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Overtime - Episode #499: George Will, Martin Short, Bari Weiss, Eliot Spitzer, Charlie Sykes

2019-06-15 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 6/14/19)

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Welcome to each year pipe from HBO real time here. Are the questions? George? Well, what do you think of Bernie Sanders taking up the mantle of fifty? Are in defence of democratic socialism, would he said, wounds comes under the rubric plagiarism, it's the into clear, restatement tepid tweaking. Do you studied the union address rules which gave a nineteen forty four, so the waiver, the future, turns out to be seventy five years ago Elliot? What are your thoughts on New York law that would allow Congress to access trumps tax returns. Look, I am all for. I think that a state can determine when its own tax returns should and should not be public. I think it's an embarrassment that somebody
the president, without releasing them any public official in New York these days, does as a matter of course, you accept Bishop pass along. She would happen. Ok, she's, great executive, we're we're up. What do you mean that sounds over? We didn't get a watch it. When did you wouldn't be removed? Hbo we're doing this on twitter? No good! when we are faced now, I know no more on Youtube. What the fuck around the Google, Google or on the toilet
you weren't insured. What do you think of Canada and the European Union's plan to ban single use plastics by twenty twenty one now you're against them show of Horrors Europe for it? I never understand why brilliant ideas take fifteen twenty thirty years. Well, I mean California has basically the same thing pending, but even if we pass it, not all twenty thirty, really, California, Progressive California seated the resist, and you can do better than this, where America Georgiana
MR. Why why? Why is America like I for one, and I can't get up just can't, do anything we we built the empire state, building the deprived of depression. Your hundred and ten days are built these ever with their opinion everyone's during more time. In sixteen months you can get the yes, you can negotiate the environmental and racial set asides in fifteen months now during world war. Two did we not banned cars. I mean stop building cars except for military use. All the car fat- and you mentioned doing that today- that kind of sacrifice that kind of Boboland Asian saying: ok, no, more courage! Now you know what we need: the factories for planes and tanks, no more cars bill. This compromise, liberal democrats- sometimes it's too much due process.
George would agree that rightly there's too much due process. Nothing important gets done because everybody has a way of stopping things that are important until much great Hetty regulation, a great New Yorker Senator PET Mona, hang onto my very best friend, said America used to be a society that will order. People did things now we reward people who stopped. My voice out of a boy. Ain't gonna have any more questions now. You know when you hear him, Are you asking me? What do I mean? I believe things I could ask you know now. I want you to go to your parent text. Wept instrument, very wise weather, gestures against Hong Kong's proposed extradition bill be successful. I dont know if they'll be successful, but the fact that
Why do we not have in Congress, has been taken to the streets to defend democracy against? I think it's a complicated situation, but but essentially defending democracy against G and China, and the fact that no one here seems to care about it that the President of the United States is supposed to be the leader of the free world. To my knowledge, has said nothing in support of This peaceful protesters, its ashamed, as we say in spanish particular she was all right. I gotta, let me say one thing: it is fast saving to move faster than does not about Trump and Devil cares about Trump Trump is, is the con man? He was voted for democratic most of his life. It's everyone else, that's right! The enabler, the ones that will be judged, minimise history in the most depressing way which become who listen. He not only is confusing.
This is a man who, in his entire life, never took a good picture, because I actually think what's going on in Hong Kong, there's a remarkably affirmative, wonderful thing it because it is maybe the driver sign that China is being seen for what it is, which is one of the most repressive autocratic regimes in the world, and it is about time people saw the man, I think, what's going on, I'm kind of great they might again. You believed that our governments going into their not you're, not gonna, win as it used to be another defeat for democracy is no one. Here we are in twenty. Nineteen and democracy is in retreat. All over the but our windows there's organic opposition, which is a wonderful thing. It will succeed in the long run. We, like everything, organic here, I read that you turn down the pardon dumb and dumber. No, I never saw the more because it
went around the book you didn't, you could have been the gym carried the day. After back to all it was. I read the script site that is too high brow. I know I would have been. I wouldn't be here with you, people all actors have one of those at least one an absolute Reynolds has like ten. An alternative retirement like every a great movie and that you could be in the godfather. You have been three days. On the contrary, it could be that no It is a kind of all
George well, they believe the expanding powers of the presidency can ever be reversed. Yes, I think the physics of our politics is at work now, and this is the optimistic view, which is that Congress, it turns out can be embarrassed and the president can now that progressives who created the modern presidency have seen that there are not always going to occupy the modern presidency, they're going to rethink the separation of powers which they began to undermine when Woodrow Wilson became the first president to criticise the american founding because largely of the separation of powers, but they, but they don't want it went Burma was being taunted by the Republicans about Syria. Remember this and he said you know what I'll go into Syria. Give me Arthur relation. It's your job, it's in the constitution, and they, of course, would like now because then, if it goes badly worthy blame, but he went in Libya without anybody's worth, while sharing and about its more likely to happen on domestic policies where the democratic Congress is gonna, try to restrain Trump and regret it gave me,
don't go bomb all the powers of Portugal. Do the centre, Charlie what're. You anticipate the first round of democratic debate to reveal about the candidates. Oh yes, we didn't really mention that tonight we in this way they got the first two nights. Twenty people I dont even know Some of them are a real area, and will you gotta do the area where you'd look? I cannot vote for that. So, literally directive amendments have love rights, she's, a new age, but Williamson is one of the reasons why God invented the mute button. And then I think, people these debates go on their good. They can have the various candidates and people are gonna. Go where you for this person. You know hours and you do not, or it might be worth something. That's right. You know. Some of these people who were we do now
You know who we're not going to be President run are going to say anything but Andrew Yang about that. That's it out of the box Joyce, where the lock these brief doing quite well Trump, I might say everybody thought he wouldn't go anywhere. I said he was so listen to me. So what about how bad you feel if you're, one of the three you didn't make the cut of twenty seems like not getting a row, It was on the first night. Why are so bad at the politics of the governor of Montana? Glad rights has might have something to say that I would be interested in because he's democratic wind in a republican state and instead we have to listen to
sorry Marian Williamson. I'm a little hung up on her here is the Good NEWS is so small twenty candidates. They can meet everybody six months from now when these greatness happens now have no idea today, what's gonna happen and despite all the pundits we're gonna tell us, what's gonna happen. They have no idea. I know I'm not at this moment how well we still have no idea what to do with money going to nominate. We have no idea. What would you think if you had to bed now, your own money, who's gonna win the nominated by my own money? That's very unfair!. Let's say Biden, because because the democratically to be too afraid to go with somebody who might lose two Donald, your honor with certain points you can have the panic said and if it gets going about- and I think that this point people are in politics and active vomiting electric, because politics is fun- I think the most fun candidate for them.
Growth is Elizabeth, won, t you think their priests, gonna win the financially bigeye think. When you talk about energy green, I could eat. When you talk about these debates, he is incapable of anything coming out of his mouth. It is an impressive, I think, he's going to be phenomenal on television, and I think you can do a lot of he'll be everywhere, and I think if, if the millennials with actually vote, if you're a teen, thirty seven seems pretty old right, you knew he could be Trump. It's gonna be the dirtiest election. Ever I mean no matter who would probably like an old series that you like the first half season, I'm telling you people get bored, I think he is is wearing thin, are well. It already has an he's down in the balls, yet will say all right. Thank you very, like everybody had only one episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night, at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information. Log on to HBO dot com
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