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Overtime - Episode #500: Allan Lichtman, Dr. Debra Soh, Thom Hartmann, Liz Mair, Dan Savage

2019-06-22 | 🔗

Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show. (Originally aired 6/21/19)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time with. We're back here. Ok, let's do you worry deep, fake videos will influence future elections and what should we do about it tell them. First, what a deep fake video is There was one richly analyses will oversee is probably the example that most people are gonna be familiar with. Somebody obviously did this video that sort of slow things down and made her look totally shit faced witches and interesting
The work on the speaker of the house, it represented any video word I mean you can usually yeah. I want somebody gets says somebody did one with Mark Zuckerberg, to which I was, I think, seemed a little more plausible to some people disturbingly yeah. This is a very tricky question. This is the second interview. I've done in a week where I ve been asked this, and I dont have great answers. I hate to always be the person who has to say everybody's least favoured thing, which is I've no fucking idea, but to some degree I have no fucking idea on this. I think, if you are Nancy Pillow, seeing your somebody who s that stature, I think the way that she handled it in rebuilding it and ensuring that people knew that it was fake, was pretty effective, but you know to pick up
by at least favoured presidential candidate again for the second time in a night, if your built a blog, YO and base our, I mean somebody could do anything wording. I do know you answered the boy don't like that, but if they are the only the only thing about Ville deplore zero is that possibly with a faint video would actually be like more appealing to actually think that's like a problem, the half? What what? What? What are you. Murders, ground, hogs needs, pizza, pitiable, whatever what I've been a really good mayor of New York City, which has never been a springboard to national office? But let's start is sitting on build, oblige me because he said what a powerful been kind of democratic left is a good one, Groundhog, murdering cancer eater with a knife and fork who supports the
Austin Red Sox in New York City, I'm going to have to do with fucking what what did you do aground be dropped? Groundhog grandma gave a minute later died. Is Groundhog, never do unless you drop ground under, but he didn't do it on purpose. Put down deserted. You have worded aground that's what then he's a lot of things in New York that are moving New York and directions on the rest of the country spends launches universal, precarious, he's got a lot of increasing energy in an absolutely is absolutely right about Oprah she's way better. We can all have re from poor. Both tv stores, who are present cried well thanks a lot, but my going actually
the point. I wish to make it here that think about. We think about other options here, right, J, F K, I mean you look at what happened with J of CASE military service that easily could have been spun into a tale of, while he actually fucked up pretty badly, but instead a movie was made depicting and miss a hero that made it a lot easier for him to springboard himself to the democratic nomination and then to the presidency. I love John Mccain work for John Mccain, don't wanna, say John Mccain got dynamic, say: John Mccain got denomination because he was a celebrity, but do like some of the things that we saw all about John MC lean back to Teddy Roosevelt you're, the rough riders right. He wrote a book about it, which critic shed was alone in Cuba. That's the way he portrayed himself as the Great Europe. Ok, General
What do you think about tech companies like you to starting to ban extremist views? So I turn on us because, obviously, don't think hateful content is a good thing. Don't make some comfortable. I think that people are going on their becoming radicalized. At the same time, I dont think censorship is a good solution, because I think it only adds to the polarization it adds the frustration and it's not just you too, that is guilty of this. I mean that social media platforms across a border during part of the problem of better the algorithms and social media companies that feed someone who find their way to an extreme is video, a steady diet of more and more extreme videos. The near terms at a great cover story. A week ago, Sunday
about the radicalism of this white kitten in the basement, because he started watching you two videos and was just better steady diet of like further and further right, Youtube videos and it's how the algorithm Youtube just like, fed that again, it's happening to kids in a big way and open, but is answer centres of avian and it we may need to censor, does the source of those videos. The algorithms were primarily so effectively Tom Disney arcs plan to cut greenhouse gas, actions by twenty. Fifty, let's build a blast of your city, I'm going to do it by killing the ground, farts, say Alexandria, Cassio Cortez was so wrong with the cow far too fuckin ground heirlooms anyway in New York. As I read this to a plan to cut greenhouse rigid by twenty four twenty fifty, this fuckin country cant, do anything. Twenty fifty
this will be hearing. What is climate change? We were just as you say, you got ten years to figure this out and get down to. They said that two thousand three ten years, yet that's what that's what did NASA dude works is named. Hence an answer, and I that I do about an international body. Scientists said within ten years we ve gotta make these changes. I really I've been hearing that tenure thing for a long time that tenure Black- is big boys out. Quaid told us what was up with it. Wade's, there's a day after tomorrow did nobody else. Watch that I mean do should have watched. People have been paying attention, took out the Capital Roberts Building and allay people's wrote. You know what you're being procedures, but everything that happens in movies first than happens, I'm not I'm not
hunters percent voting facetious. One of my worries about climate change is a republic of actually does believe in it is, I think, it's wonderful that we're gonna have lots of discussions about shifting towards a carbon free future. I think we might have already fucked ourselves quite some time ago, so I don't even know I feel like we may be in a space words. Adapter die time well, growing republicans have fled organ to prevent the Oregon state legislature from acting on climate change Republican through the worst actors in this field we walk to adopt one going down. There is somebody who lives in Seattle can reach is clear
a little private agreement here. The people from war again are just like, naturally, hay and arrogant order because I live, and the reality is that there is a lot of data are economically they're, trying to deny a quorum. There there's shutting down the legislative process, because I disagree with you no want there's, nobody makes island and it was a businessman letter written to Donald Trump, which said the science is a refuge, but unless we take immediate action on climate change, the consequences are going to be catastrophic. Sign that bill, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Junior, Vanka Trump and Eric Trump, two thousand and nine. What change? Not the science climate changes even more here, but Donald Trump, suddenly realizing hey if I'm gonna make it in republican politics, I have to switch to be denier, it's all bogus on his
while I'm starting not like yeah, then what do you think will come of Roy Moors? Twenty twenty Senate run rowing now running again, do you think he's like Did you get the nomination because real looking bases, odious and hateful and he's been gonna lose the election again, but listen Jeff sessions, gonna run against another, and I know I don't think so. Actually, there's another guy and I'm blinking on one s name is by Eric Ericsson, has endorsed him over growing more and there are people like that who are trying to push him that guy maybe could be a contender debate.
Oh god, whose name you can't remember higher motor now to be family or drop a rodent. Do you know about about it now, but I did just a tiny right now are the polling that I have seen also indicate Alabama? Republicans are down with doing this. A second time and let's just go into the state support over and over and over again, but mother. This alleged child rapist, though, is also a horse abuser. Want to be clear about the fucking University. I want to say a big thank you to age, Rio and all the brilliant people who always cover for this murky host. I appreciated or five hundred chose. I can't believe it, I'm only thirty four I thank you very much everybody. I told him episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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