democratic who turned in the end, a blue, not Clinton not carry. It was a bomb in two thousand eight, so to me that that tells you that there is a way to do it. I think, is what it says largely about values and demonstrating that sometimes even people with different values than yours, if they just know that values are what motivates you, they will give
A lot of credit for the urgent many note you came is always changing faster than we think in some ways. Look at gay marriage. I mean this was not even close like fifteen years ago, but you know why, because we talk to people, we we actually made the persuasive case. We didn't tell him, they were biggest. We also told them. It was a well in grave sorry, but Hollywood guess not credit for change people's guide. I really think that, but if you are right in saying that targeted, never confrontational, it was always look, we have our families in common, we, just like you we have built a robin and so you engaged, whereas now the thing is you races, you'll be I'd, want to be part of you and Anne, but please vote for me. If you are, if you were the can endure the candidate, I mean it's Donald Trump
that issue alone. I can't see that I doubt it now. What do you think he would say? What's the nickname tone, like I'm, not imaginative enough to figure out what you, but you know, I'm not that worried about it. Now you shouldn't, you know you you're, the one white guy on the democratic side who, as minority credit he's probably never felt right that Europe is not only necessary if we want to make a move, venetian novel and each bio dot com.
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