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Overtime – Episode #494: Jay Inslee, Moby, Bakari Sellers, Bret Stephens, Kara Swisher

2019-05-04 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 5/3/19)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time, for my part that we press the button deserve. It's. Ok, you at a question for the governor. You said you wanted to climate change, which is going to destroy everything. We know and love. Animal agriculture is the third leading cause of climate change. But when I asked Al Gore about it, he said that the role of animal agriculture and climate change is the true inconvenient truth, and I hear almost no causing about right at cop twenty one going about this
For my part that today I had excellent impossible burger, yeah they're getting absolutely and we gotta look for new option scientifically to look at those things. It is an important issue. I think we need to engage the agricultural industry to figure out a way to sequester carbon in topsoil and trees so that we get carbon out of the atmosphere to do it, and then we got a cheer up bill who seems to be a little downright now, Bela, just why guineas Good NEWS, I'm now sued Donald Trump twenty one times and I'm twenty one at all, so I just feel caseload may want one and now it's ok. What are your thoughts on terms? Recent attacks on abortion? Will Rowan verses Wade, be upheld if challenged? It's kind of a farmer Kara. Why is the EU more willing to take action against big tech than the United States because the person doing it as a woman who has a lot of backbone?
different ideas about privacy in Europe, as opposed to hear the same thing in Australia, New Zealand and other places will see brute. What are you foreign Bernie Sanders so threatening to democracy is bird is trump? Won't. I think the guy who took his honeymoon Soviet Union praise Castro, praised Ortega in Nicaragua, those guys or dictators who ve been repressing human rights in their countries for You shouldn't, be president, shouldn't be the standard bearer for the Democratic Party and nobody. Nobody says capitalism is a perfect system. Nobody says that we can't fix it, but the idea that we want to go to something that looks like the economies of Europe today where unemployment is ten percent. I don't think that's that's a winner for the United States at all and answer the question
Currently, no Bernie Sanders is not as bad as it now. I know what I think I thus ok Moby Dick musicians have a responsibility to use their platforms to influence politics. Tens. What type of
sick they're playing. If they are inbred, Republicans plain country western, then by all means they should not be politically engage. Why, of course I mean it helps that, unlike similar to you, like single income, no kids, no family, so like the fact that I have no accountability to anyone gives me sort of like, like I'm at liberty, to be involved in politics where, like. If someone had like kids and family, I can understand them wanting to sort like protect their career more, but it does seem like a different era. More musicians fell the responsibility to speak out about matters that matter in the world as opposed to know. When you don't hear allotted you know here I mean it's very light and its it's very does seem odd. Many people prioritize minor issues I feel like the music is low energy. I feel like it's all sound like those young S, Emma
Ok, how would you won't have wanted press? What would you have wanted present job to state a potent during their phone call today? Well mixed anything, a traitor with you. I like this. We just got a big report from the mother came it took over two years and the one thing that they said, that was the big headlines, You definitely interfered in our last election. If you do it again, there will be serious areas continent about that's how I would like what any present. If you do it again, you did it. So after your assets and we're gonna go after the arrives, oligarchy ignores marketings. Your worries on on on your entire, financially.
Good, so that things actually hurt you for a change of their consequences. Are what did you do? What would you do if you were running against anybody in the democratic killer republican opponent in China or Russia came the EU? Instead, we found them with a baby go or they had some incriminating evidence against them doing something. What would you what? What's that? What's the thing that you should do, I would put down the phone. Nowhere to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation should I would do it and there's no excuse for otherwise, and I think the fact that here is we got hung up and Donald Trump is hidden behind this word of collision. It is a false camouflage for the fact that he welcomed wanted and ask
the intrusion of the russian nation in our airfares who didn't unlike television- and he is now hid behind this word, but but that's not gonna. Wait till the one role of trade or club is you're not mean to your handling and by the way, besides doing great things for the environment, if we got off oil a little side beneficiary of that, what would it do? Kill potent he gets all is money from oil, but she's got a whole fuck turn oil. We get off Russia has no money to fuck around in the world of the governor of the problem. Is what struck me done behind closed doors, it's what he does in public every single day. It's like you, don't have to go and get a room when you're having sex in a convertible on sunset, boulevard and daylight, like everyone can see what is going to something. What is going on MRS Robinson, this conversation theirs.
Thank you very much everybody. I told him episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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