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Overtime - Episode #496: Fran Lebowitz, Jonathan Metzl, James Kirchick, George Packer, and Neera Tanden

2019-05-18 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 5/17/19)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO late night real time? we're here the internet's and we're going to read some courage from the people, but first what what what happened? You, you said something in their mad at you. I know this feeling, but what use? What were the thing is said about the Saudis. You were making an oak and it went too far we're sorry murmur of the big issues you think we're getting below bat and tourism. Ok. Well, I've been, I saw your face when I set it. I didn't realize that advanced age welcomes the company. I regret saying: ok there I mean you know it's like everyone's to everyone's two to two too. You know I mean it's alive, show
You don't really want to see the president dismember slide society. I don't know I don't like Donald Frumpy, thereby ass. We know it and I said no, I don't mind yes, and they said we should forgive Cathy Griffon, but I dont endorse what you just said either or did you know it was not the right thing in light of the priority right who ok, but about a hoot letter who the president is, we do not want physical harm attitude, does not mean that a new dynamic waiting, a right which meant that everyone misinterpreted in misinterpret everything,
right. Why should this happen? I'm very happy I'm not on Twitter is, I never said the Beatles were greater than got the better of him as a thing or whatever it is now. It's all this. Ok, James Kerchief. Do you think the way may repeat speaks about religion, God and morality will have any on the religious right rethinking their support of drew up. I think it's incredible that the first real, serious gay presidential candidate has is totally bourgeois domestic life. Happily married very kind of you, no normal. If we can use that term and religious guy was put scripture and he's running against
sexual president, whose buried three times is a pagan, is saying you don't work, then here's a beer that were very often they favour varies a heathen other. Nobody was rigid, druid, warships, money, orders, idolizes languages. We still have a new word. You are having sex with the porn star other, but it didn't he's, but it does have. The name of the ports in the trunk is the one that the EU in general Christians support. Spite of all that- and here you have this guy who's, no he's gay and that's his fault. I guess right as everything else he's totally by the book. That say I think this goes back to the debate about abortion. I think that what is happening with the eventual rate is they have an attitude towards women and their issues about women's empowerment. They have an attitude of vat rates.
And other issues, and his strongest group of support in the country is evangelicals. How do you explain that a brother Holies Marshall Man gave these two lives recycling or an he's delivering on on being anti choice? That is what they that is a bargain they made is not about. Religion is keeping women and, as an equal day's, connects to Saudi Arabia and IRAN. Where democracy,
a theocracy turns religion into power, and that is that this aspect of the Republican Party is a theocratic party that would enshrine religion as a power that would take away rights from and engage you people's displace right. I mean, in other words, people who don't have health care, the farmers who are getting spread by the tariffs, but it, but it's a bigger, noble cause right in that in that way, and so there's that also your part of this grand this grand narrative, but the really corrupting thing is power becomes their end. Here I mean exactly not you get the feeling when they start rewriting the rules after or Democrat wins the Governorship Wisconsin. That norms are all gone because power is the is the air, and so it justifies anything, and you don't feel that there is a higher morality in their pursuit of when their passing is. Abortion is a power move. It saying we control the legislature, so we will control you.
Ok for him, what are your thoughts on the New York Times story about Trump losing over a billion dollars in one decade of Ikey was the biggest loser. They said of all the taxpayers, maize and this one or two years what you think of him in my surprise there that no I mean no one Trump lost New York City, New York City, nine, to one nine to one cause is the place where people most knew him. Ok, and that is why, and so you know, every no one in Europe having thought he was a realist grammar Annie Republican Balloon, not neither one not neither want us. I mean the Upper EAST side, which traditionally often votes for a public and for you know, right repression and sacred peseta whereby taxes are they weren't even less than attaches, but rather a click. Ok,
because no one knew no one who can make enough money to afford to live in New York City and pay the taxes there is stupid enough to work without site builder blogs. You build a blog run over seventy six percent of reactors. Don't want him to run what does own constituency don't wanna Marcel anything thick has met in New York, but what we have been on, I like girl, what what what what Cosu goes boy when there's twenty two people in the room, I think there's only every other love is literally thinking. There's a mayor of South and India is doing really well and I represent a place that is like twenty times three hundred times as large and have to make them your decisions. I think the size of the crowd is actually making war morphine. It seems like there's seven or eight potential realistic presidential candidates- there's maybe fifty
we're running to get a tv show or radio show or book deal and then there's that all workers are having a mid life crisis, putting us in carrying out on live television everyday. Why do you say that's a meadow, I'm just asking why you put it. I mean you. This reminds me these guys. I went to school with legs out a lot of doping, the pretended to do the reading.
All of us here, but nothing against those guys. There are so my closest friends, but they should be one of the areas that I like better too, but I determined to s overall. The apologizing, that's sincerely is essentially you know. If you keep saying sorry, you look like a sorry gather that pay the one thing I says, if you're, actually thinking about what Democrats have to do. This fact that Texas was a two and a half pint race is an important issue, say whatever Democrat, whoever demanded crews. Ten little likeable man in America have air support in Texas than John Cournand does right now, conservatives like him, we don't understand that they like, and I do think, if you're thinking about these things, having having Canada candour in Texas, who does well having a lot of candidates who letting o candidate maybe brings more lieutenants into the primary getting more and more people,
Just in the primary is actually, it is also not who should be shared round. There broke the senator from Ohio why? What about him is so different than the other twenty three. He further the ball here what am I getting from him around? What Emmi clobbered doesn't first staplers? We need so that every Democrat wins it I'll who who speaks really words in Minnesota, Ohio as a temporary o highest and he's a good guy he's interesting. I wish he'd run will
Don't say that when you build twenty may we are taking this sign up sheet down. Ok, I signed up for this for the soccer team. He doesn't have the rumbling examination by there been so many, but the candidates explained about AIDS. Very different democrats are very focused on one thing: they felt there are gonna glasses. I unrehearsed studies, have you never said a word to say about any deliberate agreement. I think it's very good enough words very different from twenty. Sixteen Democrats actually deal one candidates ripping each other apart, actually you're trying to make David. I get ahead of its time either Joe Biden risen Ways Gmos, because people want to save candidate. They don't want to keep saying Romagna Attack, other Democrat Democrats, who attacked as other kinds of actually come down in the polls. That is a sign
a rational party that has done a fine down travel, will really. What do I, wouldn't you say there are needed, not a general sense of lake, in other words, we're trying to figure out what our messages were less than we had one candidate in a certain way. Now we're with these desperate messages, and so if this process leads us Sarah publicly,
had sixteen nobody, hundreds of others, and we had a lot of people running into those, unlike evidently areas learning was it assumes that that's part of the problem, when you have so many people running for the nomination, with what their concentrating on now is. It's not gonna win the elections. There comes running ahead of separate themselves from these other people. What is my late? What can I do to make myself stand out? I mean that's. Why bet out did his reboot? That's why some of them like suddenly take a stand like well. I want to get every gun out of America because then I'll be that guy I'll go get really. It's me. It's gonna, be when people start jumping out of the race, will they will? Will people join forces or people be really depends how lucky I rejoined fork where they join placing actually, as you said earlier, Democrats are super focused and elect ability, which means actually trying to make an argument about how you can win.
General action, not just what they look like clowns. When you would you have twenty feet, I mean, if you have a debate, we're gonna have to have three nights. First, that we're gonna have to night, whose, though its could show a week ago, every because that's a music first just would you watch three nights of debates with nine people every night or something I worry about chasing a like debility cause Democrats end up going for someone. They think other people like and it turned out nobody likes the person that they should vote for the person they like, not the person whose supposedly going to win, because no one I agree. That is a long process. I agree that demonstrate ability and that my fortune cookies for everybody, can I give you as soon as a real Friday night Watchman removed venetian novel and each be oh dont com
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