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Overtime – Episode #491: Julián Castro, Chelsea Handler, Danielle Pletka, Gideon Rose, Salman Rushdie

2019-04-06 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 4/5/19)

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Welcome to each year from each the only real time. Look at all these questions from people who gets the first question. You do
dear agree with Elizabeth warns plan to get rid of the Senate filibuster yeah under certain circumstances year, if it were, if the decisions between every American gets Healthcare war, we stick to this sixty vote rule than yeah. It's it's a crazy role to begin with right because it always was meant to be simple majority and it just sort of became this different. Nothing. What our intention was to slow things down and in the Senate is meant to be the body that is more deliberative eyes, harness that is now to believe more deliberate, even the founders invasion that a state that this would slow things down, but it had and it has, but they never used to use a due regard for every single issue. Re, absolutely not I mean we used to be able to trust each other little. There was an honour system. Blame you.
Build a consensus. Now you can't write and offences, it's absolutely verboten to vote with anybody on the other side on anything we can't you see on our system could answer for you want to scientists for if, if people know going into an election right that you're going by majority rules, fifty both fifty or vice president freaks a time that also clarifies to the electorate where there are going to be so, I think we're moving in that direction. Ok, we'll Britain ever Briggs gracefully now, what's the deal
now they they moved up to date. In other words, I don't know that they want to the European Union. May not let them know nobody knows. I was in London last week. You turn on the main evening news and these very senior nous castors would say you know. I know I'm supposed to tell you how this is gonna work out, but I don't have a clue. Nobody knows from minute. Diminute what's happening so grace, grace gracefulness is out the window breaks it s like the Republicans original Obamacare Healthcare plan. It was decorative Obamacare and I will see what happens next. They got rid of british foreign policy of british strategy and enter ok, let's figure out what happens next. Nobody had any replacement plan
and yet when it turns out that all policies have downsides and g being in Europe, wasn't that such a bad thing to bear to being out and now having voted to get out, but not knowing where they go, there are no. What to do and by the way, just on the subject of the simple majority of referendum with a simple majority is what has got us into this mess that this is David Cameron, mess that that he called the referendum instead of one vote Aren't you would be enough about to leave delay the vote today. I was that's the problem with mob rule. Exactly unites. The other did also reveals the other big problem, which is what you said, which is that we all know what we hate. We just don't know what we want
But it's cool now has an Italian of the british ruling class, and this is a cross left to right. Jeremy. Carbon is not top of the list, but he's quite closely topple. If Jeremy Carbon had been calling for a second referendum several months ago, it would have happened, but he's not really a european. He comes from that old Trotzky s left his crown, which which thinks that Europe is a rich man club and we shouldn't be in it.
He's not gonna fight for Europe, because he's never been a european right. So so you and that's a lot of what them, but the people who voted to leave feel like they feel like. We are this island, this emerald, whenever, though, that may be in great again ran, but but what they forget is the reason for denial and written greatness was exploiting the health of a quarter of the courts have ended. Indian politician came to Britain last year, made a speech in which he said. Look when the British came to India. It was just about the richest country in the world when the British left it there. It was one of the poorest. Where do you think the money went enables one of the richest?
yeah yeah India, the under the Berlin Pie, was unbelievably affluent the hills colossal, wealthy and moguls where the Indians were not at. They were really upper arrystocracy with lovely titles and big crown. This was a country which was raped, as was a lot of Africa. Sure that's the kind of the kind of glorious moment of Britain's ignorance. Precedents was based on that rape of the world. Right now give you dont want immigrants, but we went today. Countries and fuck them over. I think, can do a little bit of a kind of world war. Two was not an English. What of England handwriting because the world on the back of the head with that's globally handler? Now, I'm really question after the last couple of weeks we are, you still attracted the rubber.
Mauler. I know you said that you were, I am sexually rejected. A robber law are out there. I feel this way. I love him. I like that kind of operation crossing your tease, dotting rise, apparently across all his teeth, or that will actually www bargaining proselytes. But I am waiting for the floor. Report to decide whether I want to pursue a sexual really date. You the ok. What are the? What are you take away panel from the massive New York Times, peace on the Murdoch, family and their global political influence. They are, they are very aware that, yes, the whole family day. They are the sacred to a lot of things, because if they would turn the base. Well, if a Fox news would stop becoming state media as opposed to
Dan and Amazon, be? Ok, I got you know me or mine, come on come on. Let's all come here that vat is. That is a false analogy with actually Totally correct analogy. I know it's a Fox news is because you are the right and the others about It was not us not report, but bad. Your name has sack checkers. Yes, I do. I do It's not a very, very good does not backtrack. No Vienna's drifted to become the analogue of Talks on the good it will involve us about. Two electrons They gave Trump. The most amazing about about turn also mean, and what do you think our agenda was in so doing? Well, it certainly was a left wing You can't rejects the average journey that about what the policies are. If you can say things that aren't through, then it's ok and then that's one thing. If you can sit in other places, you can say things that are not true, and you get my called on.
You know what that accountability, that CNN and MSNBC have the fox does not have. They demand allege that accountability to say I'm sorry for false reporting or any time they make a mistake. They actually meeting Fox ever so sorry, we got it wrong. I don't watch any of them, but I've seen Fox Anthea and animals then say they got it wrong works just last week the loans, the trunk was burning to three mexican countries. Yes, that would have to apologize, but maybe you said he wanted to find out about the worst offenders. Will there was that they don't report things as if they didn't happen. Reporting is a thing of the past. You just spent we're doing a thing of the past. You just spend ten minutes. Talking about how the media was doing a bad job. That is exactly the thing that we keep.
Job is dependent, not reporting at all when when Thompson, we have defeated ISIS the next day It was an ices attack and have killed. Americans Fox did not reported. That's different. That does what happened. On the other hand, I think it's important to distinguish evening boxing day time. I agree with my what's the difference: are they nicer in the daytime. There's an editorial designed to do. There are people at box where serious journalists doing serious news, and they are not necessarily the news hosts the aid so. No one glaring, like honest, Wallace or bread, bear worship to vote with their feet. People vote with their eyes. People do actually watch that just they're watching on Amazon. Well, meaning. I also. I think this is one reason. Then I had a problem heresy theories. On top of that all sides noises. I think that that that's why the issue is not the Murdoch's alone, because if they went away to Morrow, they have set a blueprint for how to do this. That I think somebody else will
yes, you're right, because the monopolies us are politicians are media people their responding to our preference. Is our tastes are dollars. We want this. We arts of society are choosing to go into this because we like the fighting. We like watching politics as I thought if we were to be mindful, like Chelsea, was talking about what they wouldn't be a market for this there just supplying what we want a mean you're gonna have to areas that are also. You know mean there also, I think, creating some of that right, because they they give their energies redefine secretariat. They may give us our things that we like them, can't stop. It's a sign that a better. What are your top three issues but it, and what do you think, the top three issues the United States needs to focus on? Well, healthcare is number one. Would say summer one? Secondly, to me is education, I would say immigration and climate change. My first executor
I'll break the rules? What my first executive order would be to recommend to the purse climate agreement on the first issue. We wish everybody Le. Was it tat night for you with everybody gang up against doing you held up really well Meares, and I know I You held up really well used to. I know I appreciate it thank you, everybody episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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