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Overtime – Episode #493: Adam Schiff, Bob Costas, John Avlon, Zerlina Maxwell, Grover Norquist

2019-04-27 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 4/26/19)

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Welcome to each year pipe from each year. We are finding him back our eye congressmen. How do you propose to deal with the White House his refusal to let its AIDS testify before Congress? Oh yeah, that's the latest ruction! Well, we're gonna have to force the issue. We're gonna have to litigation court and we're gonna have to look at other options as well, and that may mean devices with used in the past where we cut off funding for certain offices within certain agencies if they dont cooperate, so will look at whatever tools that we have, because at the end of the day, if this president can succeed in stonewalling the Congress, it means that our power of oversight is effectively nullified and that will obviously have serious repercussions when you have someone who likes character new oval office, but it will also repercussions for any present. Who follows an so there's a
a lot at stake in this fight is not just over whether a certain witness testifies it's over whether we have a system of checks and balances that still works. The way you go on Fox NEWS, Grover deformity went up the comedy store last night, a comedy stores that takes balls cause. That's not a lot of conservative body introduced an elephant, yet did? They laugh when we did well, you can make harmony. Can how we set up at the club we had. It was twelve people performing. It was a conservative slate ears Everybody else is talked about sex. I try some just regular, I didn't go blue everyday. I think to everyone else, will deeply rooted in happiness was mostly about taxes.
Without that tax law, no jokes about taxes, ok, we're making fun of the French with the public in front of the French, where we can all get an uneducated, Do you think, Stephen more also a frequent yes, ownership should be on the FED board. Now, Stephen, isn't economists like doktor? however, the doktor, but having Steve, showed in Asia well beyond the on the sideboard, really that, besides the fact that here, Greece, totally on your page attacks and use the it's mine on taxes, but he's asked look is also fork Maria backers. But despite all the knowledge is a central, a country's central bank stood a key keeping our shit together not having the. What is it on fact,
I welcome the outcome when you unaware might be institutions that are supposed to keep a president accountable: the independent institutions, law enforcement, the FED balance of powers, journalists, tropical after these intentionally and constantly and in the appointment of more just and effort to do that. You put a crony on the border, the FED Zol blight, so many stooges businesses. That do you mean I disagree with with more policy of sort of snow. What's harder, I don't know it just qualifications. You really think he has the qualification but he's a serious guides. Sir student of economics, the tax plan that he put together turn the economy from one that wasn't growing very rapidly to growing at three percent this light today we just stand out last point, economy kind at three point: two percent of GDP. This is rather worse a gardener
We would rather see more should be on the FED, which is something that he and he is attacked constantly throughout his career. Functional did help right the tax bill that did that, which is more than other people of this, has nothing to do with whether or not the qualification was sitting on the fence. However, it might be relevant that he made several com. And, over the years, ridiculously massage, unrealistic, sexist comments shouldn't be female sports castors unless they look like someone so or unless they dress like some. These adverse annoy the idea. These would have been retrograde oppositions amidst I recommend alone recent back, let that women should be at men, basketball, game right because it so annoying to see women were isn't there a place that men can go
it's not really do with interest rates are at. I don't think he's out. Is there anything you can do about this statement more on the core of the bed bench? Well, I share the view he doesn't belong. There is not qualified to be that you can't stop and if you're going to cite the tax give away bill, as is a credential, that's all the more these are not to have a minute position, Bob cost us what your reaction of the right wings embrace of Putin, considering you are criticised by people like rush limbo for being too favourable towards him in twenty four a teen. I remember that. Well, let's go, let's start with the false premises. To begin with right,
What I said about Putin, among many things, said about Putin in the course of hosting the Olympics, from Sochi was that Forbes, not Mother Jones or the nation Forbes had named him for twenty thirteen, the most influential world leader dropping Obama to two now, naturally, the right wing crowd took that out of context, I became a straw man that became a talking point. They ignored the fact that, prior to that and after it, I noted he has the mentality the former KGB agent, that he was that he's an international thought that journalists and dissidents are suppressed or worse in in in Russia. They Gay laws they sponsor repressive seems, like Syria, didn't make any difference that I said all those things. That wasn't useful to their business model. However, you look at the way. Trump has cosy up the Putin and all those furious moments where he could have made clear that he was an american first and did not.
Ok, but to that crowd, it's all a matter of you know, that's that's there, that's their tribe and they cheat at the Olympics. Are they absolutely true that the image they treated under the ideologies. No s at the socio. There should be Russia, meddling Metal John Arbela, do you have any thoughts on why billboard would jeopardize his legacy to appease Trump? It is crystal clear that he misled the american people intentionally by putting forward the most positive spin possible on the report, and and and closing the door on obstruction, or at least in less Congress picks it up. I think I think, because that there's an overturned window with tromp right he didn't nominee Chris Cobalt for ages all this and build bars comparatively respected? If you look at a record in the Georgian each W Bush administration, this is a play. He's been done before he's done these these
Gmos. That sort of summarize he says what an underlying opinion says and then, after its repeated to three years later, you find out actually it's a very different deal, he's clearly making good on his nineteen page memo that he wrote for the president about about Mahler. I don't, I think he will go down in history. This will be a real mark not only against him in the administration, but This was a total distortion and attempt to frame the debate in a way that is favourable to the president and it did not represent the contents more port. You may now be unhappy. Go far enough, but there's a lot there. There twelve open cases and- and I think, there's love more investigations that can be done in the house about all the money not cared felt good to rip Mahler anew ass, if that is so galling above bore, is, of course I wrote a zone summary if you wanted to go,
the preview and not wait until the whole report was out part of them. I had a summary, but that the whole communication strategy was get bar out there to misrepresent the report. Why did bore want the job I marvel at this with so many people who are willing to completely debased themselves. For a seated Donald Trump Table guys this loyal to other? When I went right, Giuliani first went on the talk, shows circles surrogate trump, I wrote a tweet and, unlike the present I have mine that review it to see if it's insane drive by DR said, you know what a Rapid America's mayor, why are so many people willing to completely debased themselves receded Donald Trump, stable and to my staff? So you can't possibly scenario you can pass me send it out. They were both New Yorkers and I said why they said because he complete
debates himself long before I now and they went right award, Broody Giuliani when he was mayor- and I was proud to do it and but but I do think this is a a different chapter. I do think folks a habitat. See to show a lot of loyalty and failed to be somebody who which, who does not. Sure loyalty in return, and just your back on on on the bar thing, the most egregious thing was he repeated six times and the pressure of the day and in the memo the exonerating, you know that the non exonerating language right, the other, after the sentence said that the Trump campaign expecting to benefit from russian efforts to influence the election that description where'd, get that airports ongoing today and our troubles still in denial. It's completely insane thank you, everybody thank you. Audience will play on next week, every Friday night, at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information, log on to HBO, DOT, com
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